Victory over SIN and Death 
The humble Cross is Christís majestic symbol of Glory,
His conquest of sin and death through suffering! 
The redemption of our sins, His magnificent victory;
Salvation for all mankind is His Heavenly Fatherís will,
Our loving Saviour gladly came to fulfil!
Now resurrected, He reigns supreme as our Redeemer and Lord,
Sharing authority with God, The Heavenly Father,and The Holy Spirit in one accord.
Self-emptying, self-sacrificing Humility,
Is His demonstrated way to receiving Eternal Life, 
Not egotism, pride and competitive strife!
The worldís material wealth and endless pleasure, 
Would not be His spiritual measure 
Of a great successful life!
Loving God and loving our neighbour,
Is Godís way to Peace,  
It is faith in Christís Redemptive blood, not good works,
That brings Godís gift of Salvation! 
Letís not tear Godís plan for us asunder,
By pursuing our own willful desire!
Letís sing praises to the Lord for His generous bounty,
Follow His HOLY righteous way, not dwell in futility!