The Wonder of Being
See through the eyes of a child
The wonder of being, 
Everything is surprising,
Seeing the bird hop on the grass, 
Chasing birds, which take wing!
Feel the delight of a child,
Splashing through muddy pools of water,
Tugging at the strings of a wildly swerving kite,
Blown by a strong wind!
Marveling at the picture of a sparkling sea,
And amused by watching little crabs 
Pop into their tiny holes in the sand! 
Be renewed and refreshed
In mind, heart and spirit,
Through experiencing such open receptiveness;
Such sensitivity to Nature and other living creatures,
This sense of wonder can be ours, if we re-gain
The spontaneous wholesome joy of a child!
Strip off the worldly sophistication,
Be like a child in his simple appreciation,
Share his gratitude for just being alive,
To the wonder and mystery of Godís creation;
Alive in a world, that fascinates and thrills him,
A world of limitless possibilities, endless joy!
A world where he thinks itís wonderful  to be alive,
And feels a tremendous joy in just being!