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    Who would revile the Saviour?


  who would revile Perfect Love?

  Who would shout ‘Crucify HIM Crucify HIM’?

  Egotistical Pride, blinded by self-love,

  Self-importance, self-sufficiency;   

  Would not reach out for the grace of HIS Salvation,

  Nor believe in the glory of HIS Resurrection.


  Seduced by a love for everything material

  Greed could be induced against HIM, to rail;

  Hatred, by its vicious nature, feeding on prejudice

  Would reject HIS call for forgiveness.


  The Paranoid, filled with distrust and suspicion,

  Would not understand the meaning of HIS Compassion;

  Would be alienated by the concept of self-surrender

  To the will of GOD, love of GOD, love of neighbor.


  Treachery, like Judas, would betray the GOD who loves him,

  Dishonesty would perversely reject HIS truth, 

  Hypocrisy would present an amiable front

  But might mock and taunt.

  The ingratiating Sycophant is easily led to join

  In maligning HIM, gleefully crying out, ‘Crucify HIM’


  Thus, heartless and without mercy,

  MAN would destroy the only TRUE GODLY LOVE

  In their miserable existence

  Scratching, clawing and killing for tinsels

  Abandoning the ONE TRUE LOVE, CHRIST

  WHO gives JOYFUL MEANING to their lives!


  It is the common iniquities of Sinful Human Nature,

  That separate us from the Holy, Righteous Almighty GOD;

  We deserve condemnation but through repentance and faith,

  We are saved by CHRIST’s Redemption.

  Let us pray and trust the HOLY SPIRIT,

  For our transformation,

  To Christ-likeness, to becoming a child of GOD.


                           Shirley Lau


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