The future of medicine

The future of medicine

  1. Dr. Lissa Rankin: Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof You Can Heal Yourself, Talks at Google
  2. Anthony Atala: Printing a human kidney 17:24
  3. Max Little: A test for Parkinson’s with a phone call 06:04
  4. Quyen Nguyen: Color-coded surgery 16:08
  5. Jack Choi: On the virtual dissection table 06:36
  6. Deborah Rhodes: A tool that finds 3x more breast tumors, and why it’s not available to you 21:08
  7. Jane Chen: A warm embrace that saves lives 04:46
  8. Yoav Medan: Ultrasound surgery — healing without cuts 16:13
  9. Daniel Kraft: Medicine’s future? There’s an app for that 18:21

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