Wisdom Is Precious
Wisdom is more precious than rubies 
It is more priceless than gold or diamond; 
Wisdom is moral and spiritual discernment,
The treasures of wisdom and life are only
To be found in our LORD GOD, CHRIST!
Wisdom teaches us that, on earth, we are merely pilgrims, not settlers!
Man is making his way back to his CREATOR GOD,
Thus, it is essential to follow the way of our great Shepherd,
To listen to HIS counsel and not stray,
HIS commandments to obey!
The way to heaven is downward mobility
By way of humility!
Blessed are the poor in spirit, 
For only the humble can accept the pruning of GOD, our Heavenly GARDENER;
Only the humble will allow Almighty GOD, our Heavenly POTTER,
To sculpt and mould their character in the image of CHRIST, HIS Beloved Son! 
It takes wisdom for us to admit our weaknesses,
It takes wisdom to acknowledge our sinfulness;
Only in wisdom can we see CHRIST as our Saviour, our refuge and fortress,
A hiding place in time of duress! 
Wisdom leads us to seek in times of adversity, shelter under HIS wings,
Wisdom demonstrates that our Lord cares;
And no matter how wildly circumstances swing,
We can safely surrender self and life to Him.