We’ll never walk alone 
The Risen Lord has promised
To be with us through the ages,
In sunshine and when the storm rages!
HE is the eternal Light
That shines so bright,
In the darkness of our night!
Let’s open our eyes, HIM, to see,
Open our hearts, HIM, to receive;
CHRIST, the LIGHT of the world, is here!
To bring salvation and banish all fear,
To bid us turn to HIM for loving comfort,
His Holy Spirit, within, gives us full support!
Walk in the faith of HIS HOLY WORD,
Walk in the strength of HIS love,
Faith, strength and love lead to Hope and JOY;
Rejoice in the LORD always!
Peace will then be our companion,
We’ll never have to walk alone,
When we walk with our Saviour, from above!