Philosophy of my life

     Philosophy of my life


     You asked what is the philosophy of my life? I have checked the Internet encyclopedia for the definition. There is no subject on the philosophy of life. However, philosophy is a very wide subject and I am not too sure what you are trying to ask me.

     Let me try to answer you by saying what I am currently doing in my life. As a Christian, my life is guided by the Christian concept of trying to live a life based on the commandments that Jesus Christ gives: “You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. On these two commandments hang all the Law and the Prophets.” (Matthew 22:37-40 NKJV) In practice this is an impossible commandment to live up to on one’s own effort. I need the Holy Spirit of God every moment to help me to ever live close to the commandments. 

     About 10 years ago, I had 2 liver cancer operations. Virtually, every one who has liver cancer, lives for only one year. A few doctors have told me that it was a miracle that I am still alive. Yes, it is a miracle by the grace and mercy of God. I have recorded my experiences as they have occurred at that time in my website: under the heading “My Testimony.” You may like to read them at your leisure.

     Since then I have been on my spiritual journey and have been reading mostly Christian books. Anything I find that is of use to me I scan it and post it in my website to be shared with any one. Currently there are some 900 articles from various writers. They give a wide point of views.

     Lately, I have decided to go down to fundamental basic by reading and listening to the Bible. Why? I want to believe God more fully. There are 2 ways to believe, for me. One way is to believe about God. Meaning to believe that what is taught about God in the Bible is really true. The other way is to believe in God. This not only includes believing that what is taught about God is true, but also includes trusting God, which means trusting Jesus. Why Jesus Christ? Because for me Jesus Christ is God and He makes God visible to me. It means believing without doubt that Jesus Christ really is who He says He is and He will do all He says He will do. It is to be fully aware of His presence, moment by moment. To have fellowship with Him and be daring to be in relationship with Him. For me, it is to rely more completely in Jesus as He has been prophesied throughout the books in the Bible. (See the article “365 Messianic Prophecies” in my website under the heading “Jesus Christ.”)

But the Bible is not an easy book to fully understand. I have attended Bible talks and courses to get a better grasp of God. But at my age (70), it is not so easy to go back to the class-room. So I decided to go to the Internet to find Audio commentary of all the 66 books in the Bible. I have found them in the following websites: by Ed Miller (just added on 9 May 09. Extremely good commentary) by David Guzik  by various Pastors by Father Al Lauer

     I have downloaded the MP3 Audio messages into my computer and have burned them into MP3 CD (10 in all) for listening at my leisure. 

  Bible Exposition 
1.  GenesisJ Glyn Owen
J Vernon McGee
2.  ExodusChuck Smith
J Vernon McGee
3.  LeviticusChuck Smith
4.  NumbersChuck Smith
5.  DeuteronomyChuck Smith
6.  JoshuaAlden Gannett
7.  JudgesChuck Smith
8.  RuthT Austin Sparks
9.  Samuel 1David Guzik
10.  Samuel 2David Guzik
11.  Kings 1David Guzik
12.  Kings 2David Guzik
13.  Chronicles 1Ray C Stedman
14.  Chronicles 2Chuck Smith
Ray C Stedman
15.  EzraEd Miller
16.  NehemiahStan Ford
17.  EsterChuck Missler
18.  JobDavid Guzik
19.  PsalmsChuck Smith
20.  ProverbsChuck Smith
21.  EcclesiastesChuck Smith
22.  Songs of SongsSvend Christensen
23.  IsaiahDavid Guzik
24.  JeremiahChuck Smith
25.  LamentationsChuck Smith
26.  EzekielChuck Smith
27.  DanielDavid Guzik
28.  HoseaChuck Missler
29.  JoelDavid Guzik
30.  AmosDavid Guzik
31.  ObadiahDavid Guzik
32.  JonahDavid Guzik
33.  MicahDavid Guzik
34.  NahumDavid Guzik
35.  HabakkukDavid Guzik
36.  ZephaniahDavid Guzik
37.  HaggaiDavid Guzik
38.  ZechariahDavid Guzik
39.  MalachiEd Miller
40.  MatthewChuck Smith
David Guzik
41.  MarkDavid Guzik
Al Lauer
42.  LukeEd Miller
Al Lauer
43.  JohnChuck Smith
Al Lauer
44.  ActsDavid Guzik
Al Lauer
45.  RomansDavid Guzik
Al Lauer
46.  Corinthians 1David Guzik
47.  Corinthians 2David Guzik
48.  GalatiansDavid Guzik
49.  EphesiansDavid Guzik
50.  PhilippiansDavid Guzik
51.  ColossiansDavid Guzik
52.  Thessalonians 1David Guzik
53.  Thessalonians 2David Guzik
54.  Timothy 1William MacDonald
55.  Timothy 2William MacDonald
56.  TitusA W Tozer
57.  PhilemonDavid Guzik
58.  HebrewDavid Guzik
59.  JamesJohn W Bramhall
60.  Peter 1A W Tozer
61.  Peter 2Chuck Smith
62.  John 1David Guzik
63.  John 2David Guzik
64.  John 3David Guzik
65.  JudeDavid Guzik
66.  RevelationDavid Guzik

   So far, I have not listened to all the messages yet. I am going through them to get a quick overview first and then to go into details later on.

You may like to start by listening to the Audio MP3 message on the book of Romans first.

Can I also ask what is the philosophy of your life?


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