The TACE Procedure for Liver Cancer

On 25 June 2018 I had my TACE (Transarterial Chemoembolization) done.

Overall the procedure took a little too long. I came to the hospital at 11.30am and finished at 6.10pm. The wait is on giving me antibiotic drip which took more than 2.30 hours. The TACE took slightly more than 2 hours.

The Interventionist Radiologist introduced a catheter through the groin to the liver guided by CT Scan and the chemo was introduced to the tumors. She did it with a local anesthetic and I was fully conscious.

The real problem is how to control my emotion. How to not feel stress? How to be at peace and rest? How to keep my mind from being stressed up? How to reduce the tension within me? How not to anticipate the outcome? How to accept the procedure?

Fortunately, I kept my mind captive to the Icon of Jesusí rescuing Peter in the storm. Every time my mind or emotions feel the stress due to hours I was under, I divert my focus to this Icon of Jesus. It was fantastic. It is such a simple and easy visualization. At the same time I keep repeating the mantra---Jesus supports me by giving me the strength and courage to fight on fearlessly. I am grateful and thank Jesus for it.

Overall I am good and did not suffer too much after-effect except that it took me hours before I was able to pee. The ward doctor wanted to put a catheter to relief the pee. I agreed but later said no. Fortunately I then was able to do it.

The doctor and her team were very good. She chemo segments VIII, II and possibly V. I will be seeing her next Tuesday for her to assess further.  In all the whole procedure went well for me. But I am not too keen to repeat it. Not like RFA which is much easier. Well looks like I have to fight much longer. Thanks for all your support and prayers. Thank you Lord Jesus, doctor, nurses and hospital staff.


Written on 26 June 2018


For the past 4 days I was having fever and gastritis and was not feeling too good. It was to be expected for the TACE procedure.


                           Written on 30 June 2018


On 3 July 2018 I saw the Interventionist Radiologist who confirmed that she has done TACE on Segment II and Segment VIII. She has scheduled me to do the MRI on 6 Aug 2018 and to see her on 14 Aug. She will decide what to do further after the MRI result.

         I mentioned that I was having fever of some 37.2oc  to 38.8 oc and I was taking for the last 3 days some 6 Panadol tablets per day. She said that for my case I should not be taking so many Panadol as that will damage my liver further. She said that I should not be taking Panadol unless the temperature goes beyond 37.9 oc and I didnít feel well. Just use ice packs. What a relief to hear this because yesterday I was knocked out by the fever. Fevers after TACE were to be expected. My fevers were troubling but were not unbearable.


Written on 3 July 2018


         Last night my temperature went up to 38.3 oc. I did not take Panadol and I used ice pack on my forehead and back of neck for 2 hours. The temperature did not go down much. I noticed that the fever was like what happened after my second operation in 2000, except that it did not go beyond 40+ oc. I was not unwell but it was trying. It was rough but not unbearable. I focused on Jesus Icon rescuing Peter. I prayed and was finally able to fall asleep.

         In the morning my temperature was 37.4 oc


         My observation is that modern medicine has found that the body just fights off foreign powerful drugs, like chemo, nuclear medicine, etc that try to kill the cells. With the fight comes fever and it is best to let the body works out the fever, if the person can take it. But, fever is like having a migraine that takes the joy out of daily living or a pebble in the shoe that takes the joy out of walking.

Looking at the powerful drugs I was given to fight the fever in 2000 and none of them worked at all. So tough it out and divert to help myself!!!


Written on 4 July 2018