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Thy CARE preserves our spirit


When we journey through mist, fog or tempest

In this valley of tears,

Remember storm clouds soon pass away;

And this valley can instead be our Spring,

A fountain of Living Water to us bring;

If we lean on our Beloved Saviour

Walking through its wilderness with HIM.


Our LORD has promised to be

A very present help in trouble

Trust HIS steadfast word;

Believe the waters will not overflow

Believe the fires will not burn;

And our LORD JESUS will turn mourning

Into dancing.


In affliction, glorify HIS NAME

Say to HIM: ĎThy care preserves our spirití

The HOLY SHEPHERD will protect

All who call HIS HOLY NAME;

All who ask for HIS ALMIGHTY POWER

To overcome, for the battle belongs to HIM.


Seek refuge under HIS protective wings

Sustained by the strength of HIS JOY;

Seek GODís glorious FACE

And armed with HIS LOVING GRACE,

Run the spiritual race

Looking towards the glory that should follow;

Safely then, shall we pass through tribulations in the world

To reach HIS safe harbour of LOVE, PEACE and ETERNAL JOY.


                              Shirley Lau


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