Who else but CHRIST, THE LORD?
Who else do we have but CHRIST, the Lord?
In all circumstances, who is always there but the Lord!
Who cares enough to lay down His life for us but the Lord?
Who will redeem and grant us eternal life but only the Lord!
With the Lord, we have every thing intrinsically worth while,
In HIM, there is the perfect model for everlasting joy!
Be like ME, CHRIST says, for in Him there is meekness and humility.
To be like HIM, we will never be affected by vanity!
There will be no comparison, no discontent, 
Envy, jealousy, greed, wrath, frustration will be offset!
Time and energy should rather be spent
On beautiful things that build character, 
And uplift the spirit!
The righteous LORD is our model for loving and self giving,
He saves mankind from its sinful and selfish nature,
By the immeasurable price of Redemption!
The power of the blood of the LAMB of GOD, 
Is our source of purification!
Loving forgiveness is the message of HIS cross!
We are to forgive as we are forgiven!
We are to love selflessly, as we are loved!
Who else but CHRIST can show us the way to heaven?
None can lead us to victory over sin and death,
Except the LORD, praise the LORD!