The world is too much with us
We wear bands of the world around our heart,
Bands that suffocate, that stultify,
That constrain us from making a cry
To God, for His compassion and grace!
To get Divine blessings, when we seek His face!
Wrapped around by bands of egotistical selfishness,  
Bands of material covetousness,
We lose sight of Godís Holy righteousness;
Taut with resentment, we forget that we are forgiven 
Only when we forgive!
Instead, we should learn from the Bible sound moral values and right conduct that lead to wisdom! 
Let God be the light on our path
Both shepherd and guide for lifeís perilous journey
Let our heart be humble and open to His teaching;
Let us emulate his merciful loving, kindness, and magnanimous compassion!
Walk in His light
The darkness cannot overtake us;
Accompanied by His power and might
No power can defeat us!