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    Worship our LORD GOD


Today, do we hold our LORD GOD in reverential awe,

Like Abraham and David did in days of old?

Do we give our triune GOD HIS due praise,   

Honor and glory?

Do we worship our GOD as HE truly deserves?


Rather, has JESUS become too familiar

Is HE our GREAT SHEPHERD or merely there

To serve and fulfill OUR needs?

Do we deem HIM to be in charge

As our sovereign LORD GOD?


As our GOD and SAVIOUR

Do we obey HIS will?

Or do we merely give it lip service

And carry out our own will?


O Christian, do we ever wonder

Why HE appears so distant?

Do we realize that we have left HIS HOLY SPIRIT alone?

Bent on material needs, we have emptied

Our heart of our Spiritual need for GOD;

Craving for a comfortable, earthly life

We have dismissed our soul need for eternal life;

Sadly, we have short changed ourselves,

We have sold our precious soul for worthless tinsel! 


                        Shirley Lau


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