The Dying Process of Dr Nabeel Qureshi from YouTube

The Dying Process of Dr Nabeel Qureshi from YouTube

Nabeel Qureshi was born on April 13, 1983 in California to Pakistani Ahmadiyya Muslim parents, who have immigrated to the United States. While debating on the historical claims of Christianity and Ahmadiyya Islam, he was converted to Christianity. He attended medical school at the Eastern Virginia Medical School. After completing a medical degree, he decided to spend his life studying and preaching the Christian Gospel and became an itinerant preacher for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries.
On 30 August 2016, Nabeel announced that he has advanced stage IV stomach cancer. He “pursued healing aggressively, both medical and miraculous, relying on God and the fact that He is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine.”
He died of stomach cancer on September 16, 2017, at the age of 34.

He recorded his dying process in the YouTube in Nabeel’s Vlog below:

Nabeel’s Vlog 001 – Details about my Diagnosis

Nabeel’s Vlog 002 – No Chemo Yet…

Nabeel’s Vlog 003 – Chemo starts today

Nabeel’s Vlog 004 – Christians and Muslims and Prayers, Oh My!

Nabeel’s Vlog 005 – Ups and Downs

Nabeel’s Vlog 006 – How Should We Pray and Chemo 3

Nabeel’s Vlog 007 – The Path I have Chosen: Jesus

Nabeel’s Vlog 008 – Partial Healing

Nabeel’s Vlog 009 – Thanksgiving

Nabeel’s Vlog 010 – Do Not Despise Prophetic Utterances

Nabeel’s Vlog 011 – Presumptuous Faith

Nabeel’s Vlog 012 – My Visit to Bethel Church

Nabeel’s Vlog 013 – Merry Christmas, Despite the Trials!

Nabeel’s Vlog 014 – Next Scan and Miracles

Nabeel’s Vlog 015 – Is it God’s Will to Heal Everyone?

Nabeel’s Vlog 016 – Update: Things are Moving in the Right Direction!

Nabeel’s Vlog 017 – Chemoradiation and Responses to Last Week

Nabeel’s Vlog 18 – About to Go in for Radiation

Nabeel’s Vlog 19 – Visitors, Radiation Side Effects, and Cautions about God’s Will for Healing

Nabeel’s Vlog 20 – Seeing Jesus in a Dream

Nabeel’s Vlog 21 – The Trials of Radiation

Nabeel’s Vlog 22 – Worshiping When You’re Hurting

Vlog 23 – Update after Malaysia

Vlog 24 – Ayah and Mark Mittelberg

Vlog 25 – Holy Saturday and Evangelism

Vlog 26 – The Next Scan and Praying for a Miracle

Vlog 27 – The Radiation Didn’t Work

Vlog 28 – Suffering Through the Lens of Lazarus

Vlog 29 – Renewed Hope, Mark 7, and More Chemo

Vlog 30 – Michelle’s Thoughts and Advice

Vlog 31 – Thanks, Discipleship, and a Bruce Willis Hairdo

Vlog 32 – Health Update and More on Communal Faith

Vlog 33 – A Very Special Guest: My Dad!

Vlog 34 – Going in for Immunotherapy

Vlog 35 – Bravery, Love, and Faith

Vlog 36 – A Kind Word

Vlog 37 – The Power of Prayer, a Reprieve from Pain

Vlog 38 – Hospital Day 19

Vlog 39 – Hospital Day 30

Vlog 40 – Home from the Hospital

Vlog 41 – Palliative Care

Vlog 42 – Palliative Care

Vlog 43 – Love and Peace are our Motivation

Vlog 44 – A More Glorious End

Vlog 45 – Grieving and Receiving Love

Vlog 46 – Ayah Is So Loved By You!

Vlog 47 – Abba’s Thanksgiving Message

Vlog 48 – The Value of Knowing You’re Valuable

Vlog 49 – When I First Met Nabeel…

Vlog 50 – When I First Met Nabeel…Part 2

Ravi Zacharias | Nabeel Qureshi’s Funeral Service – Sermon Ravi Zacharias

My Journey to Christ – Nabeel Qureshi

One thought on “The Dying Process of Dr Nabeel Qureshi from YouTube

  1. Thanks James for posting these videos. I have been so blessed by Nabeel Qureshi’s ministry. Just wondered if you had the video of him saying goodbye to the RZIM team for the last time? Thanks.


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