PERPETUAL LOVE by Henry Law!

                         from Henry Law’s book,

                           “THE GOSPEL IN EXODUS”

Believer, Jesus’ love towards you is perpetual.

He loved you first when, in the councils of eternity, He received you into His heart.

He loved you truly when, in the fullness of time, He took upon Himself your curse, and drained your hell deep dues.

He loved you tenderly when He showed you, by the Spirit, His hands and His feet, and whispered to you that you were His.

He loves you faithfully while He ceases not to intercede in your behalf, and to scatter blessings on your person and your soul.

He will love you intensely in heaven when you are manifested as His purchase and crowned as His bride.

Drink hourly of this cup of His love.

Do not raise the objection, if He thus loves me, why am I thus? Why is my path so rugged, and my heart like flint?

You will soon know that your bitterest trials and your sorest pains are sure tokens of His love.

The father corrects because he loves. In anxious care the physician deeply probes the wounds.

Thus Jesus makes earth hard, that you may long for heaven’s holy rest.

He shows you your self-vileness that you may prize His cleansing blood.

He allows you to stumble that you may cleave more closely to His side.

He makes the world a blank that you may seek all comfort in Himself.

He hides His face that you may look towards Him.

He is silent, that you may cry more loudly.

He saves from real hell, by casting into seeming hell.

But His love fails not. All His dealings are love’s ever flowing, overflowing tide.

[Taken from pages 120-122 of Grace Gems Collection 2001. It can be downloaded FREE from]

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