Worldly Wisdom 
Worldly wisdom is about the perishable:-
Wealth that diminishes,
Self-centredness that is myopic,
Popularity that is whimsical,
Fame that is short-lived and
Pleasure pursuits are morally corruptible! 
The sound wisdom of GOD is about eternal truths!
Love that grows with nurturing and forgiving,
True friendship thatís loyal and enduring,
Kindness that gives life hope and meaning,
Moral Integrity that supports upright living!
Reverence for Godís awesome power and authority!
Faith in Godís plan for salvation through Christ!
Obedience to Godís will and commandments, above all 
Wisdom that sees things from Godís over-all perspective!
Let the WISDOM of God be our guiding star!
To steer us in our lifeís journey,
To look beyond the transient, to follow
The guidance of The Holy Spirit that enables us,
One day to see the face of God and live!