Walk as Children of THE LIGHT
There is no darkness so great
GODís LIGHT cannot penetrate!
There is no sorrow so agonizing,
GODĒs unconditional LOVE cannot bring healing!
Let ALMIGHTY GOD be your companion in tribulation,
HIS LIGHT will be your illumination!
Let GODĒs glorious POWER be your main-stay,
All the perils of darkness will be kept at bay!
When you let GODís LIGHT enter your heart,
Darkness becomes bright,
Your heart becomes light!
When you plug into CHRISTís radiant glory,
AS your own source of LIGHT,
You can help others in a similar plight,
Leading them to the eternal GOD, Everlasting LIGHT!
The CREATOR and Redeeming LORD
Walk then, as Children of the Light, boldly!
Knowing your HEAVENLY FATHER watches over you, ceaselessly;
Remembering He is the omnipotent, powerful GOD,
And HIS awesome might,
Accompanies you throughout the dark night!