A Christian Life is A Miracle Life by Ed Miller

A Christian Life is A Miracle Life by Ed Miller

     A Christian cannot on his own initiative live a truly Christian life. It is an impossible life to live. The average Christian is trying to live FOR Christ. In his attempt of trying to live for Christ, he always ends in failure, in discouragement and in disappointment. He needs to understand: “I can’t live for Christ, I must live by Christ. It is not my life for Christ; it is His life through me. It is Christ life in me. Christ is my life.” 

Christ does not want a space in his life, Christ want to be his life. He has to die unto himself. Christ wants to replace his life with His life. Christ will become his life and that is the whole idea of the exchanged life. Christ is preeminent in his life. That’s the secret of the Christian life. 

There is only one Bible way to live the Christian life and that is to count on his union with Christ. He lives in union with Christ. He lives by the life of Christ. Christ is his life and in simple faith he appropriates Christ life in all the circumstances he finds himself.   

Pastor Ed Miller has given 10 fantastic audio sermons on the 10 miracles in Matthew 8 & 9. Matthew selected 10 special miracles out of hundreds of miracles to illustrate the spiritual meanings beyond the physical occurrences. All miracles are signs pointing to the destinations. If we stop at the miracles we stop at the signs. For instance, Christ heals the physically blind to tell us that He could heal the spiritually blind. There is a spiritual reality behind every one of the miracles. So what is the spiritual reality of Matthew’s miracles? It is that a Christian life is a miracle life. It takes a miracle for a Christian to live a Christian life. It is not possible to live a Christian life apart from God. It takes God to be Christian. A healthy Christian will have, in the same order, all 10 of the miracles in Matthew 8 & 9 in his life.

You can download the MP3 Audio Sermons into your computer and listen or burn them into CD for later easier listening by clicking on the links below. 

1   Miracle Life 01 Introduction to Miracles – Matthew 8 & 9    (download)
2   Miracle Life 02 Leper/Centurion    (download)
3   Miracle Life 03 Fever/Stormy Sea    (download)
4   Miracle Life 04 Miracle Of Victory Matthew 08-09    (download)
5   Miracle Life 05 Paralytic Realty Matthew 08-09    (download)
6   Miracle Life 06 Touching Christ Through Means Matthew 08-09    (download)
7   Miracle Life 07 Jarius’ Daughter Risen Life Matthew 08-09    (download)
8   Miracle Life 08 Jarius’ Daughter Risen Life Matthew 08-09    (download)
9   Miracle Life 09 Opening Of Ears & Mouth Matthew 08-09    (download)
10   Miracle Life 10 Matthew 10 The Christ Life    (download)


     You can go to his website www.biblestudyministriesinc.net and download all his Audio Sermons on his commentaries of most of the 66 books in the Bible.

     Happy listening.

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