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    The Vitality of Life


What makes life worth living is LOVE,

It gives vitality to life ,its very meaning;

GOD is LOVE and the very source of vitality,

Keep loving compassion in our heart flowing,

So our spirit within sings with joy and vitality.


Melt our cold heart

Let tears flow like rain;

A heart that is soft and pliable,

Has a vitality that is unavailable

To a heart that is hard and brittle.


Love, laugh and forgive endlessly

That is Godís way to vitality;

Giving the spring of living water

To parched souls, thirsty for HIS loving kindness.


Be vital in praise and worship

Be grateful to the LORD GOD

For all his goodness;

Let our heart be the fertile ground

For all his glorious richness in Christ Jesus.


                      Shirley Lau  


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