Free Books by Puritan Writers

Free Books by Puritan Writers Thomas Brooks  *Rich Puritan author Ruth Bryan  *Best female author David Harsha  *Sweetest author John Angell James  *Most practical author Henry Law  *Most Christ-centered author John MacDuff  *Best devotional author James Meikle  *Most heavenly-minded author J. R. Miller  *Best author on practical Christian living John Newton  *Wisest author J. C. Philpot  *Most experimental & insightful author Arthur Pink  *Best modern author Thomas Reade  *Sweet, balanced, challenging author J.C. Ryle  *Simplest author … Continue reading Free Books by Puritan Writers

Books that are Worth While by J R Miller

Books that are Worth While by J R Miller J.R. Miller, published 1913 Much is said in commendation of books. But, as in other matters, there is need for wise discrimination in what one reads. Not all books are worth reading. There are many that are utterly empty of anything that is noble or worthy. One might read … Continue reading Books that are Worth While by J R Miller

Books by J R Miller

Books by J R Miller1840-1912 1.      A Life of Character 2.      Bethlehem to Olivet 3.      Christian Character 4.      Christlike Living in a Sinful World 5.      Counsel and Help 6.      Daily Bible Readings in the Life of Christ 7.      Devotional Hours with the Bible 8.      Evening Thoughts 9.      Family Prayers 10.  Finding the Way 11.  Glimpses Through Life's Windows 12.  Help for the Day 13.  Home-making 14.  In Green … Continue reading Books by J R Miller