Dennis Pollock on sharing Testimonies of Patients Reversing their Diabetes with LCHF Diet

Dennis Pollock on sharing Testimonies of Patients Reversing their Diabetes with LCHF Diet

You’ve Haven’t Been Told the Truth About DIABETES! Know the TRUTH AND BE FREE!

You can Reverse Diabetes, But You Must Ignore the Guidelines!

Fuhrman vs Bernstein / Vegan vs Low-Carb – Which cures diabetes?

Indian Defies Traditional Diet, Beats Diabetes

Diabetic Indian Couple with terrible joint pain other complications – healed in 3 months!

Pre-Diabetic Goes Vegan & Blood Sugar Soars Over 500!

BEATING DIABETES: What about the Vegans?

Victory over Diabetes – Is it low-carb or low-fat? Or could both work?


Universal Diabetes Solution – It Works for All; IT WILL WORK FOR YOU! Referred to Dr Richard Bernstein on T1D

Conquer Type 2 Diabetes by Hearing This Type 1 Diabetes!!

Severe T1D Makes His Doctor Nervous with an A1c of 4.9! Is This too Low? Paul has Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adult (LADA)

Blood Sugar Test: White Rice vs Brown Rice

Blood Sugar Test: Quinoa vs Rice

3 Substitutes for Rice That Don’t Spike Glucose!

The Diet that Beats Diabetes – What Can You Eat?

To Reverse Diabetes: Eat These Things / Avoid Those Things!

The Shortest Path from Diabetes to Normal Blood Sugar!

The Key that Helped Me Beat Diabetes

Diabetic Confusion: My Dietitian says “60 grams carbs per meal”

Most Powerful & Quickest Method to Reverse Diabetes

THE BIG LIE – That Costs Diabetics Much!

What Diabetics Don’t Know – That Keeps Them Diabetic!

7 Reasons Why So Many Reverse Their Diabetes Watching This Channel

Why Watching the Glycemic Index and Limiting Sugar Are Not Enough to Beat Diabetes!

Lady CRUSHES DIABETES in 6 WEEKS! Doctor is shocked!

Woman with Sky-High Diabetes Finds Hope and a Plan – and CRUSHES DIABETES!

Diabetic Drops from 488 mg/dl to the 90’s in One Month!

Nearly Painless Way to Cut your Blood Sugar Rise in Half!

What We Eat in a Day – To Keep Glucose Low!

7 Low-Carb BREAKFASTS to Keep Glucose Low!

The Power of Salads to Lower Blood Sugar

Keeping Glucose Low – at a Chinese Restaurant

Blood Sugar Test: Fruit & The Diabetic. Does fruit raise blood sugar?

Blood Sugar Test: Fruit vs Vegetables – You can beat diabetes!

Blood Sugar Test: Potato Alone vs Potato with Animal Fat

Blood Sugar Test demonstrates: STARCHES RAISE BLOOD SUGAR!

Blood Sugar Test: White Potato vs Sweet Potato

Beat Diabetes: Blood Sugar Tests involving 2 kinds of egg omelets.

Blood Sugar Test with Fred & Lynda Part 2: omelet (vs burger & chips)

The Ultimate Pudding/Cereal for Diabetics!

Blood Sugar Test – Oatmeal vs Froot Loops

Beat Diabetes: The Great Hamburger Patty Experiment

Blood Sugar Test: Beans on Bread for diabetics???

Blood Sugar Test: Fried Chicken vs Roasted Chicken

Blood Sugar Test Reveals Powerful Principle for Keeping Glucose Low!

Blood Sugar Test: Bananas vs Candy Bars

Blood Sugar Test: Spaghetti Wars: Which is best for diabetics?

Blood Sugar Test: Atkins Bar vs Glucerna vs Snickers

Non-Sugar Sweeteners: Aspartame, Saccharin, Splenda, Stevia. Do They Spike Glucose?

Low-Carb Tortillas – Too Good To Be True? A Blood Sugar Test!

Diabetic Loses 30 pounds, A1c from 8.9 to 5.3 in 3 Months!

Why I am not Diabetic! And You Don’t Have to Be!

Normal A1c but Major Glucose Spikes After Meals – Is it OK?

Diabetic told to “Figure it Out!” Nearly loses foot, finds the key, and drops A1c from 9.4 to 4.8.

Beat Diabetes: The Power of Low-Carb Substitutes, BG in 70’s in morning!

Low-Carb Bread – Help for Diabetes – or Just Hype?

Shrimp and Diabetes

Teriyaki Blood Sugar Test Demonstrates Key to Beating Diabetes

A Mexican Breakfast Perfect for Diabetics (Little Glucose Spike!)

Diabetes vs You – Total Mismatch – Diabetes Loses!

My Eight Go-To Side Dishes to Keep Glucose Low

2nd Worst Advice Ever Given to Diabetics

1 Modification Turns Pizza from Glucose-Spiker to Acceptable!

2-Phase Plan For Crushing Diabetes – Permanently!

3-Step Plan Which Drastically Lowers Blood Sugar

3 Holiday Treats that Don’t Spike Glucose – Plus Hope for Diabetics in the New Year!

Repeating the meal that nearly killed me!

Diabetic at 24! Future looked dim. Then He found the secret and soon had his A1c down to 5.0!

86-Year-Old Woman Beats Diabetes by Fasting/LC Diet, Beware Cauliflower Pizza Crust!

Diabetic who lived to be 96 – How can diabetics live long lives?

She Crushed Diabetes – A Physical Therapist that Found the Secret!

4 Dietary Rules that Reverse Insulin Resistance

3 Secrets of Perfect Blood Sugar | This Is How Dennis Pollock Beat Diabetes…

Eye-doc can Spot Diabetes in the Eyes, Then Gets it Himself – then Beats It!

Raging Diabetes – Going Blind – Toes and Fingers Numb – But Today All is Well!

DIABETIC ABOUT TO GIVE UP – Hears Simple Explanation, A1c DROPS INTO 5’s!

After Years of Low Carb: Has My Insulin Resistance Reversed? Will Yours Reverse?

Keto Desserts for Diabetics – The Why, When, and How.

I’m Doing Keto – And My Fasting Glucose is Terrible!!!

Man Tries Keto for Diabetes and Fails; Then Makes an Adjustment and Triumphs!

Keto Sweeteners & 2 Ingredients That Destroy a Keto Diet

The Mother of all Keto / Low Carb / Diabetic Desserts

Blood Sugar Test: Coke vs Diet Coke vs Zevia

Neuropathy So Bad – His Feet Felt Like He Walked on Burning Coals

Feet Pain, Swollen Ankles – Diet Brings Solution + SURVIVING TEXAS STORM

Fasting Glucose goes from 250 to 70’s and 80’s! And why diabetics don’t need to go down to 0 carbs.

Give Yourself A Home A1C Test

Wife Transforms Husband from Diabetic to Non-Diabetic!

He Beat Diabetes in 2 Phases: A1c from 14.7 to 7.7 – and then to 5.5.

He Crushed Diabetes: A1c from 14.5 to 5.3 in 3 Months!

Simplest Home Test Determines Whether You are Insulin Resistant – or Doing Great!

Tacos for Diabetics? You might be surprised!

Does “bulletproof coffee” break your fast?

A Diabetic Trip to the Grocery Store

Hour by Hour Glucose Readings on My 36-Hour Fast

The Speech That Shook the Diabetic World – and Brought Healing to 1,000’s!

Your Glucose Meter: How to Use It / When to Use It / Why to Use It – TO BEAT DIABETES

Can a Diabetic Get Fasting Glucose in the 70’s/80’s?

Reversing Diabetes – Why Even OMAD (1 Daily Meal) Can Fail! / FDR’s Election and Diabetes

How Accurate are Blood Sugar Monitors?

Diabetic Confusion: My Dietitian says “60 grams carbs per meal”

My Fasting Day – Does Fasting Help with Diabetes?

After 14 Days Glucose Testing with the Freestyle Libre – 5 Conclusions

Give Yourself A Home A1C Test

Intermittent Fasting & Time-Restricted-Eating Crush Diabetes! Here’s Why!

Beat Diabetes

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