American Revolution—June 17, 1775 to Oct 19, 1781

American Revolution---June 17, 1775 to Oct 19, 1781

The American Revolutionary war 1 217 min

The American Revolutionary war 2 176 min

How Britain lost America 144 min

Revolution – American History in HD – Documentary 47 min

PBS The War that Made America Part 1 58 min

PBS The War that Made America Part 2 58 min

PBS The War That Made America Part 3 58 min

PBS The War That Made America Part 4 57 min

American Revolution – The Conflict Ignites (Ep1) 49 min

American Revolution- 1776 (Ep2) 50 min

American Revolution – Washington & Arnold (Ep3) 50 min

American Revolution – The World At War (Ep4) 46 min

American Revolution – England’s Last Chance (Ep5) 43 min

American Revolution – Birth Of The Republic (Ep6) 52 min

American Revolution – Biography_George Washington-Founding Father (Ep7) 46 min

American Revolution – Biography_Benjamin Franklin-Citizen of the World (Ep8) 48 min

American Revolution – Biography_Paul Revere-The Midnight Rider (Ep9) 45 min

American Revolution – Biography_Benedict Arnold-Triumph and Treason (Ep10) 45 min

Founding Mothers: Women of the American Revolution 57 min

The Revolution Part01–Boston Bloody Boston 45 min

The Revolution Part02–Rebelling To Revolution 45 min

The Revolution Part03-Declaring Independence 45 min

The Revolution Part04–American Crisis 45 min

The Revolution Part05–Path To World War 45 min

The Revolution Part06–Forging An Army 45 min

The Revolution Part07–Treason & Betrayal 46 min

The Revolution Part08–The War Heads South 45 min

The Revolution Part09–Hornet’s Nest 45 min

The Revolution Part10–The End Game 44 min

The Revolution Part11–Becoming A Nation 45 min

The Revolution Part12–Road To The Presidency 45 min

The Revolution Part13–A President and His Revolution 45 min

The War of 1812 Canadian View 63 min

The Forgotten War of 1812 152min

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