When the Enemy of the Soul attacks!
When the Enemy of the Soul attacks
O Christian, are you prepared to withstand the assault? 
Have you, with the full Armour of GOD!
Are you going to cower with fear?
Or are you, with the help of GOD,
Going to stand up to the Evil One with the courage of faith!
Are you armed with the Belt of TRUTH?
This gives us the courage of our conviction that
CHRIST is the TRUTH, the WAY, and the LIFE!
Have you put on the Helmet of SALVATION?
This acknowledges that CHRIST died for our sins on the CROSS of CALVARY!
CHRIST paid the full ransom to redeem us with His precious blood!
He freed us from the bondage of sin and death!
Therefore we have, through CHRIST, become children of GOD,
And receive complete spiritual and angelic protection!
Are you wearing the Breastplate of HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS? 
Not our own righteousness,
Which are like filthy rags in GODís sight!
Do you plead for the blood of CHRIST to fully cover you? 
Let Christ hedge you in, in front, at the back, by the side!
Let Almighty GOD hide you under HIS wings, in the cleft of the ROCK!
Even write your name in the palm of HIS HANDS! 
Where is your fear then?
To protect you from the insidious Satanic Enemy of the soul!
For if God is for us
Who can be against us!
Are you equipped with the Shield of FAITH?
To ward off all the darts of the EVIL ONE!
Remember CHRIST saying that even if we have
The faith of a mustard seed, it can work miracles!
Always carry the SWORD of THE SPIRIT,
For with The HOLY WORD of GOD,
YOU can resist the Devil and he will flee from you! 
Lastly, wear the shoes of the Gospel of PEACE!
To love and live in harmony with our neighbours,
And walk steadfastly in unity with the BODY of CHRIST!
Along the clear pathway of HIS HOLY WORD,
Which is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path!
O CHRISTIAN, Stand up against the Evil ONE,
Don the full armour of GOD in the battle for your soul!
CHRIST will then reward us with
The much coveted CROWN of ETERNAL LIFE!