Life and Living

Origin of Life by James Tour

Origin of Life by James Tour

The Origin of Life: An Inside Story – 2016 Lectures (with James Tour)

James Tour: The Mystery of the Origin of Life

Does Science Make Faith Obsolete? James Tour at Mississippi State University

Resurrection: Can the Bible be Trusted? | Dr. James Tour

Nanotech and Jesus Christ – James Tour at Georgia Tech

Jewish scientist (James Tour) makes the greatest Jewish discovery!!

Dr James Tour speaking about evolution

Science Refutes Evolution – Dr. James Tour

Broken For You – Dr. James Tour

The Real Jesus: Paul Maier presents new evidence from history and archeology at Iowa State

Science & Faith — Dr. James Tour

Dr. James Tour: Star of the World

James Tour – Nanotechnology Affecting Our World

Propelling Your Career – 2016 Lectures (with James Tour)

The Nanotechnologist & God – 2016 Lectures (with James Tour)>

Dr. James Tour – Evolution

Gary Hurd And Bill Ludlow Respond To James Tour’s Mystery Of Life

Dr Jim Tour Faith and Science at August Apologetics

Dr. James Tour Speaks On The Implausibility Of Life Arising On Its Own (part 1 of 2)

Dr. James Tour Speaks On The Implausibility Of Life Arising On Its Own (part 2 of 2)

Emerging Trends in Organic Chemistry with James M. Tour

Carbon nanotechnology. at Rice: past, present and future by James Tour and Cyrus Mody

The myth of evolution was blown up in just 5 minutes by Professor James Tour

Evolution Is Impossible Says World Renowned Chemist James M. Tour

Bible Unearthed Discoveries of Old versions of the bible)

national geographic writing the dead sea scrolls

National Geographic – Decoding Bible Relics

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