Unconditional Trust when I Suffer

On 22/4/19, I saw my primary doctor with the above summary; he suggested that the small growth could just be the liver rejuvenating itself. To be sure he suggested doing an MRI in August and to see me in September to confirm. He will arrange to cancel the coming TACE procedure. I think this is the best for me for the time being.


God loves me unconditionally but do I trust God unconditionally when I suffer? It is easy to trust God when He fulfills my conditions but can I unconditionally trust God? Yes, with no condition from me!!! Can I accept in my mind and heart the following statements:

1. The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away (Job 1:21 NIV)

2. Accept whatever he gives---and give whatever he takes with a big smile. (Mother Teresa-- A Gift for God, pg 47)

3. God has a plan for me and He is in charge of my life


In trying to find the answer to unconditional trust I went to the Internet listening mainly to The book of Job from the Bible. I find the following YouTube programs to be very useful:


Job: When the Righteous Suffer - John Piper (Part 1)



Job: When the Righteous Suffer - John Piper (Part 2)



The Book of Job - Part 1/2 (Derek Prince) - Job and his accusing friends



The Book of Job - Part 2/2 (Derek Prince) - GOD challenges Job



Why Suffering? Finding Meaning in our Difficult World on Job by Ravi Zacharias



                     Written on 23 April 2019