Sermons from YouTube

Abdu Murray Sermons from YouTube

Abdu Murray Sermons from YouTube

Abdu Murray’s 2017 Testimony

Livestream Abdu Murray speaking at Skeptics Night at CCV SoCal

2016NOV05 – GIW 2016 – Abdu Murray Q&A at Calvary Bible Church

Abdu Murray Q&A | February 18, 2018 at Calvary Chapel Las Vegas

“Ravi Zacharias and Abdu Murray at the University of Kentucky” on YouTube

(Ravi Za) Dr. Ravi Zacharias & Abdu Murray at the University of Kentucky Life’s Four Big Questions

Ravi Zacharias & Abdu Murray at the University of Michigan

Michigan State University: “A Post Mortem On The Post Truth Culture”

Was Jesus Raised from the Dead? at Weston University of Michigan

The Quest for Meaning in a Post-Truth Culture at Yale University

Abdu Murray – “What is Truth?” – University of Hawaii 2018

“Why Am I Here?” by Abdu Murray at University of Toronto

The Lakes Community Church: Abdu Murray Q & A (11-19-2017)

9-11-16 Abdu Murray, Ravi Zacharias International Ministries at Auburn Hills Christian Center

Chapel September 15, 2014 – Abdu Murray at Spring Arbor University Chapel.

Clearwater Christian College November 13, 2014 – Abdu Murray

“Skeptic’s Night with Abdu Murray” 051217 at New Hope Community Church Traverse City, MI

Abdu Murray and Sean McDowell at reMind Conference on the livestream July 29 2016

Abdu Murray at Young Business Leaders Birmingham

Abdu Murray 2017 —— Rejoice Church

Engage | Kensington Church – Troy

“Does Prayer Really Help? with Abdu Murray 012819” on YouTube

“The Quest for Meaning in a Post-Truth Culture” on YouTube

Abdu Murray | From Slaves to Sons: Freedom For Muslims in the Gospel

Abdu Murray at UC Berkeley: Clarity in a Culture of Confusion

Muslum Dialogue/Debate With (Ex Muslim) Christian: Mukhta Cheema, Abdu Murray

Are All Religions Basically the Same? (Abdu Murray)

Saving Truth in a #FakeNews Culture of Confusion (feat. Abdu Murray)

Abdu Murray on Saving Truth

Saving Truth w/ Abdu Murray | Cross Examined Official Podcast

Interview with Abdu Murray about Islam and Christianity

How Can God be Just AND Forgiving? RZIM’s Abdu Murray Responds

Abdu Murray: Skeptics Welcome

Who is God? A Dialogue between a Muslim & a Christian. (Vinay Khetia, Abdu Murray)

Micah 6:8 Weekend – Reasoning My Way to Faith (Abdu Murray)

What Is The Foundation Of Law | Abdu Murray

Abdu Murray, “A Son from a Stone: From Muslim to Christian” – DEFEND Apologetics Conference 2017

“Islam’s Grand Central Question and the Gospel’s Answer” | Abdu Murray

matt dillahunty vs abdu murray – debate – should america be a nation under god [mirror]

Farhan Qureshi with Abdu Murray of Aletheia International Ministries

Abdu Murray August 3 2014

JMI CONF 2018: Session 3 “Religion and Identity” with Abdu Murray

JMI CONF 2017: Session 2 “Clarity in a Culture of Confusion” with Abdu Murray

JMI CONF 2016: Abdu Murray (Session 3) Who Does Your Thinking For You: Issues of Religion

JMI CONF 2015: Abdu Murray – Is Anything Wrong with Anything?

JMI Conference Nov. 15, Session 1: Abdu Murray – A Son from a Stone

JMI Pastors’ Conference, Session 4: Abdu Murray – Evangelism to People of Other Faiths

Atheism, Pantheism, Buddhism, and Islam with Christianity – Abdu Murray

July 14, 2018: Abdu Murray

Abdu Murray – The Uniqueness of Christ

Abdu – Whose Right is it Anyway? (Life & Death)

Is Faith Wishful Thinking? USC Open Forum

Abdu Murray Interviewed by Apologetics 315

How to Find Your Voice by Abdu Murray 2017

Berean Baptist Church – March 22, 2015 – Abdu Murray – Session 1 Why Apologetics?

Berean Baptist Church – March 22, 2015 – Abdu Murray – Session 2 Is Christianity Delusional?

The Greatness of God —– Abdu Murray

Debate – Should America be a Nation Under God?

Legacy 2012 Abdu Murray Plenary

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