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The world is too much with us


We wear bands of the world around our heart

Bands that suffocate, that stultify

That constrain us from making a cry

To God ,for His compassion and grace

Divine blessings when we seek His face.


Wrapped around by bands of selfishness

Bands of material covetousness

We lose sight of God's righteousness.

Taut with resentment, we forget that we are forgiven

Only when we forgive,

Bands of lustful desire lead to moral ruin

Worshipping false worldly idols lead to sin.


Letís rally around and return to

What Christ has taught us in His Holy Word

Love God, to your neighbours be true;

Let God be our guide for the journey

Let our heart be open to His Loving presence

Let our heart be warm and generous.


Walk in His light

The darkness cannot overtake you;

Accompanied by His power and might

No power can defeat you.


              Shirley Lau


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