Without YOU, LORD 
Without YOU, LORD, there is no life
For YOU are LIFE itself!
Without YOU, LORD, there is no love
For YOU are LOVE itself!
Without YOU, LORD, there is no joy,
For YOU are JOY itself!
With YOU, LORD, there is everlasting life,
For, by dying for us, YOU have conquered sin and death,
Your Redemption has made possible eternal life!
With YOU, LORD there is eternal joy,
Beginning here on earth and continuing in heaven! 
Without YOU, LORD, our earthly life is temporal!
It is the SPIRIT of the LORD dwelling in us,
That ensures Salvation and Resurrection!
Itís the sanctifying presence of The Holy Spirit,
That leads to life eternal!
Without YOU, LORD, human love is limiting!
It is fraught with self-love and selfish desires;
With YOU, LORD, we learn to be considerate to others,
Imbibing the loving spirit of self-sacrifice and self-giving!
Without YOU, LORD, material joys are fleeting and unsatisfying,
The more we have, the more we need!
Our endless need for adulation and boasting,
Our endless clinging to experiences of emotional high,
That wealth and power can give, can be frustrating! 
With YOU, LORD, there is JOY,
The exuberant joy of a heart that loves GOD,
There is Contentment with what one possesses,
There is knowledge of Godís comforting love,
When a heart that becomes a living temple of the LORD
There is Peace
That surpasses all understanding!