Battling Liver Cancer for 23 Years

Battling Liver Cancer For 23 Years_New

One thought on “Battling Liver Cancer for 23 Years

  1. Uncle James

    I have read your book. Thank you for writing down your experience and your insight. You have an amazing fighting spirit. When I had cancer, somebody told me that as Christian, we have an extra dose of strength from God. And I certainly see it in you as no normal human being is able to go through what you did.

    Just sharing my own experience – I saw that you have some issue with platelet – not sure if you have heard of red skin peanut. The water can easily bring up platelet count. I drank it for years when I was fighting cancer.
    Ensure was sweet, so I cut down on the powder but add half a avocado each time, blend it and drink it. Sometimes I blend up to 2 avocado each day as I couldn’t eat much during chemotherapy.

    Jiayou 💪💪 God will see you through .. when you are tired, let Him carry the burden for you. When he died on the cross, He not only took away our sins, He took away our illness too.


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