Inspirational Poems by Shirley Lau

Open the Eyes of my Heart, Lord

Copyright © Shirley Lau Kee-Ling

Printed by Ultra Supplies

First published on 20 October 2017
Second edition on February 2018
1st Reprint
Third Edition on 3rd March 2019


With thanks to Siew-ling Shea and the Internet for the photos.


Lord of the Dance1
God’s Grandeur6
God’s Creative Splendour8
The Human Spirit10
Look to Jesus11
God’s Compassionate Concern for Man13
Seeking Your Loving Presence, Lord15
Just to take one step towards You, Lord16
Look Up18
Loving Trust19
The Wonder of Being20
Say a Prayer to God23
The Cross24
His Cup of Sorrow26
Amazing Grace27
Victory over Sin and Death28
Our Compassionate God30
Sing under the shadow of His Wings32
The Great I AM34
The Kingdom of GOD is LOVE36
The Lord’s Covenant of Love38
God’s Power of Love39
God’s Love41
The Rock of Love42
Come Just As You Are43


Exalt the Name of Jesus                                            46

Praises to the Lord                                                    47

Rejoice in the Lord always                                        48

We Are The Beloved Children Of God                         49

The Rock                                                                  51

Living water                                                             53

The world is too much with us                                   54

Oh, What is the Answer?                                           55

Bless the Crippled, Lord                                            58

A hardening of heart                                                 60

Harden Not Our Heart                                               61

Joy in the Lord always                                              63

Vitality of Worship                                                    65

Worship Our Lord God                                               67

In The Wilderness                                                     68

Vanity of Vanities                                                     69

Life without or with GOD                                          70

Paradoxes                                                                72

Reclaiming our Humanity                                          73

Dying into Life                                                          74

Re-Awakening                                                          76

GRACE                                                                      77

His loving grace                                                        78

To Our dear Shepherd                                               79

God of the Mountain and Valley                                 81

His Light                                                                   83

Walk as Children of THE LIGHT                                  85

In Spiritual Conflict                                                  87

We call Him, ‘Lord, Lord’                                           89

Our Lord Asks: Do you really love Me?                       91

Listen to our Heart                                                    93


Who would revile the Saviour?                                  95

Walking Closer To God                                              97

Faith of a mustard seed                                            99

Walk in Faith, Not by Sight                                       101

Build your faith wisely                                              103

Be Still                                                                     105

The fear of the LORD                                                106

We’ll never walk alone                                             107

Obedience to God’s Will                                           108

‘Come to Me’ says the Lord                                       109

Go To Jesus                                                             110

Christianity                                                              112

Be Calm, My Soul                                                     114

Godly Peace                                                             116

Bearing Fruit                                                           118

Bearing Spiritual Fruit                                              120

Humility                                                                  123

Sanctify us, O Lord                                                   125

Thy care preserves our spirit                                    127

The Power of the Resurrected Lord                           129

Have You Met This Loving Friend?                            131

Count Our Blessings                                                 133

God’s Unfailing Love                                                135

The Vitality of Life                                                    138

In the Shadow of the Valley of Death                        139

God, Our Refuge and Strength Forever                     140

In the Storm                                                            142

Be Not Afraid                                                           143

Without You, Lord                                                    145

Salvation                                                                 147

Follow Our Great Shepherd                                      149

Living Presence                                                       151


What Joy is155
To Sail Towards Joy157
Come Apart with Me158
Seek His face159
The Name of Jesus Christ160
Celebrate Jesus161
Be Gentle and Humble162
Call His Heavenly Father “Daddy”163
Calling God ‘Daddy’164
In Silence165
Be My Witness167
Praise the Risen Lord169
If I could always see the Lord170
Reverence for THE LORD171
The Refiner173
Finding God178
Seek and You will Find179
Holy Spirit at Your Feet we fall180
Holy Spirit lay Your Hands on me181
Come, Holy Spirit, Come!182
Sing Praises to the Holy Spirit183
Thank You Lord184
Praises to the Lord186
A prayer of praise188
Who else but CHRIST, THE LORD189
Lessons from the Blessed Mother’s heart191
Worldly Wisdom194
Pride is a Robber196
Wisdom Is Precious198
When the Enemy of the Soul Attacks!200
A Man After God’s Heart203
Broken to Bless Others206
Compassionate Love208
God’s Thoughts are higher than ours210
The Christian Life211
Sheep Vs Man213
Stand Firm In The Lord215
Worship Our Lord God217
Ask For God’s Grace218
Going God’s Way220
God, Our Refuge and Strength Forever222
Come, Lord Jesus, Come224
Lord, Raise Me Up225
Love One Another as I have Loved You227
His Unfailing Love229
Do You Really Love Me231
Christ is the Sure-Foundation of our Faith233
Christ is Love, Peace, Joy235
Claim Christ as our Saviour237
God’s Presence in Need240
Our Faithful God241
Abide in Christ243
Just a closer walk with CHRIST245
All Sufficient Christ247
Do You Know Jesus?249
Hope floats252
Our Immutable God254

Lord of the Dance

My GOD, once found me sad
Look up child, HE said, and be glad
Dance, child, dance
I’m the Lord of the Dance.

Look at the universe in motion,
The sun, moon, stars and earth
Dance in celestial harmony
To the music of the spheres!

See, child, how the billowing waves
Rise and ebb with the tide,
Look at the coconut palms swaying
To the pan-pipe tune of the wind,
Whistling through the leaves of trees.


Gaze, child on the beauty of each season,
Waltz to the lilting songs of Spring
Of birds singing, while taking wing;
Of vivid blooms sprouting, joining in
The May-Pole weaving and dancing!

Hop and skip child to the beat
Of country-line dance,
Tap your toes to the tempo of the drum;
Swing with the crowd on hot summer days,
Basking in the sun’s rays!

Dance the salsa in autumn with the farmers,
Bobbing their heads up and down,
Their scythe  swinging,
Reaping, winnowing, gathering;
In the golden meadows, singing
Songs of abundance and praise!

Dance, child, dance to the rhythm of
The falling winter rain,
Dance to the jingling bells of reindeer,
In the winter-wonderland
Of snow-covered hills and plain!

Dance, child, dance when you’re sad!
Rejoice in MY wondrous creation!
Look up and hear the stupendous music
That fills the air with elation,
Remember ME, the Lord of the Dance!


I flung my arms into the air,
I twirled round and round,
Faster and faster I spun,
I felt the world spin with me – the sky, the hill, the tree,
Even the brook and the sea!

All the while, my spirit lifted!
A smile lit up my face as my spirit surged,
I gazed heavenward, in praise,
Hearing His voice calling so clear,
Dance, child, dance forever,
I’M the LORD of the DANCE!



Visualise a picture of a billion galaxies,
A trillion planets!
In outer space, on their axis, rotating,
Around their suns revolving, without colliding,
All in ordered cosmic motion!
Rational synchronization,
All calibrated and fine-tuned to function,
In harmonious accord!
Earth is a part of this super-intelligent Creator’s
Design of universal concord!


Feel the love of Almighty God in creating man,
Each with a different look, a unique personality,
Each child, a genetic masterpiece of individuality!
Each, with different attributes and talent,
Each, a child of God, making a difference to humanity!

An earthly-living habitat, specifying
light and darkness, heat and cold,
Seasonal changes affording!
Land and water demarcating, supporting
An abundance of life on earth teeming!
Animals on land, fish in the sea, birds in the air,
Can we ever find a more awesome and loving Creator?
Let’s give praise and gratitude to Almighty God,
Our Heavenly Father and benefactor!

A wondrous diverse creation, free to love and serve God,
And to love and serve his fellowmen,
In the way he knows best;
By God, each child is loved and blessed!


God’s Grandeur [Impressed with the beauty of the South Island of NEW ZEALAND during a visit]

Behold the lofty snow-capped mountains,
Upon shimmering, translucent turquoise lakes,
A spectacular panorama
Of unparalleled beauty!
Can I visualize God’s grandeur
And not be moved?

Hear the music of the waters,
Sapphire, emerald, mid-night blue,
Pale—lime, deep turquoise—
Flowing, blending, harmonizing,
Into a symphony of colours!
Can I feel its charm
And not be enthralled?


The blue sky and green hills beckon,
Wild shrubs of golden Broom,
Cascade down hill slopes, filling valleys;
Bewitching Lupins, in a riot of pink and purple,
Add to the picturesque landscape!
Can I experience such breathtaking loveliness
And not be spellbound?

The chilly, howling wind at night,
The furious waves pounding the shore,
Dashing against rocks,
Flinging far and wide its salty spray,
Striking fear in its turmoil!
Can I visualize such power
And not feel awe?

To behold nature in serene beauty,
To witness its seething power,
Is to experience the awesome mystery
Of our Almighty God!
Great Creator, nurturing our souls,
In contemplation of the magnificent splendor
Of His creation!


God’s Creative Splendour

There was an aura of wonder and enchantment,
The splendour of the sunset to behold;
Across the sky, broad bands of turquoise, yellow, gold,
The most astounding sight of the Creator’s Imagination bold!
Blend with the cool, misty air and perfumed aroma,
Of pale-bluish-purple lavender and peachy-pink roses, trailing the hedge!

Magic was in the air. Its unique beauty wrought
Wonder and excitement!
I gazed and gazed,
Did I hear the soft melody of a harp?
Or was it the sound of a light wind whistling
Through the tall trees?
Swaying ever so gently, the myriad snow-white Arum lilies!

In a little distance, the blue Swan River meanders by,
Hastening towards the elegant glass and stainless-steel city-skyscrapers!
Jauntily, it teases its way with sparkling-blue waters,
Setting a spectacular view from Perth’s wooded King’s Park, of
The creative harmony of awesome nature and man’s achievements!


The Human Spirit

The Human spirit endures
Whatever misfortune comes our way!
Stoical to the last, however unjust,
Life’s tribulations may!
Great is our capacity to love
Betrayals; malice cannot subdue,
The Holy Spirit enables our Human Spirit to triumph
Over each vicissitude!

Forged in the furnace Of fiery trials,
Shaped, strengthened by strife,
The Human Spirit soars invincible
Over the storms of competitive life!


Look to Jesus

Look to Jesus, child, for all your needs,
He is the God who feeds
All living creatures on earth!
He provides all that sustains life,
He is the source of strength, comfort and joy in strife!

Lay your burden, child, at His feet,
Whatever help you need, He will meet!
Like Daniel in the lion’s den,
Look not on the lions but upon heaven!

All things are possible with God!
Let your faith in HIM be strong;
Let Him be the God who rights all wrong!
Look to Jesus, let Him be your Light!
He is the guide who will show the way,
You will wander in safety, come what may!



Love, my child, is not demanding,
It’s not simply getting your way!
It is trying to be understanding,
To love in all circumstances, come what may!

Love is not possessive,
Cramping another’s style!
It is giving others their freedom
To express their uniqueness with a smile!

Love, my child, is not envious!
It is sharing a common brokenness,
Knowing humanity is imperfect,
Yet, there is much to love and respect!

Remember, my child, to make your yoke light,
Like Jesus, forgive and forget!
Love is kind, patient, enduring;
Remember, child, always to be caring!

Love is not self-vanity,
Pandering to your little ego!
For Jesus, love is humility,
Making sacrifices for the good
Of our vulnerable, flawed humanity!

Love is of GOD, GOD is LOVE!
Abundant blessings flow,
Whatever you receive,
Remember, child, also gratefully give!


God’s Compassionate Concern for Man

Our Righteous, Holy Saviour can truly discern
Our human frailties;
The fitful struggle with human selfishness
The contention with pride and aggressiveness,
Yet HE responds with compassionate concern!
He sees clearly the futility of human desires,
Our vulnerability to temptation, self deception, self- interest!
Yet there is no condemnation of the sinner,
Only a call for repentance of the sin!
We can still be saved, be a winner,
Through our faith and trust in HIM!

He can, with sensitivity, feel
The wavering moods,
The inconstant faith,
The conflicting emotions,
The wanton needs and passions;
Yet, our LORD never turns away in disgust!
Instead HIS loving hand is extended in helping
All who believe and trust!

Healing is poured out lovingly
From HIS fountain of Living Water,
Patience, loving concern and mercy
HE showed towards our fickleness,
Almighty GOD treats us with immense kindness!


O JESUS, we cry to be saved and we are saved!
We ask to be healed and we are healed!
We pray for forgiveness and we are forgiven!
We appeal for guidance and we are lead, by your Holy Word,
In the true way to eternal life!

LORD, you are our LIGHT,
In a world fraught with pain and sufferings!
LORD you are our Wisdom
In a materialistic, corrupt world!
You LORD alone, deserve our reverence and praise,
Let us Your anthem forever raise!


Seeking Your Loving Presence, Lord

Lord, through this gathering,
You lead us to an understanding
Of your all-embracing love;
Your awesome power, your compassion,
Your loving way to salvation!

Lord, your loving presence
Helps us discover,
The meaning of walking closer;
Lord, your Holy Word,
Fills us with joy forever!

Through your Light which guides,
Through your Compassion which abides,
O Lord, we begin to be aware
Of all your blessings and care!

We celebrate your loving presence to-day,
Give us strength to keep sin at bay!
Lord, we thank you for calling us your own,
You’re always with us, we need never walk alone!

Deepen our faith, our spiritual communion,
Your loving presence be our strength and shield!
To you alone may our spirit yield,
Guide us safely on to our eternal re-union!


Just to take one step towards YOU, LORD

It takes just one step To forget self
AND consider another! Just one step
To reach further,
To feel and console somebody in adversity;
LORD, it is taking just one step YOUR WAY!

It is just one step
To forgive the hurt,
For wrongs done;
Just one step in fellowship
With YOU, our Messiah!
It is just taking one step towards
Loving YOU, through loving others!

Just one step in humility,
To acknowledge our weaknesses,
And repent our sinfulness!
Brings a deeper understanding of CALVARY;
Of a Righteous GOD’S loving compassion,
Sending HIS HOLY SON, JESUS CHRIST, to die for our sins,
Bringing about reconciliation!

Yet, we need YOUR help, LORD
In every step forward we make,
We need wisdom, love and strength,
For each new step we take.


It is alien to our nature, LORD
To be self-giving
Without demanding
Something in return!
The other cheek turning
Instead of retaliating!
Yet this conduct is what we should be aspiring to
As Christians, GOD’S will following!

Let us, with the help of the HOLY SPIRIT,
Take that vital step
To renew our faith,
To take that one step
To do what HE saith,
Take up the cross and follow HIM!

Increased faith leads to holiness,
Be holy as your Father in Heaven is holy,
Our Lord admonishes!
Pushing through the darkness, following Christ’s light,
Every Christian has to depend on God’s omnipotent might,
To glimpse a vision of eternity!


Look Up

My child, don’t ever look down
In your sorrow to drown!
But look up to God above
See His smile of love;
Feel His radiant beam of hope
That will uplift your soul,
And help you to cope!

My child, you need never be lost to gloom!
Look-up, reach out and expect His helping hand soon,
To comfort and shield you, whatever betide,
Trust that your Lord and Saviour will always be at your side!


Loving Trust

Like a child, Lord, can I hold your hand,
Believing You are my forever-friend?
Will You be my guide, Can I walk beside?
Will You show me the true way
So I’ll never stray?
Will You shower me with your constant love,
So I’ll feel secure?
In every danger, will you protect me?
In every storm, will you strengthen me?
Like a child, Lord, first and last
In you, I place my loving trust!

Will you teach me, Lord
To praise and obey you as my sovereign God?
In loving trust, can I lean on You as my only crutch?
Believing that You will catch me if I fall,
For You alone are my all in all!

Lord, I shall trust that you care,
For You have given me a love, precious and rare,
In being my redeeming Saviour,
On the cross, my sins to bear!
Lord, will you bless and reassure,
When I’m elderly-grown,
You’ll welcome me to your eternal home?


The Wonder of Being

See through the eyes of a child
The wonder of being,
Everything is surprising,
Seeing the bird hop on the grass,
Chasing birds, which take wing!


Feel the delight of a child,
Splashing through muddy pools of water,
Tugging at the strings of a wildly swerving kite,
Blown by a strong wind!
Marveling at the picture of a sparkling sea,
And amused by watching little crabs
Pop into their tiny holes in the sand!

Be renewed and refreshed
In mind, heart and spirit,
Through experiencing such open receptiveness;
Such sensitivity to Nature and other living creatures,
This sense of wonder can be ours, if we re-gain
The spontaneous wholesome joy of a child!

Strip off the worldly sophistication,
Be like a child in his simple appreciation,
Share his gratitude for just being alive,
To the wonder and mystery of God’s creation;
Alive in a world, that fascinates and thrills him,
A world of limitless possibilities, endless joy!
A world where he thinks it’s wonderful to be alive,
And feels a tremendous joy in the Wonder of Being!



Prayer is letting Christ shine through,
Allowing Him, our hearts, to change and renew!
Prayer is thanking Him for His loving-kindness,
Learning to see things from God’s view!

Prayer is believing that God cares!
Trusting that the cross He gladly bears,
All the way to dark Calvary, to redeem our sins,
Shows how much God loves us, His beloved children!
Prayer is thanking Him for all His blessings,
HE is faithful to all His promises,
His joy with us He shares!


Say a prayer to GOD

A prayer that reveres and praises HIM,
A prayer of submission to HIS will,
A prayer that is in accordance with His teaching!
A prayer of faith in His Covenantal promises,
A prayer that venerates HIS HOLINESS!
Say a prayer of trust in our GOOD LORD,
A prayer of gratitude and thanksgiving for HIS Loving
Kindness and Forgiveness, for His Grace and Healing!

The Cross

When I look at the cross, LORD, What do I see?
I see the immense love
You have for everyone and me!
A love that’s deeper than the deepest sea,
A love that’s higher than the tallest mountain can be,
A love that’s infinite and free!


Your love sustains me in every tribulation,
It’s a love that knows no bound or separation;
It’s a love that leads me to You and fills me with elation!

To know you, Lord, is to love you, now and forever,
Whatever comes, LORD, I know we will go through together;
Your compassion and grace will accompany undeserving me,
For, as you know, I’m gratefully Yours, forever and ever!



Christ’s determination
To fulfil His divine mission,
To be the propitiation for all mankind’s sin
Headed for Jerusalem during Passover
Knowing the excruciating suffering that awaits Him there!

His greatest anguish was
Not the physical pain of a cruel death,
But when, covered by our horribly repulsive sins
His heavenly Father momentarily averted His Face,
Causing our Lord to cry out piteously
“My God, My God, why has Thou forsaken Me?”

Our Lord had revealed
Through His voluntary immense suffering,
There is no greater LOVE
Than to lay down one’s life for another!

Suffering builds moral strength in character
Through displaying a spirit of self-sacrifice for others
The selfish man who clings to life will lose it
The generous man who loses it for another will gain eternal life!


Amazing Grace

Impaled on a cruel Roman cross,
With parched throat and burned lips,
The Lamb of God, our Holy Saviour, Jesus Christ
Spoke words of unconditional love!
Words of Amazing Grace and Reconciliation!
Words of Forgiveness for all mankind,
Making possible, healing and restoration!

How amazing is this Saviour, who invites
Everyone to give HIM his burden,
He is available to everyone who asks!
“I’m meek and humble,” HE says, “so from Me learn,”
To lighten your sinful burden of arrogant, selfish, callousness,
Through practising My Amazing Grace of endless forgiveness!


Victory over SIN and Death

The humble Cross is Christ’s majestic symbol of Glory,
His conquest of sin and death through suffering!
The redemption of our sins, His magnificent victory;
Salvation for all mankind is His Heavenly Father’s will,
Our loving Saviour gladly came to fulfil!
Now resurrected, He reigns supreme as our Redeemer and Lord,
Sharing authority with God, The Heavenly Father, and The Holy Spirit in one accord.

Self-emptying, self-sacrificing Humility,
Is His demonstrated way to receiving Eternal Life,
Not egotism, pride and competitive strife!
The world’s material wealth and endless pleasure,
Would not be His spiritual measure
Of a great successful life!


Loving God and loving our neighbour,
Is God’s way to Peace,
It is faith in Christ’s Redemptive blood, not good works,
That brings God’s gift of Salvation!

Let’s not tear God’s plan for us asunder,
By pursuing our own willful desire!
Let’s sing praises to the Lord for His generous bounty,
Follow His HOLY righteous way, not dwell in futility!


Our Compassionate God

GOD sent JESUS CHRIST, His SON, on a loving mission,
His purpose was reconciliation!
LORD JESUS came in obedience and with compassion,
To alleviate our sinful condition!
HE suffered humiliation and condemnation,
To ensure our salvation and resurrection!

Mercy seasons justice for our human plight!
Compassion is God’s preferred Expression;
It becomes a king better than his crown!
Compassion should also be our choice expression!

Christ emptied HIMSELF to come down from heaven
It is servant-hood HE calls us to follow;
To obey God’s commands to serve our fellow-men,
With loving compassion and not to wallow
In sinful pride, in hedonism or Mammon!


In compassion, Christ came to save man
To teach us discern our human weaknesses,
And give us strength to overcome them!
To show, by example, God’s “narrow path” to eternal bliss!
HE displays God’s Holiness and Righteousness;
We are encouraged to have a compassionate heart,
And love God and neighbour by doing our part!


Sing under the shadow of HIS WINGS

In the world there is tribulation,
Do not be afraid, says THE LORD;
Look to MY CROSS for salvation,
I have overcome the world!

The CROSS at Calvary is our liberation,
The meeting-place of ALMIGHTY GOD’s Justice with HIS DIVINE compassion!
HE has borne the punishment for our sin and damnation!


Christ is innocent, His holy BLOOD cleanses all who believe
As our LORD and REDEEMER, HE has conquered sin and death,
And sets us free from death and bondage,
Satan has no more hold over us!
For if God is for us, Who can be against us!

Be joyful then, like the innocent dove,
Sing, Sing under the shadow of HIS WINGS;
Sing of GOD’S abundant love,
Praise the LORD with thanksgiving!

HE’s our strength and refuge.
Our MIGHTY SHIELD against evil;
Angels and saints do HIS bidding!
In Almighty GOD, our soul finds its rest alone,
In Him, we find the peace that surpasses all understanding!


The Great I AM

I AM before time existed,
I AM before the world was created!
I AM before man was given life,
Long before order replaced chaotic strife!

I AM the beginning and the ending,
The everlasting GOD and un-changing!
Past, present, Future, ever continuing,

I AM the SON of GOD,
I AM the sovereign LORD!
To be mankind’s SAVIOUR!

In the world, I AM the LIGHT!
My followers will never walk in darkness,
The blind will be given sight;
The truth will set people free,
Mourning will turn to glee!

My followers will heed the call of the GOOD Shepherd,
Who lays down HIS life, so those who die will live!
Those who live, will never die! But be gathered lovingly,
Into arms of their MESSIAH, on high!



Who can compare with thee, Almighty God?
None, for You alone can create heaven and earth,
In all its magnificence, diversity and abundance!
You, alone, can ride the wind, fly with the stars,
And make the waves dance!
You, alone, can race
Beyond time and space!

Our past, present and future to you, in a flash, reveal.
Angels hasten to do your will!
You are everywhere at the same moment,
For You are omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent!

Who can play your role, Almighty God?
None, for You alone, can create man in your image!
You, alone, can endow him with a heart to love,
Beyond the mundane, a yearning spirit to soar above!

You, Alone, can grant man’s soul eternity
Through our Resurrected Christ, your Beloved Son!
And through faith in HIM to find a celestial home
When our journey’s done!


The Kingdom of GOD is LOVE

The Lord declared: I have loved you first,
So you will always thirst
For my Living Water;
The everlasting fountain of Love
The kingdom of GOD is Love!

You cannot give what you don’t possess,
I have never stopped anyone from gaining access,
To My source of unconditional love,
The kingdom of GOD is Love!

I have given you love abundantly
Deny ME, doubt ME, I still love you!
Like the Prodigal Son’s father, I await your return,
That’s when you learn,
The kingdom of GOD is LOVE!

Don’t be afraid, there is un-ending forgiveness,
You don’t have to live with your sinfulness!
You just have to believe in MY Redemption.
Faith, not good works alone, leads to Salvation!

Perfect Love casts out fear,
Wipe away your tear;
I have loved you with an everlasting love,
The kingdom of GOD is love!

I lay my life down for you,
Is there anything else I won’t do?
Love makes you spiritually strong,
When you repent your wrongdoing;
Consider yourself a beloved child of God,
For the kingdom of GOD is LOVE!


The Lord’s Covenant of Love

HE promises us Light for the journey
HE gives us Hope when life is gloomy;
HE offers Strength in tribulation
HE gives Peace in consternation.

HE provides loving surprises,
Be still and listen to His promises,
Those who believe will receive;
HE is the impregnable hiding place
Of the innocent – their protector.

He is the foundation of true joy
For those who look on Him for succour,
HE is sovereign LORD and powerful
Creator HE is mankind’s Saviour and Judge
His Kingdom lasts forever.


God’s Power of Love

Whoever has love in his heart
Has God within him;
God’s quest for the heart of man
Has existed from the beginning,
God’s loving quest will continue un-ending!

The loving hound of heaven will
Ceaselessly pursue humanity,
Until each soul is accounted for!
Until His blessings of love and peace reach each heart,
And man realises he must do his part,
To love God and his neighbour!

His love found Moses in the wilderness,
Moses in flight,
Was enabled by God’s might,
To part the Red Sea and deliver the Israelite
From their plight!

His love found David, the Shepherd boy
And empowered him to defeat Goliath, who terrified his people,
With a sling and pebble!
His love saved Daniel in the lion’s den,
And then,
Miraculously delivered Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego from the white–hot furnace,
They were sent!


His love for humanity found expression
In the incarnation
Of Christ, our Lord and Saviour!
HE healed the sick, the lame, the deaf,
The blind, the dumb, the demon-possessed, the leper;
He raised from the dead,
Jairus’ daughter, the widow’s son at Nain
Also, Lazarus, four day’s later!

In His love, our Holy Lord died for our sins,
To God, a self-sacrifice,
That could only suffice
To redeem mankind!

In His love, Christ sent His Holy Spirit
As Helper, Counsellor, Comforter,
To know and love Him and enable us
To become the children of our Heavenly Father!



HIS love is faithful and enduring
It is everlasting!
GOD is the source of our ability to love;
HIS love flows into us like a mountain-rill,
Gathering momentum in our being; 
Flows like an influential river
Of LIVING WATER through our life!
Determining our decision and action;

Finally, like a river wending its way to the ocean,
Our love under His influence, finds its way to knowing and loving GOD,
Its very source, our Creator GOD!
Enabling us to channel this love to others,
Now we love, because HE first loved us!


The Rock of Love

Let’s build our life on the rock of love,
The tempest cannot crush it!
For it is solidly built on the strongest foundation,
Based on the Word of God;
It draws on the power of our Lord,
To overcome any circumstance;
Love that is of GOD, never fails!

God is LOVE, love is of GOD!
To build our life on this ROCK,
Is to draw upon the riches of glory in our LORD;
To build a life of love, peace, courage, forgiveness, joy,
The fruits of the Holy Spirit,
The blessings of Almighty GOD!

We are more than conquerors,
Through HIM, Who loves us!
Our Lord, Who lays down His life for us on the Cross;
Our strength is founded on this solid Rock of Love,
The Rock of our eternal salvation through faith!



Come just as You are before your LORD!
Come with all your doubts and fears,
Come as the wretched, sinful creature,
That all are – frail, confused, blinded, envious, greedy, aggressive, delusional;
Remember that CHRIST came to save wretches,
All sinners!

We need HIS redeeming, cleansing blood
To wash away our filthy sins,
To guide us into all Truth and be our Comforter;
To show us the way to live;
We need CHRIST as our REFUGE and STRENGTH,


Come just as you are, do not be afraid!
CHRIST is loving and compassionate,
HIS grace will be sufficient;
Only Christ has the power to transform us into HIS image!
Come to your wonderful, powerful POTTER,
Who, alone can forgive all sins and make you whole!
And spiritually new-born, you will never be the same again!


Who can love me as much as YOU do, Lord?

Who can love me as much as YOU do?
Who is my friend so faithful and true?
Who lays down HIS life to save me but YOU!
O LORD, all my gratitude is due to YOU.

All I have and am are gifts from YOU,
Let me not behave as if they are mine!
Nothing is mine but from YOUR GRACE,
I’ll thank YOU again, hoping to see YOU
Face to face!

Who can love me as much as you do LORD?
Who covers all my faults and still love me?
Who comforts my soul with songs of joy?
I will trust in YOUR eternal compassion!
YOUR glorious victory over damnation!
Knowing that all things work together for good
To those who love GOD!


Exalt the Name of Jesus

When I feel the touch
Of Your Hand upon my life
It fills my spirit with joy
And I shout Halleluiah Lord!
Your touch, Lord, is a gentle loving touch
A healing touch, a touch of blessing!
The majestic touch of my Lord and King!

All my fears vanish,
I’m filled with aesthetic praise,
I adore and worship my God and King!
I am made whole
By Your forgiving and sanctifying touch,
I exalt You, my Redeemer King!

I feel life is worth living,
My Lord and King reigns!
My heart sings unto Thee
Exalt, Praise, Worship
The Name of Jesus!


Praises to the Lord

In joy, let us with the angels sing
Praises to the Lord;
In sorrow, let us take refuge under His wing,
For in every circumstance, the Lord is King!

Raise our hands in praise, 
Let the resurrected Lord raise
All His followers to eternal glory,
The triumphant crown of each life-story!

In faith, turn our eyes upon Jesus,
Let the compassionate Lord be our guide,
He is the best friend at our side,
In the bewildering storms of life, we often ride!


Rejoice in the LORD always

Rejoice in the LORD and feel your spirit lift,
Sadness will give way to joy!
Weakness will be replaced by strength,
Pride will be replaced by humility;
Lust will be replaced by affection,
Failure will give way to victory!
Everything negative must surrender to positive!

Rejoice in the LORD and see your relationships abound,
Instead of envy, there is generosity,
Instead of hate, there is forgiveness;
Instead of criticism, there is encouragement,
Instead of rivalry, there is co-operation!
We can truly rejoice in emulating our LORD’s
Loving and compassionate character!

HIS faithfulness will inspire us to greater loyalty,
His righteous sovereignty will lead to trust;
His deep understanding and compassion will touch our heart,
That our ALMIGHTY GOD and SAVIOUR chooses to love
An imperfect mankind with such eternal devotion!
Making our heart skip with joy at the very thought
Of the marvellous wonder of receiving HIS LOVE!


We are the Beloved Children of GOD

To die, as our SUBSTITUTE, for our sins,

CHRIST enables us, by giving us HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS,
To call GOD ‘Abba’, FATHER,

CHRIST gave HIS MOTHER to the Apostle John and to us all
Enabling us to call her, MOTHER!

CHRIST invites us to make our home in HIM,
By abiding in HIM!
Just as HE promises to make our inner heart
Our LORD GOD asserts that:
‘MY FATHER and I are ONE’
So when we are in HIM,
Make their Dwelling Place in us,
And we become completely GOD’s BELOVED CHILDREN!

HIS FORGIVENESS of our sins,
Gives us the freedom to seek ALMIGHTY GOD’s face,
This is possible ONLY through CHRIST, GOD’s ONLY BEGOTTEN SON,

We find CHRIST, our SAVIOUR,
Happily telling HIS HEAVENLY FATHER,
‘Those YOU gave to me I have not lost!’
This inclusive PARDON is the PENALTY PRICE
Our REDEEMER paid!
Our LORD, JESUS CHRIST’s Redemptive blood,
Put us right with ALMIGHTY GOD;
Let us therefore, with HIS help, walk like BELOVED Children of GOD!


The Rock

Christ is the foundation Rock of Christianity,
Our Sovereign Lord is our Refuge and Defence;
In time of crisis, hide safely in HIM,
HE can calm the storms of life;
Christ is our Salvation and Light,
What can mere man do to us?
His strength is perfected in our weakness,
And we become more than conquerors
Through Christ who strengthens us!

Christ has promised to be with us
Right through to the end of the ages.
Only our Omnipotent Everlasting Lord
Can make such a promise!


HE is the Same Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow!
He is the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End!
Therefore, if Christ is for us, who can be against us?
When we have Christ, we have everything!

Do not depend upon your own frail strength
When in faith, you can hold on to the ROCK;
You do not sink when Almighty GOD can keep you afloat safely,
Even death cannot keep JESUS away!

HE will hold you in HIS loving arms perpetually,
JESUS CHRIST will keep HIS WORD eternally,
Go on, trust and lean on HIM in every way.


Living water

Draw from the well of LOVE,
Living water of COMPASSION and GRACE
That sustains us in our tribulation.

Christ is the LIGHT
That shines so bright,
In the darkness of our night!

He is the LOVE
That warms our heart,
Wounded by arrows of strife!

He is the HOPE
That we seek,
Amidst the tumult of the world.

He is the WISDOM
That gives life meaning,
Sifting truth from appearance!

Christ gives us “Living Water,”
That renews our life in Him,
Ensuring eternal glory!


The world is too much with us

We wear bands of the world around our heart,
Bands that suffocate, that stultify,
That constrain us from making a cry
To God, for His compassion and grace!
To get Divine blessings, when we seek His face!

Wrapped around by bands of egotistical selfishness,
Bands of material covetousness,
We lose sight of God’s Holy righteousness;
Taut with resentment, we forget that we are forgiven
Only when we forgive!
Instead, we should learn from the Bible sound moral values and right conduct that lead to wisdom!

Let God be the light on our path
Both shepherd and guide for life’s perilous journey
Let our heart be humble and open to His teaching;
Let us emulate his merciful loving, kindness, and magnanimous compassion!

Walk in His light
The darkness cannot overtake us;
Accompanied by His power and might
No power can defeat us!


Oh, What is the Answer?

Do we glorify GOD or self?
Do we abide by HIS will,
Or do we make our own decision?
Do we obey HIS commandments,
Or do we follow our own lax laws?
Does GOD have first place?
Is that what we prefer?
Oh, What is the answer!

GOD created us out of LOVE
Do we really love HIM?
Should we then place our-self above?
JESUS died to atone for our sins,
Do we really appreciate HIS gift of Salvation,
By not continuing to sin?

God’s LOVE is without condition
Justice is tempered with Mercy;
Without HIS endless forgiveness
Can we face HIS righteous
WRATH and eternal damnation?
Oh what is the answer!

Do we obey HIS instruction?
To love God with all our heart
And love our neighbour as ourself?
Or do we pay lip-service to HIS teaching,
And bear false witness against our neighbour?
Oh what is the answer!


Is GOD merely a Santa Claus,
Do we merely seek HIM for material goodies?
Have we not read the Scriptures?
Where JESUS said: “Man does not live by bread alone
But by every word that comes from the mouth of GOD!”
Is this worldly life all in all
To our impoverished soul?
Forgetting that we are on a pilgrimage,
From this transient world to the eternal!
Oh, What then is our answer!

Does our LORD’s Resurrection mean nothing
Blinded by the limitations of our self-love!
Oh, don’t forget Sodom and Gomorrah!
Remember Noah’s Ark, at the time,
The world was inundated with water!


Isn’t GOD’s LOVE the only effective answer
For all the maladies that plague earthly life!
The same diseases, the same catastrophes,
Are present today as before;
GOD is still the same infallible righteous,
HOLY GOD! Man displays the same human weaknesses!
Do we still fail to grasp the answer!

HE still heals the sick and forgives sins,
HE still opens eyes with moral discernment,
He still searches for those deaf to HIS WORD!
HE, alone, can help us face the giants in our lives wisely
HE is the GOD, WHO waits patiently;
Oh, let our answer be YES, LORD,
We want to be with YOU, eternally!


Bless the Crippled, Lord

We have eyes that do not see
Eyes grown blind with self-delusion of pride,
We have ears that are deaf to all, but ‘me!’
Ears sadly attuned to songs of flattery, abide;
We have hearts emptied of loving kindness,
Crippled by obsession with material riches!
We cling to the false creed of self-laudation,
Oblivious to the loving call of the LORD of SALVATION!

To earthly possessions, we willfully cling,
Things of no value or substance beyond
A temporary pleasure, a passing fling!
Seduced by the glitter of the tinsel light,
Flickering visions of beauty and delight,
Empty shadows that tempt and fly
But leave an empty ache, a bitter cry!


Open our eyes to the truth, Lord,
It will make us see,
By setting us free!
Teach us the intrinsic values to uphold.
The wisdom of the Word of God to unfold!
Fill our hearts with the courage to persevere,
The grace to overcome temptation, the strength to endure;
The faith, courage and blessings we need,
To follow you, our precious Lord and Saviour!


A hardening of heart

It is not the arterial hardening,
But the mental emotional, spiritual aberration,
That results in the hardening of our heart.

The insidious lie that
Man is captain of his soul,
Encourages him to reject GOD’s sovereignty and wisdom!
From the first temptation of Adam and Eve in Paradise,
Pride has a congealing effect on our heart.

Sin has separated Man from Almighty God!
Only through God’s forgiving Grace
Can our heart be softened
And our relationship with the Holy God restored!


Harden not our heart

Harden not our heart
Do not inflict on ourselves such grievous injury!
Like plaques that damage and clog our artery,
Plaques of the Spirit destroy our capacity to love GOD,
Debilitates our will to serve HIM,
Embitters our relationship with our fellowmen,
Renders us completely vulnerable to evil temptations,
And distance us from every good and positive influence,
That makes life truly meaningful and joyous!

Harden not our heart,
Do not make it impervious to
The gentle stirrings of compassion,
The sweet murmurings of affection,
The warmth of loving kindness,
The wonderful outpouring of joyfulness,
All, all freely given by our Loving, Holy LORD!
Joy can only be received by a responsive,
Lovingly sensitive and considerate heart!


Let not plaques of envy, hate, prejudice, resentment,
Fear or anger torment;
Let not pride and self-centeredness isolate,
Let not lusts of the flesh desecrate;
Instead, let understanding and compassion flourish un- abated!

Do not congeal our heart but soften it with forgiveness,
Turn all our hurt and pain to the LORD,
Who has forgiven all our trespasses;
Repent, humble and soften our heart,
Then we will find Almighty GOD HIMSELF
Taking residence in our undeservingheart!


Joy in the LORD always

Joy is not merely fun and laughter
Joy is not self-indulgent pleasure;
Something easily eradicated when circumstance changes,
Joy in the LORD is our strength and hope forever,
Unaffected by all adverse circumstances!

True JOY is the fruit of the Holy Spirit,
It is the exultation of mind, emotion and soul;
Joy is not a worldly platitude,
But it is a feeling of exhilaration, infused with praise and gratitude,
To our Loving Lord and Saviour,
Who enables us to live eternally!
Joy in the LORD brings contentment,
Trust in the LORD to work all things for our good;


He gives us the peace that surpasses all understanding,
HE is with us through all circumstances,
In times of poverty or wealth, In sickness or health;
Nothing can separate us from HIS loving-kindness,
Nor HIS generous compassion and forgiveness!

Rejoice in the LORD always!
There is no better or greater companion,
In life’s journey than the LORD!
Who can be more magnanimous and trustworthy?
Joy in the LORD brings serenity;
GOD watches over us ceaselessly, Like a loving FATHER,
And a protective MOTHER;
Rejoice, rejoice, for the LORD is with us always!


Vitality of Worship

Worship gains vitality,
When we behold GOD with reverential awe!
When we marvel at HIS majestic power and strength,
When our voice of praise is inspired by conviction,
When our heart’s feelings are enhanced by intense love for HIM!

Worship the HOLY TRINITY
Together, GOD in unity,
Working for the good of sinful humanity!

Let us humbly bow down before our magnificent CREATOR,
In HIS omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence;
Let us admire the glory, splendour and variety of HIS creation,
Especially, let us be grateful for the LIFE,
GOD breathes into each clay that forms each one of us!

Let us tremble at our sinful frailty
Knowing it would condemn us to eternal damnation;
Let us be eternally grateful for CHRIST’s REDEMPTION
It is HIS HOLY blood that cleanses us
Through CHRIST, we obtain SALVATION!


The indwelling HOLY SPIRIT is our HOLY COUNSELLOR,
Our Faith’s wise PROTECTOR,
The TRUTH, the WAY and the LIFE of JESUS CHRIST, HE is always revealing
Through the BIBLE, whose meaning He is always illuminating;

The in-dwelling GOD becomes our refuge and strength
Let us fervently show HIM our gratitude and need of HIM;
For GOD is LOVE,
When we worship HIM, let us also Love HIM! Praise HIM!


Worship our LORD GOD

Today, do we hold our LORD GOD in reverential awe,
Like Abraham and David did in days of old?
Do we give our triune GOD HIS due praise, Honor and glory?
Do we worship our GOD as HE truly deserves?

Rather, has JESUS become too familiar?
Is HE our GREAT SHEPHERD or merely there
To serve and fulfill OUR needs?
Do we deem HIM to be in charge
As our sovereign LORD GOD?

As our GOD and SAVIOUR
Do we obey HIS will?
Or do we merely give it lip-service
And carry out our own will?

O Christian, do we ever wonder
Why HE appears so distant?
Do we realize that we have left HIS HOLY SPIRIT alone?
Bent on material needs, we have emptied
Our heart of our Spiritual need for GOD!
Craving a comfortable, earthly life
We have dismissed our soul’s need for eternal life!
Sadly, we have short-changed ourselves,
We have sold our precious soul for worthless tinsel!



Wandering in the mire of confusion,
Tortured by doubts, uncertainty, contradictions,
Any soul, in such a time, is bogged down
By a sense of futility of life,
In the duration of its journey through the wilderness!

Trapped in the pit of temptation,
Vulnerable to its lure of pride, lust, greed, self-delusion;
Fed by human frailties of hate, anger, lack of self-control,
O LORD, where are we heading for?
Without You, our soul will plunge into the abyss of hell!

Come Lord Jesus, come,
Save us from a perdition worse than death!
Come, Lord Jesus, come
Pluck us from the mire and heath
Only YOU, dear Saviour, can rescue! And guide our soul
Out of the wilderness safely,
To find the security of your loving embrace,
And the peace, and joy of your Grace!


Vanity of Vanities

Intelligence becomes cunning and abusive, without moral wisdom,
Which is self-knowledge and self-control!
Happiness is elusive, without loving kindness and forgiveness;
Without true concern and care for each other,
Worldly charity that claims recognition is but affectation;
Wealth can corrupt by leading to self-indulgence or immoral passion!

Power without righteousness and compassion
Can gives rise to malice and exploitation!
All, all are vanities of vanities! Sadly we often forget
The Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom!

Life is temporal, like grass that withers,
Flowers that fade;
So look to the immortal, the immutable,
To deliver us from evil temptation!
To lead loving, gentle and humble lives!


Life without or with GOD

Life without GOD is
A mire of confusion
Between the material
And the spiritual!
A well of unpredictable discontent,
In a world that is transient and mutable,
Where beauty fades, fortune is fickle,
Cravings futile and life is mortal!

Life without GOD is one which idolises man!
It’s a competitive, self-centred world,
Devoid of understanding or compassion,
For many, a source of unending comparison and frustration!
Life without GOD is one without true elation,
A cauldron of resentment, envy and jealousy,
A pit of hopelessness, despair and utter misery!


But life with God is a celebration
Of all that GOD is-–omnipotent, infinite, immortal!
An Almighty and compassionate GOD, who offers
HIS loving kindness and forgiveness without condition,
Solace and comfort in tribulation;
Gifts of wisdom, courage and strength to help one another,
An exhortation to love HIM and our neighbour;
To learn meekness and humility,
Leading to peace, joy and harmony!



In the darkest night
The stars shine brightest!
How do we fathom the wisdom of GOD,
Who says the last is first
And the first last?
He who would a master be
Must give service that’s free!
The proud will be humbled
And the humble exalted!
And the greatest Joy is found
Where deepest Sorrow abound!

How do we appreciate His loving heart?
Compassion and justice ne’er apart,
You will be forgiven when you forgive!
Believe in HIM and you will foreverlive.
The humble cross is HIS great sign of victory!
The conquest of sin and death, HIS eternal glory;
We have to die unto self to truly live!
To HIS service, our lives we give;
To trust, like little children,
To enter HIS kingdom in heaven!


Reclaiming our Humanity

In any troubled relationship,
Try a little understanding,
It goes a long, long way!
Step into the other’s shoes,
See the other point of view,
A little tolerance makes pleasant your day!

In any troubled situation,
Try a little patience and praying;
It brings ALMIGHTY GOD’s enabling power
To overcome the odds! Try a little forgiving
It may bring reconciliation!

In all occasions, at all times
Try a little compassionate loving;
Remembering we are a frail, broken humanity,
Only loving GOD and each other and bonding,
Can make our life on earth worth living!


Dying into LIFE

Nature’s cycle is one of living and dying,
From death there is re-birth!
Look at the seed buried in winter, re-emerging
As a new plant in Spring!
Look into the cocoon of a disintegrating caterpillar,
And watch the triumphant emergence of a beautiful butterfly!

Man is but mortal clay and life a transient journey,
Like a pilgrim, we will pass this way only once
Let us live it wisely, loving GOD and neighbour;
The Christian’s true abode is in heaven,
We are only waiting, in the wings, for ultimate unity

Dying to selfishness and sin
Through baptism, we become part of the church
The body of Christ!


Sharing in the Holy Eucharist, Is the beginning of a new birth!
To be born again is a spiritual renewal,
An in-depth experience of the Resurrected CHRIST living in our soul!
As we humbly submit to the will of GOD,
HE abides and increases,
While our self-will decreases!
It is then no longer we who live,
But GOD who lives in us!

It is an Almighty loving GOD who promises
That even when sky and earth are destroyed,
HIS HOLY WORD will remain!
And through HIS CHRIST We will be resurrected,
Heaven will forever be our eternal domain!



From every seed that falls to the ground,
A new plant grows!
From every chrysalis
A butterfly emerges!
A new awakening awaits all creation!
For those who follow the Risen Christ,
It’s GOD’s plan for our Salvation!

Life is but a brief journey
To equip us for eternity!
To mould, shape and transform
Our sinful, earthly nature
To Christ-like holiness, new-born!

There is new birth, new quickening,
Give thanks to our Lord,
The promise of this re-awakening,
Gives life meaning!
Through His resurrection,
Abundant Grace flowing,
For us, eternal life winning!



In sickness look to the Master Physician for healing
In poverty, seek His Divine counsel and providence;
Jesus assures us of HIS GRACE in our every need covering!
HIS compassion never fails, it is new every morning,
Great is thy faithfulness, O Lord!

In every circumstance, trust in Almighty God,
Take refuge under the wings of Our Lord;
The righteous Lord strengthens and shields,
He will uphold us with the omnipotent power He wields!

The faith of a mustard seed,
Is sufficient to meet every need!
Look into our heart and see that Jesus lives!
The power of THE RISEN LORD is ours to claim,
When we love and call HIS NAME!


His loving grace

Grace is un-merited favour
From a loving GOD and Saviour;
Is there a crust, in our heart, of hardness,
Because of rejection or self-centredness?
Let there be forgiveness!
Follow the way of tender compassion,
It will lead to salvation
And true happiness!

Let the joy of the LORD be our strength!
Take the gentler, humbler way of GRACE,
Through prayer for GRACE, our heart grows kinder,
By far, lighter and so much happier;
Let God’s light shine in our face,
The world becomes a more joyous place!

Let God’s grace lift our burden, let joy a-bound;
Let the happy celebration of love re-sound;
His grace is sufficient for all our needs,
His strength is perfected in ourweakness!


To Our dear Shepherd

Dear Shepherd be our guide and lead,
Strengthen us with the courageous integrity we need;
Instill in us a wise and compassionate heart,
A willingness to do our part,
To reach out to those who ache or in pain,
Who need the blessed Saviour’s loving kindness,
To be made whole again!


Like sheep, if we are dumb and restless,
Lost, easily agitated, wandering, floundering,
Good Shepherd, guard with your staff, the undiscerning!
Let your rod defend against preying wolves,
Ferocious bears and lions that are threatening,
To destroy your flock;
For you, great Heavenly Shepherd, they cannot mock!

Dear Shepherd, thank you for your Living water,
That refreshes and invigorates,
Guiding wisdom that fortifies,
Thank you for your generous compassion, that gives life meaning;
And your powerful Living Presence communicating,
That we are your beloved children and you are caring!
You are our salvation and the beacon to eternity,
Teaching us that it is only through loving and forgiving,
We can reach our full humanity!


God of the Mountain and Valley

Christ is not only the GOD of the mountain,
Where the air is fresh and invigorating,
Where the light is bright and scintillating;
But HE is also the GOD of the valley,
With darkness prevailing,
With storms terrifying,
A place of hardship and tribulation!

In the valley, our Lord is needed more than ever!
For only our Messiah can bid the wind be still,
He can calm the tempest, if it is His will,
HE can uplift all who are trapped in its pit and mire,
All who are weighed down by stress, temptation, despair,
Can find loving comfort and healing in our Lord and Saviour!

Turn our eyes upon His loving countenance,
Feel the warmth of His understanding and compassion,
When we begin to see things from His perspective,
The mist clears,
Confusion disappears!
We overcome through Christ who strengthens us,
Our spirit is lifted, confidence is restored,
Victory is possible, always praise the Lord!


Christ, our Saviour, became man,
To show us the way to achieve life eternal!
A perfect model of love,
That’s selfless and unconditional;
An exemplar of courage and humility,
Encouraging us to grow closer to GOD in proximity,
By an awareness of needs that are spiritual,
Beyond the mundane and material!
To enable us to live more meaningfully
And live our lives more fruitfully!



HIS Omniscient LIGHT, like a towering beacon,
Penetrates the darkness of our sinning heart!
Turning murky darkness into brilliant day,
Salvation for all souls who come HIS WAY!

HIS LIGHT reveals the horror
Of the putrid mess of worldliness!
Of infectious wounds of lust, pride, greed, envy, hate
Of filthy rags of gloating success!
Only HIS LIGHT can the darkness erase!
Only HIS Divine COMPASSION can save!

HIS LIGHT is our beacon of HOPE
To be re-born again!
To be renewed in spirit;
To be directed to the truth,
To be set on the path to eternal life!


HIS LIGHT warns of the danger
Of continuing in sins of ingratitude,
Of being dashed headlong into perdition!
HIS LIGHT provides the GRACE
For healing, for transformation;
For reconciliation with JEHOVAH
Almighty GOD and JESUS, our REDEEMER KING!

Let HIS LIGHT lead us
To a gentler, humbler way of life
A life of love, joy and peace,
Only possible when we heed HIS LIGHT!
Accept GOD’S guidance through HIS HOLY SPIRIT!
WHO dwells in our soul,
WHO will guide us towards
Revering and loving GOD,
And blessing and helping
Our fellow-men!


Walk as Children of THE LIGHT

There is no darkness so great
GOD’s LIGHT cannot penetrate!
There is no sorrow so agonizing,
GOD”s unconditional LOVE cannot bring healing!

Let ALMIGHTY GOD be your companion in tribulation,
HIS LIGHT will be your illumination!
Let GOD”s glorious POWER be your main-stay,
All the perils of darkness will be kept at bay!

When you let GOD’s LIGHT enter your heart,
Darkness becomes bright,
Your heart becomes light!
When you plug into CHRIST’s radiant glory,
AS your own source of LIGHT,
You can help others in a similar plight,
Leading them to the eternal GOD, Everlasting LIGHT!
The CREATOR and Redeeming LORD


Walk then, as Children of the Light, boldly!
Knowing your HEAVENLY FATHER watches over you, ceaselessly;
Remembering He is the omnipotent, powerful GOD,
And HIS awesome might,
Accompanies you throughout the dark night!


In Spiritual Conflict

Do we by faith choose GOD’s way
Or by worldly flesh, choose Satan’s way?
Are we fair-weathered Christians?
Or have we developed the Christian character
Of courage and resilience to all things evil!

Are we easily discomfited by Satan’s lies and deception?
Do we cower before Satan’s intimidation?
Or, do we hear and trust the sweet gentle voice of our LORD
Reminding us: ”Do not be afraid, I am with you always!”

Do we really seek the truth, that will set us free,
The love that binds our wounds?
Do we choose to follow our LOVING SHEPHERD,
Or do we think we can rely on our own frail strength!


The WORD of GOD spells out every choice,
For it is in our choice that determines the outcome
And not circumstances!
Choose wisely therefore, to follow the HOLY RIGHTEOUS LORD!
Do not be seduced by the glitter of the material and temporal,
Choose what our Sovereign LORD
And ultimate Judge of mankind makes possible –
Unity with the HOLY TRINITY,
Joy and Life eternal!


We call HIM ‘LORD, LORD’

We call HIM ‘LORD, LORD’
But do we heed HIS call,
To love GOD with all our heart?
Do we give HIM time at all!

Is GOD the focus of our life?
Or are we instead its very centre!
Is GOD only useful for petition,
Or do we make HIM our trusted mentor!

Do we still fail to see the mote
In eyes blinded by self-centredness?
Are our prayers recited mechanically?
Or do we communicate frankly, directly?

Do we love our neighbour as our self?
Rather, are we myopic!
Do we value needs that are material or spiritual?


When we come to HIS table
What can we offer HIM?
If we fail to follow HIS WORD
What else will please HIM!

If we do not truly love HIM,
And do not follow HIS way
Of self sacrifice, of self-giving;
If we do not really believe
In sharing in HIS death and resurrection,
By dying to pride and selfishness,
Can we sincerely call HIM “LORD, LORD!”


Our LORD asks: Do you really love ME?

How much time do you spend with ME
Worshipping, meditating, loving, listening;
And heeding MY commandments to love GOD with all your heart,
And love your neighbour as yourself?
Or, do you love mainly yourself first, last and always!

Do you come to ME
Only when you have a plea?
How can you love ME
When you reject MY WAY
And do things your way!

How can you say you love ME,
When MY WORD is not alive in your soul?
You have to choose between Mammon and ME!
Mammon can provide your worldly material needs,
But your soul is completely lost in the bog and mire
Of sinful pride and worldly desire
With all its consequences!

Choose wisely the narrow gate, not the broad path to perdition!
Has provided through CHRIST to be our Salvation;
No one with a hardened, selfish heart can really love!
Then, how far is he from loving GOD?
How difficult it must be for him to reach for the grace of forgiveness!
What is hell but lovelessness,
And eternal separation from GOD!


His justice and compassion meet in Christ’s Crucifixion,
HIS atonement for our sins;
The HOLY CROSS is the grace of loving-kindness,
Freely given to us, undeserving souls,
To enable us to have spiritual access to God and eternal life!

Do you really love ME? asks our LORD GOD,
You can deceive yourself and others
But you cannot deceive ME!
Will you be ready to account for your motives and actions to ME?
Let’s hope each of us can sincerely say: “I truly love you, LORD,”
Have mercy on me!


Listen to our heart

Listen to our heart
Is it a suitable SANCTUARY for the LORD?
Does our heart overflow with a stream of LIVING-WATER?
Does LOVE, COMPASSION, HUMILITY, PEACE define our heart?
Is it truly the LORD WHO DWELLS there!
OR is our heart the pedestal for SELF-LOVE and SELF- INTEREST!
Does PRIDE, ENVY, GREED, HATE, LUST rule there?
Does ANGER, DISILLUSIONMENT, DECEIT trouble our heart?
Has our heart become the abode of cynicism, apathy, callousness?
The embodiment of misery!


Does our heart reverberate with praise and adoration
Or does it resound with noisy cymbals of Self-praise, Self- pity, Self-deception?
O let us honestly examine our heart-motives,
Let us examine our heart-values!

On the condition of our heart!
In Humility, let us ask for forgiveness,
Remembering HIS MERCY never ends, HIS LOVING KINDNESS
Endures forever!


Who would revile the Saviour?

Who would revile Perfect Love?
Who would shout ‘Crucify HIM Crucify HIM’?
Egotistical Pride, blinded by self-love!
Self-importance, self-sufficiency,
Would not reach out for the grace of HIS Salvation,
Nor believe in the glory of HIS Resurrection!

Seduced by a love for everything material,
Greed could be incited against HIM, to rail,
Hatred, by its vicious nature, feeding on prejudice
Would reject HIS call for forgiveness!

The Paranoid, filled with distrust and suspicion,
Would not understand the meaning of HIS Compassion!
The Proud would be alienated by the concept of self-surrender,
To the will of GOD!
And Obedience to GOD!

Treachery, like Judas, would betray the GOD who loves him!
Dishonesty would perversely reject HIS truth!
Hypocrisy would present an amiable front,
But might mock and taunt!
The ingratiating Sycophant is easily led to join
In maligning HIM, gleefully crying out, ‘Crucify HIM!’


Thus, self-centered and heartless,
MAN would revile the only TRUE LOVING GOD!
In their callousness,
Scratching, clawing and killing motivated by Pride and Self-interest,
They revile and reject the Saviour,
Who alone can give JOYFUL MEANING to their lives!

It is the common iniquities of Sinful Human Nature,
That separate us from the Holy, Righteous Almighty GOD;
We deserve condemnation!
But through repentance and faith,
We are saved by CHRIST’s Redemption!
Let us plead with the HOLY SPIRIT,
To intercede for us
To have the necessary change of heart!


Walking closer to GOD

LORD, I am nothing,
You are MY Everything!
I am a frail, vulnerable creature;
You, LORD, are my omniscient, wise counselor!


LORD, YOU are my refuge and fortress!
YOU strengthen me and give me enough light to walk each step,
YOUR omnipotent power leads me to safety;
In every circumstance, I seek YOUR help,
YOU are my comfort and consolation;
In trials, YOU never fail
To be a very present help!
It’s not easy to surrender self,
To let YOU lead!
But I trust in YOUR loving-kindness,
To be always with me;
Never forsake or abandon me,
I trust in the goodness of YOUR will for me,

Only YOU, Almighty LORD GOD
Enables me to walk on hind feet,
Along the hilly crags of life!
Only YOU, MY Creator and Messiah
Enables me to find rivers of joy!
While hidden, erstwhile, in the palms of YOUR hand,
Hidden, in the cleft of the Rock,
The CORNERSTONE of my faith!
The ROCK of my HOPE,
MY invincible HOLY SPIRIT!


Faith of a mustard seed

A hundred-years-old Abraham had faith in what God promised,
Though his wife, Sarah at ninety, was infertile,
Yet, he continued to believe that with God
Nothing is impossible!
He would be the father of many nations,
A promise that was fulfilled!

Noah constructed the Ark at God’s bidding,
Years of mockery failed to daunt him!
Years of fair weather made work, that was painstaking,
A monument of ridicule and absurdity!
But when God unleashed the storm in fury,
And turned the world into a watery grave,
His faith in God ensured his family’s survival!
Together with every specie of bird and animal!
Glorious was the day, when a dove he sent out, returned,
Holding a fresh leaf between its beak;
The inundated world had been drained,
And land restored, his faith fortified!

Moses, years in the wilderness, hiding
From the Egyptians,
Received God’s calling
To deliver the Jews from Egypt’s Pharaoh!
In faith, he set about returning,  
Pursued by a mighty army in their flight,
God had mercy on them in their plight!
Moses stretched out his arm in faith,
The RED SEA parted, they could flee to the other side,
Their persecutors had to face the crushing tide!
Faith it was that saved Daniel in the hungry lion’s den!
Also, Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego who did not perish,
In the fiery furnace which killed the men who threw them in!


It was deep faith that enabled David, the shepherd boy,
With his sling and pebble to defeat the giant Goliath!
Who had held the Israelite army in terror,
But David had faith that his God was an invincible conqueror!

Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today, to-morrow!
We have a loving, forgiving and caring God;
A powerful God who is our joy, strength and refuge!
But it takes faith on our part, even a mustard seed would do,
To call on His Promises,
Believing they will all come true!
It takes faith, love, obedience, and adoration for God,
And loving-kindness towards our fellow men,
To bring into fruition,
God’s miraculous working power in our lives!


Walk in FAITH, not by SIGHT

Walk in faith,
Not in what we see! 
Sight is external
And temporal,
Faith is spiritual
Faith is eternal!
Faith in our Holy, POWERFUL Heavenly Father,
Faith in the HOLY SPIRIT, our wise Counsellor;
For Faith in our omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent GOD,
Is our best assurance of everlasting Salvation!
Is our best source of guidance and Consolation;

In reverentially seeking GOD’s face,


Do not be afraid to lean for all our needs
On our Almighty, Sovereign LORD;
Trust in HIS PERFECT LOVE for caring,
Depend on HIS PERFECT STRENGTH for upholding,
HIS immutable WISDOM for counselling and guiding,
HIS perfect POWER for sustaining and uplifting!

JESUS CHRIST is the Same, yesterday, today and to-morrow,
What HE did for others, HE will now do for all;
The LIVING Christ knocks at the door of our heart,
In faith, let us open heart
To receive HIM!


Build your faith wisely

Build your dwelling place wisely,
For when the fierce wind blows
And the storm lashes vehemently
When the floods come, only the house built on rock, will stand!
Likewise, build the foundation of your faith strongly!

Christianity is built on a personal relationship
With our GOD and Saviour, JESUS CHRIST;
Developing faith and trust in HIS PERSON,
And in His HOLY, Righteous and Compassionate character,
Our heart, then, becomes the dwelling place of HIS Holy Spirit;
Our Lord becomes our ROCK and Defender!

Faith is believing in the gift of Salvation,
Through CHRIST’s Redemption!
It is a faith founded on trusting that the inner working of
The HOLY Spirit in our heart,
Will help us withstand the onslaught of trials and temptation.

When darkness threatens and storm blasts prevail,
Such deep faith in the LOVING PRESENCE of GOD,
And the PROMISE of CHRIST to be our steadfast anchor will avail!
CHRIST”S RESURRECTION POWER will work through us
To overcome and defeat evil!
For we are more than conquerors through CHRIST who loves us!


There is no darkness, GOD’s LIGHT cannot penetrate!
There is no evil, GOD’s omnipotent power cannot subdue!
Almighty GOD has sovereignty over all!
In heaven and on earth,
Every knee will bow, every tongue confess,
That JESUS is LORD over all!

Listen to our Saviour: ‘Be not afraid,
I’m with you always, right to the end of the ages!’
What more wonderful words of promise do we need?
Let us believe that a loving GOD who is willing
To lay down HIS life for a worthless sinner,
Can be trusted to keep faithfully HIS PROMISE of grace and succour!


Be Still

It is through quiet contemplation
Of GOD that we feel HIS closeness!
It is by spending time pondering on
The teachings of HIS HOLY WORD,
That God can establish a channel for HIS Divine
Love and Grace to flow through us to others!

Distracted and exhausted by our constant busyness,
We run helter-skelter, like a mouse on a treadmill,
Seeking happiness through designs and pleasures of self-will;
Reaping futility in our vain pursuits!
More and more, we become alienated
Forgetting that our souls are restless
Until they find their rest in God,
The Creator-Source of true joy and peace!


The fear of the LORD

The fear of the LORD
Is the beginning of wisdom!
It is a deep-seated reverence for
It is based upon a holy respect for HIS being Almighty GOD, the Everlasting Lord,
From Whom we draw the vitality of being, the source of life!
From Whom we derive sustenance: physical, moral and spiritual!

Our LORD GOD did not come to judge but to save us from
The iniquities of egotistical self-centeredness!
To forgive our human sins and frailties,
For too long have we practiced self deception;
And now realize the truth,
Salvation is a gift of HIS grace,
So we cannot boast!


We’ll never walk alone

The Risen Lord has promised
To be with us through the ages,
In sunshine and when the storm rages!
HE is the eternal Light
That shines so bright,
In the darkness of our night!

Let’s open our eyes, HIM, to see,
Open our hearts, HIM, to receive;
CHRIST, the LIGHT of the world, is here!
To bring salvation and banish all fear,
To bid us turn to HIM for loving comfort,
His Holy Spirit, within, gives us full support!

Walk in the faith of HIS HOLY WORD,
Walk in the strength of HIS love,
Faith, strength and love lead to Hope and JOY;
Rejoice in the LORD always!
Peace will then be our companion,
We’ll never have to walk alone,
When we walk with our Saviour, from above!


Obedience to GOD’s Will

Abraham implicitly obeyed the voice of GOD,
To take his family on a journey, like a nomad,
Wandering in the desert-wilderness,
Without a destination!

Noah, obeying GOD’s instruction to build an ark,
In-order to save his family and various animals from an immemse flood,
Spent innumerable years building it in dry weather,
To the mocking and scorn of people!

Moses, fleeing from Pharoah, immediately obeyed GOD’s command
To return to Egypt, to seek the release of his fellow Israelites,
And lead them home to the Promised Land!


‘Come to ME’, says the LORD

When troubled and weary,
Come to thy LORD, come to ME,
I will take charge and care for thee!
Leave your burden at the foot of the CROSS,
Then, get up and go free!
Thy GOD will comfort thee.

Take my yoke, it is light,
It is MY unconditional love for thee!
Believe that in MY dying for thee,
I destroyed sin and death and restored life to thee!
Be not anxious, for I will always be with thee!

My peace I give to thee,
Forever, I will bless thee!
Follow ME, my child, follow ME!
The narrow way is the way to go
My LIGHT will guide thee,
Be not afraid, I will strengthen thee,



When there is suffering and pain,
Go to JESUS!
Then life becomes bearable again;
In the ministry of healing!
In HIS wisdom, HE has allowed trials to test us,
For suffering leads to perseverance,
Perseverance leads to patient endurance;
GOD moulds character through the process of brokenness,
Enabling us to be spiritually ‘born again!’
A wondrous beginning, as HOPE surges in our heart,
Making our lives fruitful for others!
A testimony to GOD’S Eternal Presence,
Working HIS will in our lives!

Only JESUS can satisfy our deepest yearning for joy!
JESUS, being PERFECT LOVE, can cast out all fear!
GOD promises to be always near,
JESUS dwells within the inner sanctuary of our heart,
ETERNAL LIFE starts now and here,
It is the active presence of GOD in our lives!

Let us journey, therefore, through life with prudence,
Let us ask the indwelling Holy Spirit to guide us,
And keep sinful abominations at bay!
Also safeguard us from the pitfalls of temptation along the way!
Only JESUS can save our soul from peril!
GO quickly to THE LORD, go to JESUS!


Do not allow any hardening of heart be an impediment,
To gaining the crown of eternal life!
Clearly see that earthly life is
But a drop of water in the ocean,
While Eternity is endless, forever!
And finite, mortal man must ultimately meet his
Infinite, Immortal GOD, HOLY GOD!
Death merely releases our spirit to go to JESUS!



Christianity is not mere ethics,
It is being in a personal relationship with
Our LORD and Saviour, JESUS CHRIST,
The Second person of the HOLY TRINITY.
Father, Son and Holy Spirit in unity.

It is seeking salvation by GOD”s GRACE,
Through CHRIST”s ATONEMENT for our sins
By His substitutionary death on the CROSS of Calvary;
His loving self-sacrifice
That could only suffice, To bring us reconciliation
With ALMIGHTY GOD, HIS Heavenly Father.


Through baptism, the Holy Spirit,
In-dwells the heart of the Christian,
The Spirit of Truth testifies to Christ as the Son of Almighty God,
Illuminates THE HOLY WORD,
Inspires all disciples to walk
In HIS way, the truth, the life,
The narrow gate-way to eternal life!

The HOLY SPIRIT undertakes for us to enlighten, guide, comfort and console
Empower, strengthen, encourage
Strengthen in faith,
And in times of trials and tribulation,
Enabling us to become more than conqueror
Through CHRIST WHO loves us!


O Christians, who bear Christ’s name,
The Holy Spirit of GOD in our heart within,
Will quicken us, making usconscious,
Of His presence within!
The Omnipotent Refiner will transform us to become more Christ-like,
By breathing on us HIS breath of life
Revealing HIMSELF to us
By admonitions, promptings, inspiration,
Also prayers of intercession,
To enable us to live life more abundantly!

Pentecost Day bore the first fruit,
O Christians, let the Holy Spirit produce
A greater, bigger harvest now and in future!
Let the Pentecostal Spirit prevail in all churches forever;
Let GOD’s HOLY SPIRIT operate within HIS BODY,
Let all Christians be HIS witnesses forever!


Be Calm, My Soul

Be calm, my soul, whatever circumstances betide,
Know that our LORD GOD is at your side;
JESUS CHRIST is your faithful companion,
In the furnace of affliction;
Your Almighty Savior goes before you,
HIS radiant LIGHT will guide your way!

Under the wings of HIS great love,
Be strong and courageous;
Look upon HIS countenance,
The power of the Resurrected LORD,
Will be your sustenance!
Our LORD GOD will have sovereign sway,
Whatever the circumstance!
‘You are engraved in the palm of MY hands,
Do not be afraid, I AM with you always!’


Therefore be calm, my soul,
The Eternal GOD watches over you!
Lay your burden at the foot of HIS CROSS,
Then go free and worship HIM!
HE will never forsake you,
HE will remember your transgressions no more!
BY HIS stripes you are healed!

Forgive those who sin against you!
Be calm, though tempests flail without,
YOUR LOVING SAVIOUR encompasses you!
With power of endurance, perseverance,
Our Lord will lift up your spirit!



That lull between our hectic bustle of life
Is not Peace!
That quiet tranquil moment spent alone on an isolated mountain
Is not peace!
Godly Peace is a blessed calmness that prevails in time of adversity!
GOD can give us HIS peace in a perilous storm,
A peace that surpasses human understanding,
A peace the world cannot give.
Peace, joy and harmony surround those to whom CHRIST is the LIVING LORD in their life!

Peace is not absence of conflict,
It is a state of mind and heart,
Which is at peace with GOD!
It is a gift of our LORD!


When battered by storms,
And in its midst, GODLY PEACE
Calms our frightened heart!
There is Peace
In a heart that is anchored on Faith in Christ, our Messiah!
When JESUS CHRIST becomes our refuge
And shield,

Be reminded of what CHRIST said:
‘I am the true vine, You are my branch;’
CHRIST is the foundation of our life
When we abide in HIM!
We receive true sustenance from HIM;
We are enabled to lean on HIS power, depend on HIS strength and
HIS everlasting love and faithfulness!
As HIS branch and child, we are privileged
To shelter under the protective care,
Of our Sovereign LORD GOD and SAVIOUR


Bearing Fruit

It is that gentle touch on the shoulder,
A quiet word of comfort,
That gives a sense of empathy,
And alleviates distress!

When wronged, it is the spirit of forgiveness,
Emanating from a warm loving heart,
A kind response, that opens the channel
For reconciliation and peace!
A unity made possible with loving-kindness.

It is when one considers others before self,
Show an innate desire to care, without compensation,
Only motivated by selfless devotion,
That gives joy to others!


Bearing fruit is only possible with the help of the HOLY SPIRIT;
It is giving with one hand, with the other, not knowing;
It is living with joy, despite the dreary circumstance,

It is loving and trusting in that soft, gentle
Voice of GOD, Who tells us how much HE loves and cares for us!

Bearing fruit is not the success of personal active labor we vaunt to boast,
That caters only to vain-glory,
Not GOD’S Glory!
Bearing fruit comes from dying to self!

It is a gift of GOD and praises GOD!
When a grain of seed falls to the ground, it dies
And bears fruit, not for self
But for others!


Bearing Spiritual Fruit

Bearing the fruit of the HOLY Spirit,
Is not the same as bearing the harvest of success!
Success is the result of personal effort,
Man’s diligent endeavour and is material and finite!
Bearing Spiritual fruit is the process
Of Spiritual growth, the inner working of GOD within our soul;
Bearing fruit empowered by the Infinite!

Love, Peace, Joy, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Humility and Self-control,
The divine fruits of Infinite Grace,
These fruits are conceived in vulnerability,
Our submission to the commandments and will of a wonderful
A great SAVIOUR who taught us to love GOD with all our heart, mind and soul
And love our neighbour as ourself!

This Agape Love is sharing the suffering of another,
And offering the comfort of loving empathy and support
In time of need;
It is to be always available when someone needs us,
A symbiotic understanding of our common human weaknesses and vulnerability.

Joy is different from temporal happiness,
All desire happiness, nobody wants sorrow,
Yet, the greatest JOY comes from deepest suffering!  
Our Saviour, Jesus CHRIST, died on the cross at Calvary,
TO free us from sin and death!


HIS RESSURECTION POWER ensures reconciliation,
With our heavenly Father and eternal life,
True JOY is everlasting!

If we never experience pain and sorrow,
How could we ever experience the meaning of true love or loyalty!
If we never develop patience and power
Of endurance,
How could we build integrity and
Strength of character!
Courage is the product of persevering,
In-spite of opposition,
Believing Almighty God will vindicate
Those who uphold His Way,
And do His will!

How could we have the loving sensitivity of the heart
To respond to others in affliction?

It is not fame or success that bears real fruit.
The real fruit of the SPIRIT is in the giving of self,
Without compensating reward orrecognition!
This spiritual fruit of JOY is born of forgiveness
And self-sacrifice!

True PEACE is a fruit that grows on the soil of FAITH.
It is not a temporal truce between bouts of enmity,
It is independent of circumstances!
Peace comes from laying one’s problems
At the foot of the CROSS, in faith,


Trusting that Christ will work all things for the good of those who love Him!
This is the fruit of a PEACE that surpasses
All understanding!

Faith is trusting in the INFINTE GOODNESS of GOD,
That HE, who lay down HIS LIFE for us
Would give us enough light each day
And guide each step in living humbly and with self-control.
That HE who numbers each hair on our head
Would protect us under HIS Almighty Wings
Would give us HIS GRACE to persevere
And patiently run the race
To win the crown of eternal life with Him!



Humility is vital
For our soul’s survival,
Who can come before an Almighty Holy God,
Except on bowed knees and
And an obedient heart,
To do His will!

CHRIST, the only beloved SON OF GOD
Is our model of Humility!
To obey the will of HIS HEAVENLY FATHER,
Incarnated as a man,
He humbly died on the CROSS for our sins!
He enabled us to be forgiven and reconciled to His Heavenly Father!
HIS humble self-sacrifice won for us
Salvation and eternal life!


Christ shows us that the way to Perfection,
Is not through self effort,
Or chalking up our own good works;
These are futile because they are vain-glorious!
The way to perfection is
Descent to HUMILITY!

HUMILITY is when we throw ourselves at the feet of CHRIST,
Begging for HIS Mercy!
Acknowledging and repenting our sins;
Surrendering to complete dependence on our Saviour for Salvation!
Confident in HIS omnipotent power as our Sovereign LORD to forgive and heal us.
It is when we lose our sense of self importance,
And allow our triune GOD to take complete charge
Of our lives,
It is when we feel HIS GREATNESS
And our littleness!
When the in-dwelling Christ increases
And we decrease!
That we can humbly say,

Humility is our LORD’S WAY to PERFECTION,
THE narrow Gate-way to HEAVEN!
Then the fruit of THE HOLY SPIRIT
Will be manifested in us!
Christ’s indwelling will bring
The fruit of LOVE, PEACE, JOY,
Which we are asked by CHRIST, to humbly share with our neighbours!


Sanctify us O LORD

From the cess-pool of madness and iniquity
In the human heart,
Sanctify Mankind, O Lord!
Pride, Hate, Selfishness,
Greed, Envy, Jealousy, Lust,
Wrath, Hypocrisy, Vindictiveness;
Putrid, foul, despicable mess,
O LORD, in thy Mercy, cleanse!

Lord, consume Man’s inordinate sins
With YOUR HOLY fire!
O LORD, cover all with the SACRED BLOOD of the LAMB!
Reveal the JOY of Sanctification!
Put all right by the SAVIOUR’s Justification,
Enable all to rejoice in YOUR WONDROUS SALVATION!

O GREAT and COMPASSIONATE GOD, wisely endeavouring
To save MAN from the pitfalls,
That would plunge them into the horrendous abyss,
Of their own making!

Do we all realise the TRUTH about the HOLY CROSS?
The immense LOVE that paid the price for sins!
Our HOLY SAVIOUR making possible
Reconciliation with Almighty GOD,
And an eternity Man cannot attain by his own effort!

LORD, by YOUR GRACE, make this change in Man, turning
Pride into Humility,
Hate into Loving Compassion,
Wrath into forgiveness,
Intemperance into Self Discipline;
Rebellion into Obedience,
Greed into Generosity,
Jealousy into Trust,
Envy into Self-motivation,
Selfishness into Self-giving,
Hypocrisy into Honesty!

Take all Man’s imperfections, O LORD
Mould all into YOUR image!
Making all perfect,
Like the Heavenly Father is PERFECT!
Let Mankind be ready when CHRIST comes,
On the Day of Judgement, for heaven;
Ready for life with God eterne!


Thy CARE preserves our spirit

When we journey through mist, fog or tempest
In this valley of tears,
Remember storm clouds soon pass away!
This valley can instead be our Spring,
A fountain of Living Water to us bring!
If we lean on our Beloved Saviour,
Walking through its wilderness, will be an opportunity to sing!

Our LORD has promised to be
A very present help in trouble,
Trust HIS steadfast word!
Believe the waters will not overflow,
Believe the fires will not burn,
Our LORD JESUS will turn mourning into dancing!


In affliction, glorify HIS NAME
Say to HIM: ‘Thy care preserves our spirit!’
The HOLY SHEPHERD will protect
All who call on HIS HOLY NAME,
All who ask for HIS ALMIGHTY POWER to overcome,
For the battle belongs to the LORD!

Seek refuge under HIS protective wings,
Sustained by the strength of HIS JOY!
Seek GOD’s glorious FACE,
And armed, with HIS LOVING GRACE,
Run the spiritual race;
Looking towards the glory that would be shown,
The Lamb of God seated on the celestial throne!



The Holy Spirit of the Resurrected Lord
Dwells in our heart through faith;
To give us LIFE abundantly.

The precious Holy Blood of our SAVIOUR
Covers HIS faithful followers,
Redeeming, justifying, sanctifying,
Making all things NEW, transforming, giving:–
Hope to replace Despair,
Love to replace Anger,
Forgiveness to replace Guilt,
Joy to replace Sorrow,
Health to replace Sickness,
Peace to replace turmoil!

HE will dwell with us as our GOD,
HE will wipe away every tear from our eyes;
Mourning, crying, pain will cease
JESUS is the great Healer for everyone
Who calls HIM LORD and Saviour;
The Almighty, Holy, Triune God!

Our LORD promised HE will send
HIS HOLY SPIRIT to indwell
All who call HIM LORD, here on earth!
Eternity begins HERE, preparation begins Here!


That will guide us into the TRUTH of eternal Salvation,
That will empower us to overcome human weaknesses,
That will strengthen us for
His service in the world!

It is the work of Almighty GOD
To fight against evil Satan,
And bind Satan from harming HIS children!

Look with faith, therefore, on HIS countenance,
Pray, Seek, Ask for HIS blessings!
Dwell triumphantly in the Body of Christ.
His church on earth!


Have you met this LOVING FRIEND?

Have you met a friend so good and true
HE will lay down HIS LIFE for you?
You may be sinful and imperfect,
Still your FRIEND, so perfect,
Will say: ”I love you!”
You may sometimes cause HIM pain,
But as long as you repent and refrain,
HE will respond “I forgive you, Go in peace,
Don’t do that again!”

You don’t need an appointment to see HIM,
HE is only a thought, a prayer away!
“If you seek me with all your heart
You will find ME,” come what may!
All life through I’ve been searching
Who takes my breath away
With PROMISES so loving!
How can I ever resist a love so true:
“I will never forsake you”
“I will never abandon you”
Oh Lord, I love you too!

In this self-centred, insecure world,
This promise of an everlasting LOVE,
From our powerful RESSURECTED Redeemer
Is much too rare and precious to lose;


Knowing that whatever HE promises,
HE will deliver!
This LOVING FRIEND dwells within your heart!
Look inward into your soul,
Enter through fervent, centering prayer,
The inner holy sanctuary of your heart,
To reverently seek HIS Almighty PRESENCE,
For the kingdom of GOD is within you!

Remember JESUS humbly offers: “I stand at the door, I knock;”
Will you let your LOVING FRIEND in?
Will you maintain a clean and contrite heart,
To welcome and cherish your LOVING Saviour,
So HE can make HIS abode in you?
O JESUS CHRIST, so mighty and true,
Is there anything I can do without you!
Everything good in me, renew,
I love to depend on you,
The JOY and strength of my life is YOU!


Count Our Blessings

Let’s count our blessings one by one,
Thank the LORD for all He has done;
HE has given us life, health, family, joy,
A habitable, beautiful earth to enjoy!

To each a unique personality and special talent in His service to employ.

Let us praise HIM for HIS loving kindness,

HIS loving forgiveness;

Alleluia LORD, YOU are Almighty GOD’s BELOVED SON,

Dying for our sins, you gave us redemption!

As our SAVIOUR, you make possible our salvation!

Loving GOD, You chose to show us compassion

Not condemnation, even though as wilful sinners

We have no justification!


Thank YOU, LORD for all our blessings,
Help us to appreciate YOUR goodness;
Thank YOU too for showing us the way to eternal life,
And walking us through as companion and guide;
Help us to emulate your humility,
With morally discerning eyes, help us yearn for eternity,
And not be bogged in the mire of immorality!
Knowing that we are like grass that withers,
Flower petals that fade and disappear!
Help us not to be deluded by the ego–craving for greatness,
But look to YOU, LORD, for eternal happiness!


GOD’s Unfailing Love

We crave for unfailing love
Only our LORD GOD can satisfy!
Mankind is bound by limitations;
We can be fickle, selfish, irresponsible,
Only JESUS is immutable, self-sacrificing, infallible,
And HIS love unconditional;
Our LORD GOD is completely trustworthy,
Totally just, righteous and holy!
Only HE can satisfy this deep longing for love, which is only possible
When we have a relationship with HIM,
When we surrender our life to HIM!


Loving our LORD GOD means obeying HIS commandments,
To love GOD with all our heart.
And loving and forgiving each other!
It means trusting HIM enough to let HIM lead,
It means letting HIM guide and admonish at will,
Believing in HIS PROMISES to work all things for our good;
And desiring that peace and crown of eternal life,
Only HE can give!

Our LORD GOD is faithful to forgive every sin,
When we repent and turn from the wrong way;
HIS unfailing LOVE will seek out every stray sheep;
HE will bind our wounds, cover us with His precious blood,
Shed for our transgressions on the CROSS of Calvary!
Our Almighty triune GOD promises to be our Defender and Shield,
Against all power of evil,
Our Refuge in every storm of life!

This is what Unfailing Love means to us,
It is GOD’s eternal Compassion sustaining us,
Loving, forgiving and helping us in all circumstances!

It is when we sense HIS comforting, strengthening presence,
In moments of loneliness or sadness,
That we experience HIS unfailing love!
It is when we call and HE responds that we feel HIS closeness!
And we feel our preciousness,
When we feel the touch of His Unfailing Love!


His LOVE never ceases, it is renewed every morning,
‘DO not be afraid,’ we hear HIM exhorting,
When you pass through treacherous waters,
It will not be overwhelming!
When you go through the furnace of affliction,
You will not be harmed!

Our GOD will be in charge as the Sovereign LORD!
Our Lord and God is our first true love,
Without having first received HIS caring love,
We will never be able to love!
HE is our source of life, HE is our spiritual vine,
He wants us to live more abundantly as HIS branches!
HE wants to heap on us all the joy
That only a Loving Saviour can impart,
But we can only receive it
Through Faith and a loyal heart!


The Vitality of Life

What makes life worth living is LOVE,  
It gives vitality to life, its very meaning!
GOD is LOVE, the source of this vitality!
So keep loving compassion in our heart flowing,
So the spirit within sings with joy and vitality!

Melt our cold heart,
Let tears flow like rain;
A heart that is soft and pliable,
Has a vitality that is unavailable
In a heart that is hard and brittle!

Love, laugh and forgive endlessly
That is God’s way to vitality!
Giving the spring of living water
To parched souls, thirsty for HIS loving kindness!

Be vital in praise and worship
Be grateful to the LORD GOD
For all his goodness;
Let our heart be the fertile ground
For all His glorious riches in Christ Jesus!


In the Shadow of the Valley of Death

In such a time, do not fear,
The LORD is near,
“The Resurrection and the LIFE” is here!
Call for HIS GRACE and Loving Compassion,
HE will never turn anyone away,
HIS Redemption is for all creation!
So humbly come before HIS throne,
Saying “LORD, remember me all the way.”

Angels rejoice when any soul enters
The Heavenly abode,
Rejoice in THE LORD always!
HE is our hope of SALVATION;
There is peace and joy for the contrite soul,
Whom GOD draws to HIMSELF,
In the final moment of life,
Before the curtain closes!



OUR LORD GOD, YOU are our REFUGE and STRENGTH forever,
On earth, YOU have walked with man at his best
Empowered by YOUR grace and strength;
You have also experienced the horrendous abuse,
The bestiality, the greed, the violence
The corruption of the soul of man, at his worst.

O LORD GOD, it is too marvellous for words to describe
The depth of YOUR understanding and compassion,
That YOU readily forgive and still continue to love him;
YOUR MERCY goes on generation after generation!
Without YOUR COMPASSION, LORD, man will not have salvation!

O LORD JESUS, let YOUR Compassion bring
GRACE to strengthen, COMFORT to gladden,
HOLY SPIRIT to purify, HOLINESS to love
Eternal Refuge under YOUR ALMIGHTY wings!
YOU are the SAME yesterday, today, tomorrow,
O Resurrected LORD, let YOUR MERCY us follow,
Enable a loving heart-change in man today!
Man needs YOU today, more than yesterday!

Unless we strive for a heart change,
How can we rise beyond our myopic concerns,
To kindness, gentleness, holiness?


O LORD GOD, strengthen us daily
Guide us in all our actions;
Enable us to look away from petty self-interest,
Build in us a character of integrity;
Help us to endure patiently,
Teach us loving compassion for others,
Most of all, sustain our effort
To revere and love GOD with all our heart,
And love our fellow-men as ourselves!
Treating others as we want them to treat us!


In the Storm

GOD is the mysterious calm
In the eye of the storm!
He can bid the unruly wind be still,
He can calm the turbulent waves,
He can disperse the agitated dark clouds,
He can give peace to our frightened hearts!

Often, in the storm, we think He is absent,
But, in reality, He is always present!
He always does HIS part,
If we take heart;
Call on HIS promises, He will respond
HIS WORD, to us, is HIS loving bond!

Like a loving, caring Father,
He is, from us, no further than
A call in faith to work His miraculous power!
HE calls us, like Peter, to walk on the water!
Promising to hold out HIS hand,
When we waver and falter!

In the storm, let our eyes focus on HIM!
Turn our eyes in HIS direction,
Cast everything unto His care,
For in the storms of life,
There is no better refuge and companion!


Be Not Afraid

Be not afraid to live,
GOD is with you, in you, for you!
In the world, there is tribulation,
But Almighty GOD has overcome the world!
JESUS, on the cross of Calvary
Has conquered sin and death!
Believe in the promises of our LORD;
He is true perfection, being Son of God, Son of Man,
In moral and spiritual character, in loving compassion,
One with HIS Heavenly Father and Holy Spirit!

Be not afraid to die!
At the end of that dim tunnel,
Shines the powerful beam of LIGHT,
Illuminated by a silver CROSS!
Enveloping the darkness,
Embracing, in a warm caress,
Of JOY, Peace, Love,
Your soul, O Christian!
Your CHRIST personally awaits
To receive you,
Into HIS FATHER’s mansion,
To life eternal in heaven!


So, while on earth, live joyously,
Praise and worship HIM!
The Creator GOD of the universe
And mankind!

The Great Sustainer of life itself,
Great providence!
Praise and worship the Resurrected CHRIST,
Our Holy, High Priest in Heaven,
And Righteous Judge of the living and dead!
O Christian, appreciate the great worthiness and power
Of JESUS, Your LORD and Saviour!
Then, where is the fear,
Knowing HE is forever near,
When we are called to face Almighty GOD!


Without YOU, LORD

Without YOU, LORD, there is no life
For YOU are LIFE itself!
Without YOU, LORD, there is no love
For YOU are LOVE itself!
Without YOU, LORD, there is no joy,
For YOU are JOY itself!

With YOU, LORD, there is everlasting life,
For, by dying for us, YOU have conquered sin and death,
Your Redemption has made possible eternal life!
With YOU, LORD there is eternal joy,
Beginning here on earth and continuing in heaven!

Without YOU, LORD, our earthly life is temporal!
It is the SPIRIT of the LORD dwelling in us,
That ensures Salvation and Resurrection!
It’s the sanctifying presence of The Holy Spirit,
That leads to life eternal!


Without YOU, LORD, human love is limiting!
It is fraught with self-love and selfishdesires;
With YOU, LORD, we learn to be considerate to others,
Imbibing the loving spirit of self-sacrifice and self-giving!

Without YOU, LORD, material joys are fleeting and unsatisfying,
The more we have, the more we need!
Our endless need for adulation and boasting,
Our endless clinging to experiences of emotional high,
That wealth and power can give, can be frustrating!

With YOU, LORD, there is JOY,
The exuberant joy of a heart that loves GOD,
There is Contentment with what one possesses,
There is knowledge of God’s comforting love,
When a heart becomes a living temple of the LORD
There is the Peace
That surpasses all understanding!



Freely, GOD gives us HIS GRACE Of SALVATION,
Through Christ’s REDEMPTION;
Completely, JESUS gives us HIS love.
Willingly, in obedience to HIS Father’s will,
JESUS was crucified for our sins;
Salvation is never on our own merit, so we cannot boast!
Lovingly, CHRIST imparts to us HIS Righteousness,
So, through Him, we become GOD’s adopted children!

We are the branches;
HIS HOLY SPIRIT indwelling us
Enables us to bear fruit,
Of love for the triune GOD,
And encourages us to extend loving compassion to others!

As Almighty GOD forgives us our sins,
So we should forgive all who sin against us!
The power of the HOLY SPIRIT
Works in our inner soul, a gradual transformation,
To CHRIST-like qualities of Humility, Compassion,
Love, Joy and Peace!

Do not blaspheme against THE HOLY SPIRIT,
THE GOD residing within our heart!
Teaching us TRUTH, from GOD’s perspective;
Do not defile the body, HIS church,
For it is a sad day for Christians
When THE HOLY SPIRIT departs,
When our HOLY Counsellor and Comforter is gone,
And we have to face the wrath of Almighty God alone!


O CHRISTIAN, build your house on rock
The mighty ROCK of CHRIST!
This foundation will not shake in any crisis!
For our Almighty triune GOD
Is the Sovereign LORD in charge;
And HE will work all things for the good
Of those who love and worship HIM!

Remember HIS covenantal promises,
HE has kept HIS promises to ABRAHAM;
HE will keep HIS promises,
To comfort, uplift, uphold us in all trials,
For the LORD, our GOD never changes!
HE is the Same, past, present, future;
HE is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent,
Have faith, our triune Almighty GOD triumphs over
All vicissitudes in life!


Follow Our Great Shepherd

Do not go our own way, We may go astray!
Follow our great Shepherd,
HE will lead us via the narrow way,
To His green pastures,
Beside the still waters,
Where HIS sheep graze!

There we can gaze upon HIS FACE!
Hear HIS sweet, gentle voice speak,
Words so comforting, in life’s troubled, hectic pace!
As we lie beside the tranquil water,
Let HIM be our guide and teacher!


Let HIM instill in us a reverential fear of Almighty GOD,
So we will faithfully keep HIS commandments!

Let HIM give us the manna of HIS compassionate wisdom:
Love GOD with all your heart
And your neighbour as yourself;

As we bask in fellowship with our HOLY GOD,
Let us immerse in HIS fountain of LIVING WATER,
Which sustains and strengthens our soul, forever!

Keep close to our Great Shepherd
His rod and staff will fend off ravenous wolves!
Our Loving Shepherd will free us
From the briars and thorns of life!
HIS PEACE will surround us,
In all circumstances, trust CHRIST JESUS,
Our SAVIOUR and omnipotent GOD!


Living Presence

We may face the peril of storms,
We may be pricked by stray thorns;
But You are an ever-present help, Lord,
Your Living Presence sustains and fortifies us, in one accord!

You are our faithful guide when days are dreary,
When the journey is rough and weary;
Your Spirit leads us to green pastures and along solitary mountain streams
You disperse the gloom and bring out the radiant beam!

In times of sickness and duress,
You are the Rock of our strength and fortress!
Keeping us safe under your Everlasting arms;
You are the Living Water that our spirit refreshes,
The Living Bread that our lifenourishes!

You are our strong and safe anchor!
Your Living Presence enables us to reach that eternal shore,
Where Love and Joy prevail,
And Hope and Peace never fail!
Where angels and saints raise
Their voices in great praise,
Of Almighty God’s Omnipotent Power and Glory!
Lord, through your Grace of Salvation,
All who heed your call will reach this final heavenly destination!



Why do we think happiness is elusive
When we are not looking in the right direction?
Why do we pursue the tangible, the material,
And then complain about our dissatisfaction?

Try to capture happiness in a song
Listen to the merry chirping of birds taking wing!
Gaze enraptured at the mellow bright hues of the sun,
Slowly, down the horizon, dipping!

Lie happily on the green grass, away from crowds,
Watch the white clouds sailing by, like wisps of fleecy wool,
Reflected in the gentle rippling water of the lake!
Fanned by a light breeze, ever so serene and cool;
Breathe in this wholesome joy, this happiness only GOD can make!


Bask in Nature’s joy, make it our own
Exult in its spontaneity, let all our problems flee,
Remember God made the natural environment for our pleasure,
Therefore frolic like children on a spree!
Come on, seize the day, capture the joy,
Be truly happy, boy o’boy!
Happiness is within, not without!
Fill ourselves with trust in God’s abundant grace,
Have an attitude of gratitude throughout;
Praise the Lord, we will always have a place,
In HIS loving, compassionate heart;
We will attain His blessings
For happiness, if we truly do our part!



In a world full of strife
LORD, you are the JOY of our life!
In an atmosphere of gloom
You wrap us in the loving cocoon,
Of your ever-lasting arms;
In the wake of havoc and destruction,
Let streams of your Living water
Bring healing and redemption!
Lord, always be our beacon of Hope and Consolation!


What Joy is

Joy is
watching the glimmering sparkle of sun-drenched waves
hearing the rustling of leaves,
feeling the cooling sensation of wind on face!

Joy is
Gazing at the clear blue sky
With wisps of white cloud sailing by;
walking along a moonlit beach
under the canopy of shimmering stars!

Joy is
observing the rain pelting green fields,
and wild flowers tossing their heads in glee;
staring at snowflakes gently falling,
Covering tree-tops and roofs!

Joy is
following the swans’ gliding
gracefully across the lake,
watching a flight of birds take wing
singing in unison!
With the flaming glow Of the sun,
slowly sinking into the horizon!


Joy is
taking the chair-lift up snow clad mountain-tops,
gazing down at the verdant valley below;
watching the breath-taking panorama of
cascading falls and icy glaciers;
being transported by that ethereal feeling
of flying high, like a bird,
with the world beneath one’s feet!

JOY is
marvelling at GOD’s glorious creation,
that inspires reverence and praise, but it is in
realising and accepting
God’s immense and unconditional love,
while acknowledging our unworthiness,
That true joy can be found!

Above all, Joy is:
loving GOD with all our heart, loving others as ourselves,
treating others the way we want to be treated!
forgiving others as God forgives us!
showing kindness and compassion,
with Christ as our guide and model!


To Sail towards JOY

Towards Joy set your sail,
Whatever direction blows the gale!
Set steadily forth towards your goal;
You cannot change the path of thewind
But you can certainly adjust your sail!

In fierce storms
When rough winds are flailing,
Choose Joy instead of wailing!
That will harness the power of GOD,
Enabling us to tap HIS strength
To overcome, to rise above circumstances,
And discover the JOY and PeaceThat surpass all understanding!


Come Apart with Me

In the midst of noise and the hectic bustle of life,
Wearied by incessant competition and strife;
Can we hear God’s soft, gentle invitation to come apart
With Him, and walk beside the still waters?
To listen to the soft murmuring stream,
To lie quietly on grassy plain, meditate and dream!

Will we patiently hear Him tell His story,
About a Heavenly Father, yearning for reconciliation,
Through Jesus Christ’s mission of Redemption?
Are we grateful that His Beloved Son is the Holy Sacrifice,
An atonement for our sins that will, only with God, suffice?
Do we realise that the Cross makes possible our Salvation!


Is there any greater love story for mankind?
Can we ever such a great love expect to find!
Will we accept His loving gift with our heart,
Each having contributed to His sufferings in part?
Will we repent and be grateful for His Compassion,
And together, share in the joy of His Resurrection!

Come apart with Me, He asks His sheep!
Will we heed His call?
As we follow His Way, let’s pray for His Grace,
Wisdom, courage and strength for each day,
Hoping, that on the day when Jesus summons all,
We’ll make it to His final roll-call!


Seek His face

When encumbered by care
Seek His face,
Reach for His grace!
Let his loving countenance
Comfort and heal,
His omnipotent, unconditional love,
Is sufficient for our common weal!

Seek His face,
From His fountain of living water,
Be refreshed for life’s journey!
The road is bright when He is around,
A more caring companion and guide cannot be found!


The name of JESUS Christ

Jesus—-the co-creator with God, His Heavenly Father,

Jesus—-our Redemptive Sacrifice and Saviour

Jesus—-our loving and compassionate God

Jesus—-our caring brother

Jesus—-our refuge and strength

Jesus—-our Spiritual Guide and Counsellor

Jesus—-our Source of love and wisdom

Jesus—-our forever friend

Jesus—-our eternal joy

Jesus—-Immanuel, God with us, God in us, god for us

There’s more in that name

Than any other name on earth and in heaven!


Celebrate Jesus

Lord, you are the Light of the world
That shines through the darkness,
Illuminating the Truth, the Way, the Life!
Lord, You are the enduring Hope
Of an insecure, competitive world, torn by strife!

Futile is the search for meaning, amongst its noisy distractions,,
Amassing transient, material goods that create stress and frustration!

Lord, You are the powerful infusion of Joy
In happy moments and in adversity!
Our only sustaining love, strength and power,
When our own effort has little merit!
Only You can calm our agitation and uplift the spirit,
Of all who place their trust in You!

Lord, You enable a loving intimacy,
Loving fruitfulness and enduring joy,
Amongst all who love and worship You!
Lord, You foster a community of love,
And, just as You are in a loving unity
With God, your Heavenly Father,
So are we in You, our God and Saviour!


Be Gentle and Humble

The LORD says: Learn of ME: “I’m gentle and humble,”
O LORD, today’s world has a different rumble!
Self-boasting and assertiveness are qualities,
So vastly different from those virtues!
Humility, a moral strength, is now deemed a weakness,
Gentleness is replaced by aggressiveness!

Why then do we pine for true happiness?
Why are our souls troubled,
When it is not GOD who changed but the living!
Wisdom is moral discernment, not self craving!

No more is gentleness extolled
As a quality of considerate kindness,
A loving tenderness,
In fostering good relationships;
Today, it is mostly self interest that rules!
And gentleness is an antiquatedvirtue!

Strutting around, vaunting one’s prowess,
Displaying one’s beauty like apeacock!
Where is the quiet sweet charm, elegant grace, temperance;
The alluring qualities of yester-years?
Are they all but mostly gone,
And are we the happier for that!


Call His Heavenly Father “Daddy’

Our Lord and Redeemer
Exhorts us to call His Heavenly Father ‘Daddy’!
For HE says, Almighty GOD
Is His Father and our Father!
GOD is in Him
AS HE is in us!
And as He dwells in us,
We are united with HIM in GOD!

Faith in Christ’s redemption
Brings salvation,
His Heavenly Father accepts us
As His adopted children;
GOD sees Christ in us,
So we can call GOD “Daddy”!

Let us go now to our Heavenly Father with joy,
Exulting in our close relationship;
Yet, humbly kneeling, in adoration,
Worshipping with reverence HIS HOLINESS,
His Power, HIS Wisdom, His Righteousness,
Forever mingled with everlasting compassion,
HIS unconditional love!


Calling GOD ‘Daddy’

Yes, we can call our Heavenly Father “Daddy”!
And HE will through HIS wealth of Grace,
Shower His love upon us abundantly;
Through faith in Christ’s redemption,
We obtain reconciliation and eternal salvation;
Christ has enabled our adoption into God’s family,
BY accepting us as HIS brother, HIS sister,
So we can now call GOD, HIS Father,
Our ‘Daddy’!


In Silence

In the ever increasing creschendo of a noisy world,
The sweet gentle voice of our LORD becomes muted!
Man seeks to distract himself in cacophony,
To escape from, the stress of urban reality,
But not find real peace!

Only in the silence of the mind, heart and soul,
God’s gentle voice can be heard
To those seeking HIM;
Soothing, counselling, prompting the weary soul,
To take rest under HIS mighty wings
And be strengthened for the hazardous journey!

It is through quiet contemplation
That one finds inspiration,
It is through quiet meditation
That one finds satisfying communication,
With the ONLY ONE that really matters,
The Holy GOD of the BIBLE!
Therefore, in silence, listen to what GOD says

Listen to the Holy Spirit praying within you, and for you,
Only then can you join in the prayer of veneration
And gratitude to Almighty GOD!


Be silent and shut out the ugly voices
Of slanderous gossip, of pettiness,
Of self-pity and foul-mouthed abusiveness;
Instill silence in your mind, calm your agitation,
Focus your thoughts on the loveliness of GOD’s creation;
Ponder over GOD’s loving kindness and forgiveness;
Dwell on all that is good, beautiful and ennobling;
And close the mind of all that is evil, ugly, and discouraging!

In the silence of the heart, feel with empathy, the needs
Of the poor, the sick and dying,
Remember to reach out in loving generosity;
In silence, pray for those who offend you,
Remember we receive God’s forgiveness when we forgive


Be My Witness

Will you be my witness and speak
Of all the miracles I’ve done?
The blind see, the lame walk,
Demons are cast out, the dead raised!
Will you be my witness
And declare the victory
Over sin and death that I have won?
Will you accept me as your Saviour?
Take up your cross and follow Me,
There’s a race for the crown of life
Yet to be won!

Will you be my witness
To the sufferings and persecution
I painfully bore to redeem your sins?
My sacrifice on the cross,
That frees you from eternal damnation!


Will you be my witness  
To my unconditional love?
Will you respond with loving gratitude?
Will you adopt a forgiving and loving attitude,
And, like my child, be the gentledove!

Will you be my witness that
I have loved all mankind?
None who comes to Me is turned away,
And I have saved those, both near and far away.

Will you remember me as your loving, caring Shepherd,
Remembering that I care for my weak, unruly herd?
Will you witness that
I am the fountain of LIVING WATER?
Testifying that anyone who repents and sin no more
Will be blessed with joy forever!


Praise the Risen Lord

The Lord is Risen
Let us sing with jubilation!
The Godhead HE had temporarily shelved
To atone for our sins, HE has re-assumed in heaven!
Let us then worship with elation,
Our Almighty Saviour, eternal God;

His Holy Spirit,
Who abounds with love and compassion,
Seeks to shower upon us, though undeserved
His Amazing Grace and Salvation!

HE is faithful to His promise
To be with us to the end of the ages!
We can find refuge under His everlasting arms,
All will find joy under Hissovereignty!


If I could always see the Lord

If I could always see the LORD,
I would never lonely or sad be,
He promised never to leave or forsake me!
I would never be weak or afraid,
I am your STRENGTH and REFUGE, HE said!

There would be no bitterness,
In HIS LOVE, there is healing and forgiveness!
The storms of life press me to HIS Compassionate heart,
My Saviour and GOD would caress and bind up my hurt!

If I could always see the LORD,
I would always rejoice with a triumphant shout,
Thank you for showing me what faith is all about!
YOU are faithful to all your promises, LORD.

If I could always see the LORD,
Death would merely release me to My GOD;
Eternal life awaits every child of God!
I go before you always, there’s a room in My Father’s mansion,
Hope of eternal salvation,
Would be mine, if I could always see the Lord!


Reverence for THE LORD

Have we taken GOD for granted?
Have we forgotten HIS awesome stature,
HIS authority and power unlimited?
Have we forgotten HIS omnipotence,
HIS omniscience and omnipresence?
Has Jesus become a name too familiar?
Have we forgotten His awesome role as REDEEMER?
Have we become deaf to the promptings of THE HOLY SPIRIT?
We need to properly revere THE HOLY TRINITY!


The fear of THE LORD is the beginning of wisdom!
HE alone has the power of eternal salvation,
No condemnation when there is faith in HIS redemption!
Life is but a brief interlude before we face GOD,
The Messiah awaits but are we fully ready?

Do not forget to praise the righteous LORD,
Be grateful for HIS loving kindness
And HIS forgiveness;
Take HIS WORD to our heart
Follow it, for it is life!
Then, HIS peace, that surpasses understanding,
To us, HE will be sending!


The Refiner

God purifies us, like a Refiner, from dross,
Through trials, inner conflict, loss!
We search for understanding in vain,
The reasons seem to elude us again and again.

Though He appears not to be around,
We know His wisdom is sound!
These trials are merely to test our faith,
“I am always with you”, in the Bible, He saith!

In the Refiner’s furnace thus confined,
Each soul is strengthened and refined;
As we are established in His perfect mould,
He polishes until our character is changed to gold!

So, let’s keep walking our Saviour’s way,
Trusting that His grace is sufficient each day!
Let’s seek to obey His Holy Will,
Believing that all His promises, He will fulfil!



Like melted gold,
Like bits of broken clay
The Lord, the master-potter, can mould
And shape our lives according to His will,
After His divine character to fulfil.

To sculpt, refine, polish,
Our human weaknesses, like dross, to remove
Until Christ in our souls shine through;
It is only when broken, that purity
Can be realised, the soul strengthened;
Made fit to serve God.

When the marble is skilfully chipped
Into unique form, its beauty is revealed;
God, the master potter, breaks and chips each piece of softened clay
Into unique creations, breathing into each design
A unique personality and talent
To suit His purpose for individual lives.


It is in the expression of this individuality
That man serves God best.
The Lord created us to be the instruments of HIS LOVE
To serve and live in loving our fellow-man.



The heavens tell of your glory, GOD ALMIGHTY!
O great Creator, our Heavenly Father,
O Jesus Christ, God Incarnate, our great Redeemer,
O Holy Spirit, great Comforter and Guide who
In both The Father and the Son, doth abide;
Give praise to THE HOLY TRINITY!

At the beginning, there was immense darkness,
Almighty God spoke to that vast void,
And there was light!
By the power of HIS Holy Word and might.
Out of nothingness, a fine-tuned universe was created!
Out of dust, man was sculpted and moulded,
With intelligence, imagination and soul
In the image of God, showing his closeness
To God’s heart and his preciousness!

Sin wrought a barrier between God and man,
God loved us so much that He sent HIS only Beloved SON
Our Lord Jesus Christ, to die on the cross for our sins
Jesus became our Redeemer,
Reconciling us with HIS Heavenly Father.


Holy Spirit, our inner guide to all truth
Our Comforter in trial and sorrow;
Healing our wounds, praying for our needs;
Strengthening us with love, forgiveness
And courage to face to-morrow.
Almighty GOD, our Heavenly Father,
HOLY SPIRIT—-our Comforter and Counsellor,
Three divine persons of The Holy Trinity
ONE LOVING GOD, one Almighty Unity!


Finding GOD

In a world of harried distractions,
Continuous toil and endless frustrations,
Do we hear the small, gentle voice saying,
“Be still, I am God?”
Let’s find time to keep a moment of quietude,
To hear Him speak, to walk with Him in solitude!

It’s not in what we do to achieve,
It’s in what we believe!
That brings us closer to Jesus and salvation;
As He says: “You can do nothing apart from Me!’
Focusing on His Word and prayer is the motivation,
To forge a spiritual encounter,
A loving relationship with God,
Living within our heart!

Has the hectic bustle and incessant din,
Made us deaf to the in-dwelling Holy Spirit’s prompting?
Made us fail in recognising, in communicating,
With Jesus, our Saviour, so loving;
God, within us, of our true worth re-assuring,
That we are His precious, beloved children
The truth that sets us free to be our unique selves!

Then, we learn, that by obeying His will,
We are transformed into a Christ-likeness,
To live in the world but not be of the world!
And with God’s living presence, in our hearts,
We can let His light shine through!
And bear the fruit, His Holy Spirit produces,
Of His love to all mankind!


Seek and you will find

Ask, He says, and you’ll be given,
Do we ask for faith to believe in Him?
Seek and you will find,
Do we seek His face, to know Him?
By reading the Bible, we will discover He is the Living Word!
Knock and the door will open,
Do we open our hearts to receive Him?
When we truly look for GOD,
We will find HIM within our heart,
Enshrined in our souls;
He is Our Bread of Life, Jesus Christ, In the Holy Eucharist!


Holy Spirit at your feet we fall

Holy Spirit, when at your feet we fall,
Worldly pursuits do not matter at all;
Enraptured by your radiant glory, the world fades away!
You are the Light, the Living Presence,
That illumines our life; you are the Joy
That fills our heart with ecstatic delight!
Lord, You are the Love we need, above all.

Holy Spirit, when held in your loving embrace,
The weariness of worldly strife flees,
As you, Lord, provides the refreshing calm
That restores our soul;
You make us whole!


Holy Spirit lay Your Hands on me

HOLY Spirit of God, lay Your hands on me, and like Living Water
Pour out continually your loving grace and power!

Suffused with your radiant Glory, earthly things dim!
My mind becomes illumined with light,
In faith, I sense your Living Presence;
My heart bursts forth with ecstatic delight,
Singing songs of praise and love for my Lord!

A sweet calmness prevails; I rejoice in your nearness,
And in my closeness
All weariness flee as I take a little rest,
In the loving arms of my God, I’m blessed!

Holy Spirit, ignite your fire in my soul,

Cleanse, pardon, make me whole!

Through your baptism, fortify and empower,

Your fruits to bear and to others, minister;

In knowledge, the truth of salvation to impart,

That only through Christ’s compassionate heart

And His Resurrection power, there is

Enduring hope of life eternal!


Come Holy Spirit, Come!

Come Holy Spirit, come
Come like the mighty gusty wind,
Heaven’s powerful breath, O come!
Spread far and wide the message of Salvation,
God’s loving plan for Reconciliation,
Through His beloved SON – CHRIST’s Redemption!

Come, Holy Spirit, come
Come like cleansing flame
To purge our iniquities,
Purifying our soul,
Come to invigorate your church with zeal for the LORD,
So that it can bear fruit!
As branches of the VINE
We need Your vital energising sap to serve Your people!
Come Holy Spirit, come
Come like inspiring tongues of fire,
To illuminate your Scriptural truth!
So all can understand GOD’s way to Salvation and Light!
Give us the Grace to rejoice in the Lord and live in peace and harmony with our neighbour!
Come Holy Spirit come speedily,
All on earth have need of Thee!


Sing praises to the Holy Spirit

Sing praises to the Holy Spirit,
That hovered over the dark void of space,
Setting a billion stars and planets whirling in race!
Omnipotent Creator of the universe Holy Spirit of Almighty
God, Bringing to birth,
All that inhabits sky, sea and earth!

Sing praises to the Holy Spirit of GOD,
Breathing His Spirit into clay to form man!
Endowing him with free will
to choose between good and evil.

Sing praises to the Holy Spirit of Jesus,
His Redemptive sacrifice,
Is all that can suffice,
To atone for our sins,
And gain eternal salvation!

Sing praises to the Person of The Holy Spirit,
Embodied in the triune Godhead,
Proceeding from the Holy Father and SON!
Leading to the truth, testifying that
Jesus Christ, as the only Son of God, is
The Way, the Truth, the Life
Our way to salvation and reconciliation!
And eternal life!
Glory to the Holy Spirit, forever!


Thank You Lord

Thank you Lord for everything
Without YOU, there is nothing!
Thank you for the beautiful world we see—-the sun, moon and stars!
Thank you for the birds, fishes and animals that roam free!
Thank you for the air we breathe and shade from tree,
The lofty mountains and fruitful valleys
That provide the food we need!


Thank you, Lord, for creating us in your image,
For endowing us with intelligence, imagination, creativity!
Thank you Lord, for a heart that can feel and give love,
Help us never to lose such a wonderful sensitivity!
Thank you for a soul and spirit that can reach heaven,
Without you Lord, we are nothing and have nothing!

Thank you, LORD, for your constant, loving care,
For giving us families, relatives, friends to share
In joy and tribulation;
Thank you, Lord, for securing our future of eternal salvation,
For reminding us that life on earth is just a preparation,
For the much greater bliss in your Heavenly Father’s mansion!

Thank you Lord, for instructing us this:
YOU are the Truth, the Life, the Way
To eternal bliss!
Thank you, Lord, for accompanying us on our journey,
For understanding our human frailties,
And still continue loving us unconditionally!
Thank you, Lord, for sharing our pain
And encouraging us with hope,
Above all, for teaching us that forgiveness
Frees us to love and to live in happiness!


Praise the Lord

Praise the Lord, our God
In the land of the living,
He, alone, has an understanding
Of the end from the beginning!

HE is the good Shepherd,
Leading and guarding His herd;
Providing our feed,
And the Living water we need!
As HE guides us along the narrow road,
Overcoming limitations
And temptations,
In our journey towards our heavenly abode!

Praise the Lord, our God,
Who builds His temple in our heart!
His Holy Spirit teaches us His truth
And prays for us, bringing us healing,
With greater faith and understanding!

Praise the Lord, our God,
For He alone, our worship deserving!
His unconditional love, ever uplifting,
His wisdom and strength always supporting,
All who humbly seek HIM!


All who heed His command to love God and neighbour,
All who love and trust HIM!

Praise and thank the LORD for HIS kindness,
Let HIS light shine through us,
And reflect it in our attitude towards others!
Let His love be manifested in us,
So we can become an instrument of HIS love to others!


A prayer of praise

A prayer of praise from the heart,
Holding God in reverential awe,
Aware that God invites this intimacy
Brings multifold blessings from HIS MAJESTY!

A prayer that reveres God’s HOLINESS
A humble submission to God’s commandments,
A prayer of love for our fellow-men,
Brings mercy and goodness without end!

A prayer confessing our human weakness
Brings God’s forgiveness;
For with His precious blood our Redeemer has washed away our sins
Freeing us of guilt in His magnanimity,
God will remember no more our iniquity!

A prayer for Almighty God’s help
When it is in accordance with HIS will,
Brings wisdom, strength and peace
That surpasses understanding!

Prayer, together with the Holy Spirit
Is LOVE in action!
The eternal God is LOVE, unconditional LOVE,
Whoever has love in his heart,
Has the everlasting GOD in him!
Pray child-like, from the heart,
Simple, sincere, heartfelt;
And the compassionate GOD who listens,
Will answer our prayer,
In HIS way, in HIS time!


Who else but CHRIST, THE LORD?

Who else do we have but CHRIST, the Lord?
In all circumstances, who is always there but the Lord!
Who cares enough to lay down His life for us but the Lord?
Who will redeem and grant us eternal life but only the Lord!

With the Lord, we have every thing intrinsically worth while,
In HIM, there is the perfect model for everlasting joy!
Be like ME, CHRIST says, for in Him there is meekness and humility.
To be like HIM, we will never be affected by vanity!

There will be no comparison, no discontent,
Envy, jealousy, greed, wrath, frustration will be offset!
Time and energy should rather be spent
On beautiful things that build character,
And uplift the spirit!


The righteous LORD is our model for loving and self giving,
He saves mankind from its sinful and selfish nature,
By the immeasurable price of Redemption!
The power of the blood of the LAMB of GOD,
Is our source of purification!

Loving forgiveness is the message of HIS cross!
We are to forgive as we are forgiven!
We are to love selflessly, as we are loved!
Who else but CHRIST can show us the way to heaven?
None can lead us to victory over sin and death,
Except the LORD, praise the LORD!


Lessons from the Blessed Mother’s heart

Holy, blessed Mother of our Saviour,
Teaching us lessons from Her Heart!
Her Sacred, Loving, Devoted Heart,
That nurtured Christ as a child;
God Incarnate, beloved by Him!
Teach us, Holy Mother, how to love and worship Him.

Teach us obedience to God, the Father,
Humbly accepting His will for our life;
Let us, like you, declare, without hesitation:
“Be it done to me according to thy word!”

Teach us wisdom to trust in God,
The willingness to receive from His loving hands,
All that He deigns us to bear! believing in His Love,
His Justice and Compassion.

Give us courage to endure all trials,
Believing God works towards the good of those who love Him!
Help us to build greater faith in Jesus, your beloved Son,
Knowing, like in the changing of water into wine, at Cana,
He heeds your request!


Teach us to pray, as you pray for us sinners,
Asking God to forgive our sins
And finding redemption through your beloved Son!

Holy, compassionate mother,
Teach us to love and care;
To give selflessly, to serve loyally,
To cherish devotedly;
To live a life of gratitude and praise,
The lessons from your heart!



People admire intelligence,
It gets us a head-start in life;
It gets us good jobs and high salary on us shower,
It gets us status and power;
But intelligence is not wisdom!

Wisdom is doing the loving thing when in doubt,
It is being righteous, not self-righteous!
It prefers to be merciful rather than being vengeful,
Wisdom is overcoming evil with good!

Being intelligent is inadequate without wisdom,
Wisdom is the moral guide to self-control!
Pandering to self leads to pride
And self-indulgence,
Self knowledge, self control is the key to wisdom!

Wisdom comes from GOD
In HIM let us confide,
Ask HIM for wisdom to guide
All that we do;
Wisdom is the key to living
In social harmony and well-being!


Worldly Wisdom

Worldly wisdom is about the perishable:-
Wealth that diminishes,
Self-centredness that is myopic,
Popularity that is whimsical,
Fame that is short-lived and
Pleasure pursuits that are morally corruptible!


The sound wisdom of GOD is about eternal truths!
Love that grows with nurturing and forgiving,
True friendship that’s loyal and enduring,
Kindness that gives life hope andmeaning,
Moral Integrity that supports upright living!


Reverence for God’s awesome power and authority!
Faith in God’s plan for salvation through Christ!
Obedience to God’s will and commandments, above all
Wisdom that sees things from God’s over-all perspective!

Let the WISDOM of God be our guiding star!
To steer us in our life’s journey,
To look beyond the transient, to follow
The guidance of The Holy Spirit that enables us,
One day to see the face of God and live!

Pride is a Robber

Pride centers on SELF, the super-EGO!
Through its lack of humility,
The proud cannot see GOD’s glory,
Being centered on self-glory!

Pride is one-dimensional,
Pride robs one’s soul of the continuous flow
Of LIVING WATER, GOD’s compassionate grace,
Flowing through our REDEEMER, CHRIST!
Pride is a stagnant pool, with no outlet
Of compassion for others!


Lacking humility, Pride cannot acknowledge its own sinfulness,
Pride restrains GOD’s hand of mercy,
By its conviction of self-sufficiency!
For the proud, Christ had died in vain!

Pride meanders through life
As a sluggish river of pent-up,
Thwarted ambitions, frustrations, anxieties;
The neuroses of mankind!
Pride robs one of true CONTENTMENT,
Of GOD’s PEACE, that surpasses all understanding!

Pride wants its own way, its will,
Not GOD’s way or GOD’s will!
Pride robs one of true generosity,
It cannot magnanimously put others before self!

Pride caused the downfall of SATAN!
Mankind is admonished not to fall
Into temptation!


Wisdom Is Precious

Wisdom is more precious than rubies
It is more priceless than gold or diamond;
Wisdom is moral and spiritual discernment,
The treasures of wisdom and life are only
To be found in our LORD GOD, CHRIST!

Wisdom teaches us that, on earth, we are merely pilgrims, not settlers!
Man is making his way back to his CREATOR GOD,
Thus, it is essential to follow the way of our great Shepherd,
To listen to HIS counsel and not stray,
HIS commandments to obey!


The way to heaven is downward mobility
By way of humility!
Blessed are the poor in spirit,
For only the humble can accept the pruning of GOD, our Heavenly GARDENER;
Only the humble will allow Almighty GOD, our Heavenly POTTER,
To sculpt and mould their character in the image of CHRIST, HIS Beloved Son!

It takes wisdom for us to admit our weaknesses,
It takes wisdom to acknowledge our sinfulness;
Only in wisdom can we see CHRIST as our Saviour, our refuge and fortress,
A hiding place in time of duress!

Wisdom leads us to seek in times of adversity, shelter under HIS wings,
Wisdom demonstrates that our Lord cares;
And no matter how wildly circumstances swing,
We can safely surrender self and life to Him.


When the Enemy of the Soul attacks!

When the Enemy of the Soul attacks
O Christian, are you prepared to withstand the assault?
Have you put on the full Armour of GOD!
Are you going to cower with fear?
Or are you, with the help of GOD,
Going to stand up to the Evil One with the courage of faith!

Are you armed with the Belt of TRUTH?
This gives us the courage of our conviction that
CHRIST is the TRUTH, the WAY, and the LIFE!
Have you put on the Helmet of SALVATION?
This acknowledges that CHRIST died for our sins on the CROSS of CALVARY!
CHRIST paid the full ransom to redeem us with His precious blood!
He freed us from the bondage of sin and death!
Therefore we have, through CHRIST, become children of GOD,
And receive complete spiritual and angelic protection!


Are you wearing the Breastplate of HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS?
Not our own self-righteousness,
Which are like filthy rags in GOD’s sight!
Do you plead for the blood of CHRIST to fully cover you?
Let Christ hedge you in, in front, at the back, by the side!
Let Almighty GOD hide you under HIS wings, in the cleft of the ROCK!
Even write your name in the palm of HIS HANDS!

Where is your fear then?
To protect you from the insidious Satanic Enemy of the soul!
For if God is for us
Who can be against us!


Are you equipped with the Shield of FAITH?
To ward off all the darts of the EVIL ONE!
Remember CHRIST saying that even if we have
The faith of a mustard seed, it can work miracles!

Always carry the SWORD of THE SPIRIT,
For with The HOLY WORD of GOD,
YOU can resist the Devil and he will flee from you!

Lastly, wear the shoes of the Gospel of PEACE!
To love and live in harmony with our neighbours,
And walk steadfastly in unity with the BODY of CHRIST!
Along the clear pathway of HIS HOLY WORD,
Which is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path!

O CHRISTIAN, Stand up against the Evil ONE,
Don the full armour of GOD in the battle for your soul!
CHRIST will then reward us with
The much coveted CROWN of ETERNAL LIFE!


A Man After GOD’s Heart

King David had a deep reverence,
A heartfelt passion for his GOD;
He felt keenly the anguish and pain
The remorse of sinning against HIM!
Humbly, he would acknowledge
His vulnerability to temptations of the flesh,
And accept any of GOD’s righteous punishment;
‘It is only against YOU, O LORD GOD that I have sinned!’

It was David who prophesied
The Coming of CHRIST, our Saviour,
Six hundred years before HIS incarnation;
He described HIS cruel death of slow asphyxiation
On the CROSS of Calvary,
At a time when no one had ever seen a Roman Cross;
David had trusted HIS Redeemer even then to atone for his sins!

So ‘I shall not want!’
He believed in the self-sufficiency of CHRIST’S Grace,
To deliver him from all evil!
At the time of persecution from King Saul,
David completely trusted his powerful LORD GOD
To rescue him and provide for him!
And while hiding in the caves,
A spider’s web drawn across the entrance
Became the wall of his fortress!


Divine Providence sustained him
Throughout the years of his hiding;
And Almighty GOD sent him an army of relatives, friends, sympathizers,
All seeking to help and fight for him,
David’s faith and trust in his GOD was fruitful,
He discovered just how GREAT his GOD is!


David showed mercy to his evil persecutor, King Saul,
Twice he had the chance to kill the sleeping Saul in a cave, but David moved away!
Though later David made it known to King Saul
That he had Saul’s spear!
David had chosen not to harm King Saul!

King David loved to dance and rejoice
Singing praises to HIS LORD!
His Psalms revealed his intimate knowledge and closeness to GOD;
GOD was with him to strengthen him, to bless him, to provide for him;
GOD was with him to defend and shield him,
Most of all, God forgave his sins as he was penitent!

In his faith, his humility, his deep love and trust in GOD,
In his sincere sorrow for grieving GOD,
In having a loving, forgiving heart,
In his rejoicing in the LORD’s goodness,
In his praises and heartfelt worship,
The humble King David acknowledged that he was nothing.
His GOD is Everything to him!
King David is clearly a Man after GOD’s heart!


Broken to bless others

We are reluctant to bear 
Trials and sufferings,
But they are testings
Which GOD permits,
To draw us closer to HIM!

Unless we die to Self-will,
We will be unable to understand HIS HOLY WILL!
Driven by Self-love and Self-interest,
The basic nature of PRIDE and GREED in us,
We cannot truly love GOD or others;
Something GOD desires we do!

CHRIST wants to open our eyes
To the pitfalls of going our own way;
HE wants to show us the WAY of TRUTH and LIFE,
Which leads to eternal joy with Almighty God!

Until a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies,
It cannot bear fruit!
So until Man’s character has been transformed by GOD,
Until he learns the truth, that
GOD does not want sacrifices and burnt offerings,
But a clean and contrite heart,
He cannot bear moral and spiritual fruit!
God cannot use him to serve others!

When GOD tests us beyond our ability to handle,
Then we realise our human frailty,
Then we realise the limits of our strength!
Brokenness leads us to turn to CHRIST.


We learn to depend on HIS STRENGTH,
We depend on HIM for loving support;
CHRIST becomes PRE-EMINENT in our lives,
Our world revolves around HIM, no longer ourselves!

Christ, who may be distant before, becomes our reality;
We begin to see HIS awesome power!
HE becomes our defender and shield,
HE becomes our personal Comforter;
HIS HOLY SPIRIT guides us into all truths,
HIS angels are sent to help and assist,
GOD becomes REAL in our daily life!

Like bread that is broken, LORD,
Use our lives to help others!
Brokenness is essential for growing in spiritual maturity;
Our selfish hard heart has to be softened,
To empathise and feel for others;
It has to be moistened with tears,
It has to be nurtured with faith and hope,
It has to be disciplined with pruning
By a loving Father!
It has to be trained with power of endurance,
Our heart has to be cleansed by CHRIST’s redeeming blood,
It has altogether to be fortified with stronger faith!

Broken to accommodate THE HOLY SPIRIT,
Our heart has to become HIS sacred sanctuary,
The temple of the LIVING GOD!
Remember, when we share in the sufferings of CHRIST,
We also share in HIS GLORY!


Compassionate Love

It is compassion that fosters community,
It is a loving, forgiving spirit
That encourages a kinship amongst fellow men;
Yet in the world, the emphasis is on self-interest!
The hard-headed, cold-hearted determination,
To gain individualsatisfaction!

Compassion emphasises same-ness
All share common human strengths and weaknesses;
Then we can empathise with another‘s suffering,
And in his happiness sharing;
We can enjoy a sense of kinship,
And become a community!

Yet, the world emphasises importance of status
Social disparity alienates us
We become ego-centric individual
An unconscious barrier comes between us
Things that touch our radar are seen
Through critical, biased, myopic eyes!
We have lost the sense of closeness!


Christ’s Way is the way of LOVE and forgiveness,
The way of truth and light,
His Way is one of Compassion;
HE will expect this compassion from HIS children,
HE will ask, not what achievements we attained on earth,
But how much have we loved and forgiven our fellow men;
For when we forgive, we are forgiven!
When we bless our neighbours
We receive blessings in return!


GOD’s thoughts are higher than ours

God’s emphasis is on the spiritual,
But man’s concern is material and corporal;
GOD, in saying to the blind man or the lame
“Your sins are forgiven” when healing them,
Shows that spiritual cleansing makes us whole,
And physical healing results!
CHRIST goes to the root of all diseases,
Not only the apparent symptoms;
God is not so much concerned about the physical,
But more about spiritual and moral blindness!

Learn from ME
I am meek and humble!
When omnipotent GOD
Chooses to serve rather than be served,
Chooses to sacrifice HIS HOLY LIFE
By dying for our sins,
Chooses rejection to give us Salvation,
CHRIST illustrates that GOD is LOVE and COMPASSION,
When HE could very well be the RIGHTEOUS JUDGE!


The Christian Life

Does the Christian see himself as a temple of CHRIST?
Like the original skin-covered tabernacle,
Our indwelling GOD chooses to reside
In our heart, covered by our bodily skin!
Makes us HIS abode!

O Christian, give HIM honour, glory, power
And praise forever,
For this privilege, let us be circumspect
About the way we lead our lives;
Ask HIM for wisdom and guidance,
Ask HIM for forgiveness for times of straying;
Trust that HE who began a good work in us,
Will see it completed,
According to HIS HOLY WILL!


Christ prayed to HIS FATHER:
May they be in US, just as You are in Me and I am in You!
Moreover, HE is the LIGHT of the world,
And those who obey HIS teaching

Will not walk in darkness!
He exhorts us not to strive for worldly goods,
But spiritual fruit that endures!
And to love GOD with all our heart and love one another!


Sheep verses Man

The sheep know their Shepherd’s voice,
They follow him obediently;
They know when they call for help,
Their master’s ear is attuned to their distress,
And he will come running!
The sheep are certain their Shepherd will bring

Healing balm, bandages and will carry them  
All the way home!
His staff will be used to protect them from ravenous wolves,
The sheep are certain of their Master’s love!
The Loving Shepherd unfailingly will
Lay his life down for his sheep!

Man rebels against his SHEPHERD,
Pride makes him willful and stubborn,
Preoccupied with SELF and his own needs and desires,
He does not obey his shepherd willingly.

Man, unlike the sheep is arrogant,
He forgets that every talent he has is GOD’s gift,
That he owes his life and well-being to Almighty GOD!
And every thing that sustains life is GOD-given,
He forgets that he is mere dust!

Humble, obedient, gentle, the sheep
Seem to be more like their humble, gentle, compassionate Shepherd;
Man has still a lot to learn to be like their humble, gentle, compassionate Godly SHEPHERD!
The sheep know HOME is where their SHEPHERD resides
Does Man know who is his SHEPHERD


And where HIS SHEPHERD resides?
Does he know where is HIS Eternal Home?
CHRIST said: ‘Seek ME and you will find ME!’
Let us all become the Lord’s obedient sheep!

For our souls are restless
Until we find our rest in our Lord!
How hard it is for us to surrender and trust in our God, completely.
Man has a lot to learn from sheep
He can learn to depend more on his Shepherd;
When he obeys and follows HIS guidance,
And he trusts his SHEPHERD,
Then he will, like the sheep find himself

In loving, caring hands!
He will find deliverance and comfort!
He will find peace and joy
That surpasses understanding, because
Nothing is impossible with
And in our weakness, FAITH
Draws on the strength and power
Of Almighty GOD for succour!


Stand Firm in the LORD

When the storm waves rise high
And make you sigh,
When salt-sprays blind your eye,
When the thunder sounds deafening
And you feel like panicking,
Turn your eyes upon JESUS!
Let HIM be your loving consolation,
Let Him calm the storm in your life!

When the soul’s Enemy threatens,
When Satan roars like a prowling lion,
His intimidations do not fear!
Call on the LORD, HE is forever near!
In your weakness, remember,
HIS strength is made perfect!
Let your focus be therefore upon the LORD!
We become more than conquerors in HIS NAME!


Look up at the wondrous CROSS,
Experience the triumphant power of the RESURRECTED LORD!
Crushing Satan’s head and powers of evil!
Delivering us from sin and death!

O Christian, you have an omnipotent CREATOR GOD
To protect and shield you in every circumstance!
Why are you downcast? Call, in faith, on
Christ’s covenantal promise never to forsake you!
CHRIST will be true to His WORD!
When the testing comes, stand firm in the LORD,
CHRIST has proved faithful to us in HIS self-sacrificing love,
Does HE not deserve our loving trust and loyalty


Worship our LORD GOD

Today, do we hold our LORD GOD in reverential awe,
Like Abraham and David did in days of old?
Do we give our triune GOD HIS due praise, Honor and glory?
Do we worship our GOD as HE truly deserves!

Rather, has JESUS become too familiar?
Is HE our GREAT SHEPHERD or merely there
To serve and fulfill OUR needs?
Do we deem HIM to be in charge,
As our sovereign LORD GOD!

As our GOD and SAVIOUR
Do we obey HIS will?
Or do we merely give it lip-service
And carry out our own will!

O Christian, do we ever wonder
Why HE appears so distant!
Do we realize that we have abandoned THE HOLY SPIRIT!
Bent on material needs, we have emptied
Our heart of our Spiritual need for GOD!
Craving a comfortable, earthly life
We have dismissed our soul’s need for eternal life!
Sadly, we have short changed ourselves,
We have sold our precious soul for worthless tinsel!


Ask for GOD’s GRACE

Ask for His grace of more Faith,
To know HIM, love HIM, trust HIM more!
Ask for the grace of Understanding,
The HOLY SPIRIT to illuminate the meaning,
Of HIS HOLY WORD to you!
Our LORD GOD wants to draw closer to you,
‘Whoever seeks ME, with all his heart, will find ME!’
Respond to HIS Royal Invitation!
HE knocks, just open your heart to receive
HIS kind and loving attention!

Ask for the grace to experience HIS LOVE,
For comfort when feeling hurt;
Ask for HIS counsel and guidance,
When troubled, heed our Lord’s comforting assurance,
‘Nothing can separate you from MY LOVE!’
And acknowledge our Heavenly Father’s acceptance,
Through JESUS, of us as HIS children!

Open your heart to receive
The wondrous riches of the glory of the LORD!
The JOY of the LORD is my strength!
The PEACE that surpasses all understanding,
The SPIRIT of power, love, sound mind;
GOD is our trustworthy companion
In all life’s tribulations!


O come to the throne of GRACE, GOD’s MERCY SEAT,
None can face the throne of ABSOLUTE JUSTICE!
All are sinners and YAHWEH detests Sin;
None can stand the Divine wrath of Almighty GOD!
So come through JESUS CHRIST, who died for our sins,

The throne of GRACE is a place of propitiation for our sins!
And receive COMPASSION from the LAMB of GOD,
Who takes away the sins of the world!
It is only before the throne of GRACE, that Almighty YAWEH
Looks benignly upon each person!
Seeing him covered with the precious blood Of JESUS, HIS BELOVED SON!


Going God’s Way

When the human ego shouts “My Way!”
It becomes difficult, if not impossible,
To listen and go God’s Way!
Has the world not taught us
To steer our life in the path of success?
Has not the world convinced us
Of the material benefits of prosperity?
The luxury of opulent, decadent living,
The seductiveness of power and status?

The insidious influence of the world
Wraps itself around us,
Until morally blinded,
We covet their tantalising goals!
Only to discover discontent, unfulfilled dreams!
To find in the endless pursuit of pleasure,
Nausea, heart-ache, futility!

The gentle voice of God, within, nudges,
“I am your refuge and fortress,”
Let ME be your guide in this wilderness!


Wisdom is seeing things from God’s perspective,
With insight, we find ourselves inept
To be the captain of our soul;
Human nature is weak and vulnerable,
Often unable to withstand the vicious assault of Satan,
To peace of mind and serenity of heart!
We realise going God’s way is best
To achieving real success,
To having a happy, loving, peaceful
Contented and meaningful life!

Let us not then, in the midst of the hectic bustle of worldly life
Ever forget that “man does not live by bread alone,
But from every word that comes from the mouth of God!”



OUR LORD GOD, YOU are our REFUGE and STRENGTH forever,
On earth, YOU have walked with man at his best
Empowered by YOUR nobility and strength;
You have also experienced the horrendous abuse,
The bestiality, the greed, the violence
The corruption of soul of man, at his worst.

O LORD GOD, it is too marvellous for words to describe
The depth of YOUR understanding and compassion,
That YOU forgive and still continue to love him
YOUR MERCY goes on generation after generation;
Without YOUR COMPASSION, LORD, man will not have salvation.


O LORD JESUS, let YOUR Compassion bring
GRACE to strengthen, COMFORT to gladden
HOLY SPIRIT to purify, HOLINESS to love
Eternal Refuge under YOUR ALMIGHTY wings;
YOU are the SAME yesterday, today, tomorrow
O Resurrected LORD, let YOUR MERCY follow;
Enable a loving heart-change in man today
Man needs YOU today, more than yesterday.

Unless we strive for a heart change,
How can we rise beyond our myopic concerns
To kindness, gentleness, holiness?

O LORD GOD, strengthen us daily
Guide us in all our actions;
Enable us to look away from petty self-interest,
Build in us a character of integrity;
Help us to endure patiently,
Teach us loving compassion for others,
Most of all, sustain our effort
To revere and love GOD with all our heart
And love our fellow-men as ourselves,
Treating others as we would they treat us.



In the gloaming darkness of the world,
Come Lord Jesus, Come!
Shine your LIGHT of WISDOM,
Upon this unscrupulous ego-driven ambitious world,
Where wrong seems right and
Mammon tugs at our heart-strings;
Where the heart becomes imperceptibly hardened,
With all the giddiness of power, wealth, success,
And unwittingly lends itself to works of iniquity!
Where worldly sophistication hides the utter depth of depravity!

In such pervasive darkness of the human soul,
Come, LORD JESUS, come!
Come to save us from such deplorable madness!
For without you, O LORD, without your gift of moral Wisdom,
Without your spiritual LIGHT and the Truth of Your Holy Spirit
Guiding us in your loving Compassion,
All will flounder and perish!

Come, LORD JESUS, come
For the light is dying, the night is crying,
Have mercy LORD JESUS, come!


LORD, Raise me up!

When I am weary and heavy-ladened LORD, lift me up,
So I can run carefree like the deer;
And, like an agile mountain goat,
I can climb over perilous, craggy mountain ridges,
Overlooking deep canyons and torrential streams!

LORD, lift me up
To walk on stormy seas,
Not looking at the troubled waters,
But upon YOUR Loving, Compassionate Face!
No longer depending on my own frail human strength,
But upon YOUR Almighty, invinciblestrength!


Lord, fortify my spirit!
Patiently, waiting to hear YOU say,
My child, all is well! Do not be afraid!
For I, the LORD GOD, is your ever-present help in trouble!
I will never leave you nor forsake you!
I am the SOVEREIGN GOD in charge.
So lean on and trust ME!

O My GOD of all Comfort, please abide in me,
There is no fear when YOU are forever near!
I will not lean upon my own understanding,
But upon YOUR magnificent power to prevail,
And overcome all difficulties;
I will trust that YOU will grant me the PEACE
That surpasses all understanding!


Love One Another as I have loved you

‘Love one another as I have loved you,’ said the LORD,
Do not allow the Enemy of the Soul to divide you,
For you are only strong in your Almighty God!
‘Just as MY Heavenly Father is in ME, says CHRIST,
And I am in you, so you are One with us!’

Be alert, the merciless Enemy is prowling around like a lion to devour;
Do not allow him to tear you asunder,
Call to your Almighty GOD for succour!
Huddle under the shadow of HIS wings,
Lift up your prayers and petitions, seek HIS Face!
For no matter what circumstances bring,
The battle against evil belongs to our LORD GOD forever!

Beware of wolves among the sheep, do not stray,
Keep close to your GOOD SHEPHERD,
Ask HIM to open your eyes, always pray,
Be silent and listen to HIS HOLY counsel,
‘Do not be afraid for I am with you always!’

‘I have loved you with an everlasting love,
NO one can snatch you from ME!’
‘I have engraved your name in the palms of my hands,
Every strand of your hair is numbered!’
Who never slumbers and HE can send angels to protect you!
Therefore believe and trust in CHRIST’s promises,
Remember, HE promised never to leave nor to forsake you!


The Destroyer has come to steal and destroy,
He is a liar and deceiver, therefore resist him
And he will flee from you!’
‘I have come so that you will have life and life more abundantly!
I have plans for you,
Plans to prosper you, to give you hope and a future!’
Believe and trust in the LORD GOD, who cares for you unconditionally!



When life’s burden is too hard to bear,
Run to JESUS, WHO is willing to share;
Run to HIM for comfort and care!
Leave your sorrows at the foot of the CROSS,
Take up HIS yoke instead, for it is light,
For CHRIST has a meek and humble heart;
Your Joy shines bright!
Don’t forget to thank HIM for HIS loving compassion,
Always, let CHRIST be your refuge and strength In times of tribulation!


In times of hardship and trials,
Remember, CHRIST is a very present help in trouble;
Remember, With GOD all things are possible!
Ask Him to hide you in the cleft of the Rock,
To safeguard you under the shadow of HIS WINGS,
For over all circumstances, CHRIST reigns supreme from Above!
Inscribed, as you are, in the palm of HIS righteous right hand,
Trust in HIS unconditional and unfailing LOVE!


Do you really love ME?

Our LORD GOD asks, not only Peter but all Christians as well:
Do you really love ME?
Can you declare you love ME,
But still crave for worldly trophies of
Wealth, power, status, reputation, honour,
Knowing fully well that you cannot serve both Mammon and ME!
Do you really love ME, yet devote more of your time
To pursuing worldly pleasure and material advancement!

Will you spend time with ME in solitude,
Learning to listen to MY gentle, soft voice
As you walk with and talk to ME?


Loving someone is an intimate, emotional response,
Why are you so distant with ME?
Loving is an intense desire to be close,
What keeps you apart?
I will lay down MY life to save you from perdition,
Will you deny ME in times of tribulation?
Do you really love ME?
Will you reciprocate MY friendship?

Your GOD is ever patient,
He continues to knock at the door of your heart;
When you unlock your door
You will be amazed at the abundant riches
Of loving graces that flow from the LORD!
Love, comfort and strength for each day,
And the joy of knowing that The Almighty Father,
WHO gave us HIS only begotten Son to die for our sins.
Will work out everything towards the good of those who love HIM!


CHRIST is the Sure-Foundation of Our FAITH

It takes FAITH to believe in the SPIRITUAL,
FAITH is essential towards believing in the triune GOD,
In WHOM, we live and move and have our being!

In FAITH, we have conviction of GOD’s HOLY PRESENCE,
So we can grasp how HE is a very present help in tribulation!
In FAITH, we can accept JESUS CHRIST as our SAVIOUR,
And believe both in HIS INCARNATION as well as RESURRECTION!
And trust in HIS REDEMPTION as well as in

A strong, mature FAITH is necessary to believe
That with THE HOLY SPIRIT’s HELP we can clearly understand,
The revelations of TRUTH about CHRIST!

CHRISTIANITY is All About CHRIST and HIS relationship
With HIS HEAVENLY FATHER, HOLY SPIRIT and the Disciples who follow HIM!
“I and MY FATHER are ONE!”
“I am sending you THE HOLY SPIRIT!”
“MY FATHER has given ME Authority
In Heaven, on earth, and the place beneath!”
As a Christian, “YOU are in ME as I am in MY FATHER!
And WE will come to make our abode in YOU!”


“I AM the ALPHA and OMEGA” (The Beginning and the End)
CHRIST is now our HIGH PRIEST and INTERCESSOR in Heaven!
While THE HOLY SPIRIT is our COUNSELLOR, indwells our heart,
And prays for us, with groans, directly to GOD!

Christ will ultimately appear as the Judge of the Living and the Dead!
Only through FAITH do we realise
How WE are wonderfully cared for;
Only through FAITH do we realise
What it means to be a CHILD of GOD,
Only through FAITH can we be certain of
Our Spiritual, Emotional and Physical security,
FOR only through FAITH can we hide under
ALMIGHTY GOD’s protective wings;
Fully knowing that whatever happens,



CHRIST declares: “I have loved you with an everlasting love”
Our greatest security is the love of our SAVIOUR,
In HIM is found PEACE, LOVE and JOY!

CHRIST is an ever present help in adversity,
When waves threaten to overwhelm, CHRIST calms the storm!
In sad moments, CHRIST dries the tears from our eyes,
Gently whispering: “I am with you always;”
When anxious, hear that quiet voice say
‘Don’t be afraid, I am in charge!
I am ALPHA and OMEGA, the Beginning and the End!

This PEACE is only possible
When given by our LORD GOD!
It is CHRIST’s love that sustains us
HE is our defender and shield from the darts of the EVIL One!
Who can love us more than CHRIST, our LORD,
‘Who sticks closer than a brother!’


LOVE from our GOD, fills our heart;
Who can love us as much as CHRIST
Who lays down His precious HOLY LIFE for us sinners!

O Christians, let us follow CHRIST all the way,
Our LORD JESUS is ‘The WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE!’
CHRIST will lead us to our eternal Heavenly home!
The angels rejoice to see every sinner
Who makes the journey home with CHRIST’s help.
For it is a truly JOYFUL reunion
With the Heavenly Father, Son and HOLY Spirit!
Following Christ will ultimately lead us to this crown of life!



We are Christian officially,
Having gone through the rites of baptism and confirmation,
But have we personally claimed a relationship with CHRIST?
Have we initiated a personal conversation of friendship?
Have we told HIM: I’m happy and proud, JESUS, that you are my GOD!
Instead, have we kept Him, respectfully, at a distance?
Have we ever consulted and trusted HIM with all our cares?
Have we asked HIM for counsel or enquired about HIS will for us?
In other words, do we regard our Lord as a personal friend?
Can we claim to be close to our Saviour?

Do we see ourselves as weak and sinful,
And declare that we are grateful for our salvation,
By HIS atonement for our sins?
Do we acknowledge HIS omnipotent power as a HOLY, RIGHTEOUS GOD,
And obey HIS commandments?
Do we really love HIM for HIMSELF,
And welcome HIM into our heart,
Adore, worship, and trust HIM?
Are we comfortable with being close to Him?
Can we walk with HIM, talk to HIM,
Believing that HE will work all things for our good!
CHRIST will draw close to us
When we draw close to HIM!


To experience His comfort, HIS loving kindness,
We must give HIM access to
Our soul, heart and mind,
We must communicate with HIM
Through praise, prayer and worship!
Be warm and open in our relationship with JESUS,
As we do with our intimate friends!

Ask for HIS grace,
HIS strength of steadfast faith,
HIS enduring power of loving forgiveness,
HIS illumination of Christian values through the BIBLE;
Ask CHRIST to be your personal Saviour and companion through life,
Ask HIM for the grace of obedience to HIS commandments,

Ask HIM to convict you of sin when you go wrong and help in your repentance;
Ask HIM for wisdom and the power of moral and spiritual discernment,
Ask HIM to strengthen and uplift you and your loved ones in times of trial and temptation;
Ask HIM for courage and perseverance in times of tribulation,
Ask HIM for the fulfilment of all HIS BIBLICAL PROMISES in your life!

When we love CHRIST with devotion, we begin to understand
HOW life itself and every intelligence, ability, talent we possess,
IS derived from HIM!
We begin to realise how much we depend on HIM,
That, in ourselves, we are NOTHING!
That we owe HIM everything!

We realise we are limited, weak and vulnerable
That our LORD GOD is omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent.
Therefore, let us look up to HIM, praise and worship HIS ALMIGHTY POWER

Let us stand at the foot of the HOLY CROSS with awe and gratitude.
The symbolic representation of the GREATEST LOVE ever known!
A HOLY, LOVING Jehovah’s wondrous gift of salvation
For undeserving mankind!


GOD’s presence in need

Every sigh, every cry, every tear,
Is a prayer to our Almighty GOD!
It reaches the compassionate heart of CHRIST!
More vocal than words,
It draws a loving, forgiving response from our MOST HIGH GOD!

Don’t forget, O Christian,
Indwells our heart!
Our kind Counsellor does HIS part
To guide us, to comfort us, to strengthen us,
To point out GOD’s will for us;
To assure us that CHRIST is in charge,
in totality, And HE will lead us to safety!

So in the crucible of affliction,
When we turn to HIM in prayer,
Be conscious that we are not alone,
In our despair, CHRIST is there!
See and feel HIS presence,
GOD in us is GOD for us!
Our caring GOD will reach out
To vindicate, to alleviate,
The pain of HIS hurting children!


Our Faithful GOD

Depend not on our little faith,
But on the ever-lasting faith of our faithful GOD!
Depend not on our frail strength,
But on the invincible strength of our Almighty GOD!
Although we are not exempt from tribulation,
We know that our powerful GOD can overcome it!

Remember CHRIST has promised never to abandon us!
Trust in HIS ability to fulfill each of HIS promises;
In times of trial, do not focus on the fearful circumstances,
But on our loving, compassionate triune GOD!
Believe HE can alleviate our distress,
And, if necessary, rescue us from danger,
If we have the faith of a mustard seed!
And look deep into our soul,
We will find that our GOD is real!


Why, O Christian, do we frantically look everywhere,
When help can only come from the great SOMEONE waiting!
CHRIST stands at the door of our heart, knocking;
Unlatch our door in faith, welcome HIM in,
Precious JESUS has every thing we need;

Let CHRIST”S blessings overflow in our lives,
Let HIS faithfulness give us the blessed assurance,
That all is well under GOD”s loving care!


Abide in CHRIST

Our soul is restless,
Until it abides in YOU, O LORD!
Our heart is empty,
Until it is filled with YOUR Divine Love!
Our happiness is incomplete,
Until we can commune with YOU, LORD!
O LORD GOD, how can we ever thank you adequately,
For all YOU have done for us!

Have we not been lonely,
Until we met YOU, O LORD?
Have we not been troubled,
Until we found safety and comfort,
Under YOUR wings of love!
Have we not heard your gentle re-assurance,
‘Do not be afraid, I am with you always!
Everything is under MY sovereign charge!’
Have we not felt YOUR Divine Presence
In times of need?


Have YOU not refreshed us by leading us to green pastures
And still waters,
And blessed us with healing!
Have YOU not sent your angels ahead to protect us from danger?
Have YOU not been our counselor and guide,
Steering our feet away from snares and pitfalls,
And steadied us as we journeyed through life!

Abide in CHRIST, Walk closely to HIM,
For HE is our Salvation!
We are more than conquerors through HIM
Who loves us and gives HIS life for us!
Only through HIM, we can victoriously
Reach our heavenly destination!


Just a closer walk with CHRIST

Suffering brings us closer to our LORD GOD,
It is when we acknowledge our weakness and depend on HIS GREATNESS,
That we experience HIS power working in us!
For when we are weak, we become strong!
HIS strength is perfected in our weakness!

In suffering, our ears are more attuned to HIS words of comfort,
‘Be not afraid, I am with you always!’
We lean not on our own understanding,
But to HIS wise counsel and promises inclining;
We more readily accept HIS HOLY WILL
For our lives, trusting that in all things,
Almighty GOD works for the good
Of those who love HIM!


CHRIST walks closely with those who love HIM,
HE extends HIS GRACE –
Love and strength for each new day!
Patience, power of endurance to relay;
Our spirit of faith is continually renewed
Deepening our love and gratitude!

Christ is a faithful GOD
Like a father, He defends, shields and protects His children,
Like a mother, HE hides us under the shelter of HIS wings;
Like a shepherd, HE uses HIS rod and staff to chase away ravenous wolves!

As Almighty GOD sees CHRIST in us,
CHRIST makes possible our eternal resurrection!


All-sufficient CHRIST

Christ is The WORD of GOD
Through HIM, GOD made all things!
Not one thing in all creation was made without HIM!
The WORD was the source of life and light in all creation!
‘My Father has given me all authority
In heaven and on earth!’
Christ is all-sufficient, forever!
If Christ is your all in all,
You need nothing more!

Christ is The Messiah, the WORD made flesh!
The holy righteous SON of GOD incarnated;
Our Substitution Sacrifice to appease Divine wrath!
The Redeemer who died for our sins!
Those who acknowledge their need for Salvation,
Through our LORD JESUS CHRIST, is given HIS Blessed
Assurance of Reconciliation!


CHRIST, our resurrected LORD, has conquered sin and death!
‘I have authority over death and the world of the dead!’
As our righteous, holy, just judge,
Christ, alone, can give us the crown of life!
Eternal life in heaven with the TRIUNE GOD!

Walk with CHRIST, obey HIS commandment:
‘Love one another just as I love you,’
HE is the light of the world, those
Who follow HIM will have the light of life,
And never walk in darkness!
Rejoice, therefore, in following
Our all-sufficient GOD!
With GOD within our heart dwelling,
HE becomes our strength, our sanctification!
Our joy, our hope, our life,
In CHRIST, we have everything!


Do you know JESUS?

O Christian, do you know about our LORD JESUS
Or do you know JESUS?
Do you love HIM or do you love being loved by HIM?
Do you yield to HIS WAY or do you want HIM your desires to fulfil?
Is JESUS the captain of your soul or you are!

Would you willingly obey HIS commandments,
Or have you a selective memory about them!
Are you willing to suffer with HIM
So you can be resurrected with HIM!
Are you willing for GOD to transform your character
To be more like JESUS?
Are you fretful over your sinfulness,
And grateful for CHRIST’s forgiveness?
Do you yearn to be humble and gentle like HIM?
Will you forgive readily and love selflessly?
O Christian, do you really know and appreciate your loving, righteous, holy GOD!


Is JESUS your spiritual centre?
Is HE your all in all?
Do you believe JESUS is your sovereign LORD?
Do you walk with HIM and talk to HIM?
Do you invite HIM to be a close companion to you?
Only then you can enjoy strength and peace in the storms!
And rejoice in experiencing HIS love and HIS powerful support!
Open your heart to this precious relationship with our LORD GOD,
And receive an eternal, sustaining love, from our great and wonderful GOD!



In the darkest night
The stars shine brightest;
In the deepest despair,
The warmth of God’s care,
His encompassing love,
Come closest!

Hope whispers in our sad heart
A song of Love and Grace;
Driving out nagging doubt,
Setting the pace,
For renewal of spirit;
For peace and joy to prevail
In the valley of HOPE we shall sail!


Hope floats

Hope bubbles up to the surface of our heart,
It buoys and uplifts our spirit,
Hope does not depend on circumstance,
But on the loving-kindness of The Lord,
Which enables our spirit to skip and dance!

Like on eagle’s wings, we are borne up and up,
Riding the crest of each cloud, borne aloft;
Simply by faith in Lord JESUS, WHO on the cross, delivers
All men, by dying for their sins
And us enabling,
To become children of GOD,
The source of hope is our Lord!


Hope lies in trusting in HIS Promises
Never to abandon us in time of difficulties and strife,
Always to be our fortress and refuge
For every storm in life!
Our hope is secure for HE is faithful,
For it’s An Almighty God and Saviour Who promises!

Being Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End
Everything is well entrusted to HIS Loving hands;
So Hope floats, our Hope in GOD irrepressibly buoys us,
Lifts us up on wings of love and joy!
Those who look to the LORD for deliverance,
From the power of evil and darkness realize now
Our Messiah has triumphed over all;
His victory over sin and death is the basis of our HOPE for eternal Joy!
Never to abandon us in time of difficulty and strife,
Always to be our refuge and fortress in every storm of life!


Our Immutable GOD

In HIM there is no shadow of turning,
Even when man’s sins are appalling!
HE will seek the sheep that goes astray,
HE will bind its wounds,
HE is committed to its healing!


“Give thanks to the Lord His loving kindness is forever”

Psalm 118

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