Pride and Humility by Ed Miller

       Pride and Humility by Ed Miller

     The book of Obadiah is the only one chapter book in the Old Testament. The other four one chapter books in the New Testament are Philemon, 2 John, 3 John and Jude.

     The central theme of Obadiah is pride and humility. In it God warns the proud and encourages the humble. Why is it seriously wrong for a Christian to be proud and arrogant in his life? It is serious because pride is the basic characteristic of the seed of the Serpent and all the root sins come from Pride. Pride prevents the Christians from knowing Christ intimately. The seed of the woman is humble and He is Christ. Humble people are thankful people. They are grateful people as they consider all good things are graces from God. The humble person is filled with appreciation for the Lord.

Pride manifests itself subtly and deceptively in many ways. Pastor Ed Miller summarizes that:

  1. All lack of appreciation is pride
  2. All complaining is pride
  3. All unbelief is pride
  4. All worry is pride
  5. All impatience is pride
  6. All discouragement is pride
  7. All resentment or bitterness is pride
  8. All lack of teach ableness is pride
  9. All rejection of rebuke or reproof is pride

10. To be proud of the ways of despising pride is pride

Pastor Ed Miller has elaborated on the above definitions of pride in his audio sermons below. 

You can download the MP3 Audio Sermons into your computer and listen or burn them into CD for later easier listening by clicking on the download links below. 

1   Obadiah 01 Introduction    (download)
2   Obadiah 02 Pride    (download)
3   Obadiah 03 Conclusion    (download)


     You can go to his website and download all his Audio Sermons on his commentaries of most of the 66 books in the Bible.

     Happy listening.

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