WORSHIP as defined by Stormie Omartian

       WORSHIP as defined by Stormie Omartian 

  • celebrating Him as our Creator and thanking Him for all that He has created. (The Prayer that changes Everything, 40)
  • the way we honor our heavenly Father and thank Him that we are one of His beloved children. (49)
  • opening up the channel through which we communicate our love to God and God transmits His love to us. (57)
  • honoring, adoring, glorifying, and thanking Jesus for  all He did for us on the cross. (65)
  • not just a song, its a way of life. It’s not just for musicians and good singers, it’s for everyone. It’s not just 20 minutes once a week. It’s an ongoing daily attitude that reminds us of His greatness and our dependency upon Him. (74)
  • the key to unlocking our lives. It helps us find the life that God planned for us to have, the way it was meant to be. (84)
  • coming to God and praising Him for His Word, His great love letter to us. In its pages we find out everything about why and how we are to worship Him. (92)
  • exalting who God is and affirming our unending love and loyalty to Him. (100)
  • coming in contact with the holiness of God by the power of the Holy Spirit, and letting the beauty of His holiness rub off on you and make you beautifully holy and wonderfully whole. (109)
  • surrendering your life to God so that He can be powerful in you and demonstrate His power through you. (120)
  • coming to God and inviting His presence to dwell with you in greater measure than ever before. (128)
  • fulfilling your purpose. When you are praising God, you are not just fulfilling a duty, putting in time, doing what is expected of you. You are entering into all He has for you. You are opening a door, behind which you will find His purpose and destiny for your life. (157)
  • drawing near to God, your Redeemer, knowing that even as you do, He is redeeming your life in ways you can’t even imagine. (146)
  • embracing God in all His glory. When you do, His radiance will illuminate the dark places of your soul, warm the cold places of your heart, and shine a light on your path. (155)
  • coming before God and telling Him you love Him just because He is and that you want to simply be in His presence. (163)
  • lifting your hands to God in surrender, lifting your voice to God in songs of praise, and lifting your heart to God in love, reverence, and devotion. (180)
  • entering into God’s presence expecting His love, peace, and joy to overtake you no matter how you feel at that moment. It’s proclaiming that He is bigger than anything you face. (191)
  • a sacrifice because it is not something we naturally do. We have to want to do it. We have to decide to do it. We have to take time to do it. We have to make the effort to do it. (200) 
  • a place where we can drown out the voices of fear and doubt with a flood of adoration and praise. And as we come before the Lord, He reminds us of all that He is, and that increases our faith. (208)
  • an act of faith where we demonstrate to our heavenly father that although we don’t always see His answers to our prayers, we still know His plans for us are for good. (218)
  • letting go of all else and lifting our hands to God in an act of love, surrender, and exaltation, and letting His love flow into out heart. (228)
  • without full impact and power if we have unresolved issues with another brother or sister in Christ. True worship can only take place when we are free from animosity bitterness, anger or unforgiveness. (238)
  • praising God for who He is, which in turn strengthens and builds our faith and gives us courage in the midst of whatever we are going through.(247)
  • lifting our hearts to God in praise, giving Him permission to have His way in our lives, and surrendering our will completely to Him. (255)
  • the way we sustain a relationship with God. As we humble ourselves before Him as our Lord and King, we open up the channel through which He communicates to us and we respond to Him. (264)
  • an outpouring of our hearts to God, not only in gratitude for all He has provided for our lives, but for who He is. As we offer up all that we have to Him in praise, He offers all that He has to us in love. (273)
  • reaching up to God and allowing Him to elevate us into the realm of His Spirit so that He can set us free from the rule of our flesh. (284)
  • our greatest weapon of warfare. When we praise God in the midst of an enemy onslaught, his attack is weakened and he must flee. (293)
  • connecting with God in a deep and intimate manner to express your love and adoration to Him, no matter what is happening in your life, and letting Him wrap you in His love, compassion, and mercy. (306)
  • something we do for God, but in the process He gives far more of Himself to us than we can ever give of ourselves to Him. (314)

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