PURPOSE And PROVIDENCE by Spurgeon!

                              from Spurgeon’s sermon,

                          “THE HAIRS OF YOUR HEAD NUMBERED”

Everything is in the Divine purpose, and has been ordered by Divine wisdom. All the events of your life—the greater, certainly; and the smaller, with equal certainty.

It is impossible to draw a line in Providence and say this is arranged by Providence and that is not. God’s Providence takes everything in its sweep—all that happens.

Divine Providence determines not only the movement of a star, but the blowing of a grain of dust along the public road.

God’s Providence knows nothing of things so little as to be beneath its notice, nothing of things so great as to be beyond its control.

Nothing is too little or too great for God to rule and overrule. All that a man undergoes is also ordained of Heaven.

God ordained.…

when we would be born;

where we would be born;

who our parents would be;

what our lot in infancy would be;

what our path in youth would be; and

what our position in manhood would be.

From the first to the last it has all happened according to the Divine purpose, and ordained by the Divine will.

Not only the man but all that concerns the man, is foreordained of the Lord—“The very hairs of your head,” that is to say, all that has anything to do with you, which comes into any kind of contact with you and is in any sense part and parcel of yourself, is under the Divine foresight and predestination.

You shall neither die before your time, nor live beyond it. All that concerns you, from first to last, all that is of you and in you and around you, is in the Divine purpose.

Fate is hard and cruel, but predestination is fatherly and wise and kind.

When we see that all things are arranged by Him who orders all things according to the counsel of His own will, then we bow our heads and worship.

Our happiness lies very much in our complete submission to the Lord our God. Oh, it is a blessed thing when we know that God is ordering all the events of Providence. Then we dissolve our own will into the sweetness of His will and our sorrow is at an end!

Since even the very hairs of our head are all numbered; since everything is really ordained by the Most High concerning His people, let us rejoice in the Divine appointment, and take all as it comes, and praise His name, whether our allotment is rough or smooth, bitter or sweet.

Let us cheerfully say, “If the Lord wills it then we will it, too. If He has purposed it, even so let it be, since all things work together for good to those who love God, even to those who are called according to His purpose.”


[Taken from pages 102-104 of Grace Gems Collection 2001. It can be downloaded FREE from http://www.gracegems.org/bookstore.htm]

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