Thy CARE preserves our spirit 
When we journey through mist, fog or tempest
In this valley of tears,
Remember storm clouds soon pass away!
This valley can instead be our Spring,
A fountain of Living Water to us bring!
If we lean on our Beloved Saviour,
Walking through its wilderness, will be an opportunity to sing!
Our LORD has promised to be
A very present help in trouble,
Trust HIS steadfast word!
Believe the waters will not overflow,
Believe the fires will not burn,
Our LORD JESUS will turn mourning into dancing!
In affliction, glorify HIS NAME
Say to HIM: ‘Thy care preserves our spirit!’
The HOLY SHEPHERD will protect
All who call on HIS HOLY NAME,
All who ask for HIS ALMIGHTY POWER to overcome, 
For the battle belongs to the LORD!
Seek refuge under HIS protective wings,
Sustained by the strength of HIS JOY!
Seek GOD’s glorious FACE,
And armed, with HIS LOVING GRACE,
Run the spiritual race;
Looking towards the glory that would be shown, 
The Lamb of God seated on the celestial throne!