Frustration to Fortissimo is through Faith by Ed Miller

Frustration to Fortissimo is through Faith by Ed Miller

     We often wonder why God is not doing something to stop wicked and evil people. God appears to be looking in favor on those who deal treacherously. They seem to prosper. The prophet Habakkuk has the same concern and he asks: 

1.     Why God is not doing something to stop the sinfulness in the world

2.     Why God is using as His instrument a more sinful nation to chastise a less sinful nation

Pastor Ed Miller has given 4 audio sermons on the Book of Habakkuk. He explained that God answers to our and Habakkuk’s frustrations are:

1.     God is working. God is in charge.

2.     All our burdens are from God

3.     Wickedness and chastisement will not prevail forever

4.     We can rest on the character of God 

5.     God has a perfect time-table to act

6.     The just shall live by faith.

If we have faith in the above truths, we will be able to chase away our frustrations. The way to drive away our frustrations is through faith. If we trust God we will move from frustration to fortissimo (praise) through our faith.

You can download the MP3 Audio Sermons into your computer and listen or burn them into CD for later easier listening by clicking on the download links below. 

1   (Habakkuk 01) Introduction to the Singing Faith    (download)
2   (Habakkuk 02) Chapter 1: Frustration    (download)
3   (Habakkuk 03) Chapter 2: Faith    (download)
4   (Habakkuk 04) Conclusion: Song    (download)


     You can go to his website and download all his Audio Sermons on his commentaries of most of the 66 books in the Bible.

     Happy listening.

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