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Tribulations are Treasures

                          from Spurgeon’s sermon,

                              “THINGS PRESENT


Tribulations are treasures; and if we were wise, we would reckon our afflictions among our rarest jewels.


The caverns of sorrow are mines of diamonds!


Our earthly possessions may be silver, but trials are, to the saints, invariably gold.


We may grow in grace through what we enjoy, but we probably make the greatest progress through what we suffer.


‘Soft gales’ may be pleasant for heaven bound vessels, but ‘rough winds’ are better. The ‘calm’ is our way, but God has His way in the whirlwind, and He rides on the wings of the wind.


Saints gain more by their losses than by their profits.


Spiritual health comes out of their sicknesses; and spiritual wealth flows out of their poverties.


Heir of heaven, your present trials are your medicine. You need that your soul, like your body, should be dealt with by the beloved Physician. He can heal without the lancet if He desires, but He does not choose to do so, but will use the means of affliction. In all His potion there is not one ‘chance’ atom; the medicine has been compounded by no ordinary skill; the infinite wisdom which balanced the clouds, and fixed the corner stone of the world, has been employed to compound the ingredients of your present trial.


Your affliction shall not be too much for you, it shall be just such a trial as you require.


Weep not because your sun has gone done, for it descends that the dews may be brought forth and the earth may be watered, and the flowers may drip with perfume. Wait awhile, and the sun shall come back to you again, and the morn shall be the brighter because of the gloom of the night.


O sorrow not, heir of heaven, because the skies are clouded; the clouds are big with mercy; and each cloud is the mother of ten thousand blossoms, and harvests are concealed in yonder darkness!


O be confident that among all your jewels, all your precious ornaments and tokens of love that God has given you, you have nothing brighter than the black jewels of affliction, no diamonds of a finer water than those of trouble.


May we understand by faith, then, the great truth that our present trials are our treasures, to be looked upon with thankfulness.


Be thankful, therefore, for your trials, and count them among your treasures!


[Taken from page 36-39 of Grace Gems Collection 2001. It can be downloaded FREE from]


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