Civilisations and History From YouTube

Empire by Al Jazeera

      Empire by Al Jazeera

Empire – US Democracy: The Power of Money

Empire – The Rise of the Oligarchs

Empire – Superclass

Empire – The decline of the American empire

Empire – The US between two wars

Empire – The post-American Middle East

Empire – Choosing the American President

Empire – A tale of three US states

Empire – Diplomacy, Obama and the Middle East

Empire – Obama 2.0

Empire – Fuelling geopolitics: The oil saga

Empire – Running on empty?

Empire – The new arms race

Empire – Israel and the US – Part 1

Empire – Israel and the US – Part 2

Empire – What future for ‘Greater Israel’? – Part 1

Empire – What future for ‘Greater Israel’? – Part 2

Empire – Palestine: State of play

Empire – What Future for the Arab World?

Empire – Empire – War on Terror, War on Muslims?

Empire – ‘War on terror’ through Muslim eyes

Empire – America and al-Qaeda 3.0

Empire – Egypt: The promise and perils of revolution

Empire – Egypt: A second republic?

Empire – Syria on the brink

Empire – Syria and the US: The complicity of silence

Empire – Tunisia: A revolutionary model?

Empire – Iraq to Mali: The changing calculus of war

Empire – The New Scramble for Africa

Empire – US and Iran: The best of enemies?

Empire – Targeting Iran

Empire – Empire of Secrets

Empire – Empire – The US and Cuba: Obsession

Empire – Turning a page: Latin America and the US

Empire – Hollywood: Chronicle of an Empire

Empire – McAmerica: The Success Secrets of Brand USA

China vs USA: Empires at War

History Documentary – China vs USA Empires at War

America Death By China – Full Documentary 2016

South China Sea : How Affect The Islands Building in South China Sea I What’s Next?

Empire – The UN – Tower of Babble?

Empire – The Peace Procession

Empire – The IMF on trial

Empire – Putin’s Russia

Empire – Europe: To Be or Not To Be

Empire – Nato: Going Global

Empire – The Debate – A German Europe? The Union disunited

Empire – Scoring Big: The global world of football

Empire – BRIC: The new world order

Empire – The Vatican: A Wholly Roman Empire?

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