What Joy is 
Joy is 
        watching the glimmering sparkle of sun-drenched waves
        hearing the rustling of leaves,
        feeling the cooling sensation of wind on face!
Joy is 
        Gazing at the clear blue sky
        With wisps of white cloud sailing by;
        walking along a moonlit beach
        under the canopy of shimmering stars!
Joy is
        observing the rain pelting green fields,
        and wild flowers tossing their heads in glee;
        staring at snowflakes gently falling,
        Covering tree-tops and roofs!
Joy is 
        following the swans’ gliding 
        gracefully across the lake,
        watching a flight of birds take wing
        singing in unison!
        With the flaming glow Of the sun,
        slowly sinking into the horizon!
Joy is 
        taking the chair-lift up snow clad mountain-tops,
        gazing down at the verdant valley below;
        watching the breath-taking panorama of 
        cascading falls and icy glaciers;
       being transported by that ethereal feeling
       of flying high, like a bird, 
       with the world beneath one’s feet!
JOY is
        marvelling at GOD’s glorious creation,
        that inspires reverence and praise, but it is in
        realising and accepting
       God’s immense and unconditional love,
         while acknowledging our unworthiness,
       That true joy can be found!
Above all, Joy is:
         loving GOD with all our heart,
        loving others as ourselves,
        treating others the way we want to be treated! 
        forgiving others as God forgives us! 
        showing kindness and compassion,  
        with Christ as our guide and model!