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We call HIM ‘LORD, LORD’


We call HIM ‘LORD, LORD’

But do we heed HIS call

To love GOD with all our heart?

Do we give HIM time at all?


Is GOD the focus of our life?

Or are we instead its very centre?

Is GOD only useful for petition

Or do we make HIM our trusted mentor?


Do we still fail to see the mote

In eyes blinded by self-centredness?

Are our prayers recited mechanically?

Do we communicate frankly, directly?


Do we love our neighbour as our self?

Rather, are we myopic?

Do we value needs that are material

or spiritual?


When we come to HIS table

What can we offer HIM?

If we fail to follow HIS WORD

What else will please HIM?


If we do not truly love HIM

And do not follow HIS way

Of self sacrifice, of self- giving;

If we do not really believe

In sharing in HIS death and resurrection

By dying to pride and selfishness

Can we sincerely call HIM “LORD, LORD?”


                         Shirley Lau

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